Dreams About Shaving Head – Meaning and Symbolism

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Shaving head is something that is a usual activity to some people and absolutely unacceptable and shocking to others. Many men shave their heads even when they don’t have problems with losing their hair.

Men who are losing their hair often opt for shaving their head completely to avoid the unpleasantness of having a thinning hair or having bald spots on their head. Unlike men, women often find the action of shaving head unacceptable and shocking.

There are women who shave their head but that is often some kind of personal statement and it happens very rare.

Because people tend to look at shaving head differently and with a different level of acceptance, when dreams about shaving head happen, these dreams have a different meaning depending on the attitude the dreamer has about this action.

Of course, this dream could in some cases be significant for people who shave their heads often and it all depends on the details of the dream. In dreams, hair symbolizes confidence, power, and strength. It could also be considered as a sign of abundance and knowledge.

Dreams about shaving it off our heads could be an important message for the person who had this dream.

Some of the most common meanings of shaving head in dreams:

Humility and humble nature

Dreams about shaving head could be a sign of the person’s humble nature and humility.

Maybe the person dreaming about shaving their head doesn’t have a high opinion about themselves and their values.

They could be used to undermine their success and abilities. If that is the case, the dream about shaving head could be a sign from their subconscious to love and appreciate themselves more.

These dreams are often dreamed by people who have a tendency to put others and their needs before themselves.

Major life decisions and changes

Shaving head in a dream is often a sign of some major life decision the person needs to make or has already made and that decision has a great changing impact on their life.

It is possible that this decision has changed their life completely and that might have been a shock at first.

Sometimes this dream could signify regret because of some decision you made and now you feel ashamed and possibly angry for something you have done and cannot change.

If that is happening, the dream is a sign that you need to forgive yourself for the mistake you made and move on with your life without tormenting yourself anymore.

Leave this situation in the past and accept it as a part of your reality.

Clearing stuff from the past

Dreams about shaving the hair off the head could often indicate a kind of clearing the path for new things and experiences. They are a sign of getting rid of accumulated negativity and clearing the soil for healthy new plants to grow.

Such dreams are very often a sign of new things that are coming after we made space for them.

This doesn’t have to refer to just negativity, but also getting rid of old beliefs, ways of thinking, ideas, etc. They will be replaced with new ones once the old ones are gone.

Getting rid of the past quickly

In most cases, a dream about shaving head reveals the person’s desire to finish with the past and move on to the future.

Shaving the head and not cutting of the hair is a clear sign that the person is fed up with their current life circumstances and wants to get out of it as quickly and easy possible.

It is a fast process of removing the past from one’s life and not a gradual one.

The person wants it finished and the adaptation to the new circumstances also needs to be fast although it is very shocking at first.

Moving into a new phase of life

Often a dream about shaving head indicates the person’s desire to move into a new phase of life or it indicates that the person has already moved into a new phase and describes the state of shock because of the changes they need to go through before adapting to the new circumstances.

Overcoming obstacles and solving problems

In some interpretations hair is a sign of problems and obstacles, so a dream about shaving it off could be a sign of the person energetically solving them and overcoming the difficulties they have caused in their lives.


Shaving head is a bald move and not many people are prepared to do it.

Hair makes everyone more beautiful and getting rid of it is a serious risk we might not be as attractive as we used to be.

That is why a dream about shaving head could be a sign of the dreamer’s confidence.

Dreams about Shaving Head – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about shaving your head – If you were shaving your head in your dream, the dream could indicate being focused on some ideas you have and trying to put them into motion.

It could mean sharing these ideas with others to get their honest opinion about them.

Maybe you have doubts about some thoughts you have about some goals and desires and you want to hear a second opinion and possibly give up on the ones which don’t seem realistic at this moment.

These will likely be the plans and ideas where you don’t feel decisive enough or you feel that you don’t have enough ability to do them.

Talking to others, especially the people you trust and whose opinion you value, about your plans and ideas is essential because they can illuminate some of their flaws you cannot be aware of or you are not aware of.

Dreaming about shaving your head could also indicate your desire to demonstrate openly your true personality to others. If you didn’t shave your head completely in your dream, and you left some hair on your head, that is a sign of not being ready to show your true personality yet.

Maybe there are some things about you that you are afraid of showing to others because you fear of being judged by them or being rejected because of them.

The hair you left on your head is a sign of your need for safety and secure place where you can return until you become fully confident to get out in the open and demonstrate yourself in the true light.

A dream where you were shaving your head could often indicate some kind of loss you could experience.

In some cases, it could refer to material loss, like possessions and wealth, and in some cases, it could indicate losing someone you care about very much due to unfortunate set of circumstances.

A dream in which you shaved your hair could indicate a period of isolation and solitude. You might need some time to reflect upon your life and past decisions and you need to completely remove yourself from the company of others, even your dearest ones.

Maybe you need to distance yourself from the influence of others because you need to make some important decision regarding your life.

Dreaming about someone shaving head – If you dreamed about observing someone shaving their head the dream is a warning sign about a business plan you have. It is likely that you only have the desire to put it into motion but you lack the means to do it successfully.

Dreaming about shaving head after seeing a bald patch (for men) – If you dreamed about shaving your head after seeing that you have started losing hair, the dream is a warning to you to take better care about your money and where and who you spend it on because your generosity could lead you to poverty and jeopardize your financial future.

Dreaming about shaving head (for women) – If you were shaving your head in a dream, that dream could represent a warning sign to you about your finances. You could encounter a difficult period financially where you will struggle to make ends meet.

Dreaming about seeing a man with a freshly shaven head – If you dreamed about seeing a man whose head was freshly shaven the dream is a good sign indicating financial gains in the near future.

Dreaming about shaving a head of another woman (for women) – If you dreamed about shaving a head of another woman this dream could be considered a sign of victory over another a female in a rivalry for some man or some other competition, possibly at work.

Dreaming about your partner or spouse shaving their head – If you dreamed that your partner or spouse had shaved their head, the dream is likely a warning sign about possible turmoil and cooling of the feelings because of financial problems you could experience as a couple.