11:12 – Meaning

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Have you ever heard about mirror hours? We are quite sure you have seen them, more than several times in your life, but the question is, do you know what they mean?

Mirror hours are an entirely modern phenomenon, although they have equivalents in the past and many parallels to draw with. Mirror hours are seen only in digital era, on our digital screens.

There are many variations of those; triple mirror hours are what we are going to talk about today.

Before we move to explaining what mirror and triple mirror hours mean, let us take you on a journey through time, since it is a very important subject for this story. People have been counting time since ancient past and we all live according to the established concepts of time.

Well, it is interesting to note that there are societies that do not have the same concept of time as we do. Hopi Indians language is a specific example; they do not operate in terms of and for time.

The idea of time is complex and vast, difficult fully to comprehend. We know Time is all around and all in; we live in time. It is a constant that ever flows and is unfathomable.

However, we have set some points in the abstract idea of time, in order to make it meaningful to our own existence. Our physical time on earth, at least, is limited. We had to invent a concept that would help us organize this existence and take the best out of it.

No wonder that time as it is inspires so many mysteries. Numbers are incorporated in the very idea of time. We express time in certain units. Numbers are what greatly help us find meanings, set limits, organize and systematize life.

However, they also hold in a great portion of the mysterious and even magical. In modern era, in which we seem to be more focused on the material and scientific, rather than spiritual and magical, time and numbers are essential to us.

They seem to be extremely important. If you stop and think for a moment, you will realize that we track time all the time and live by counting, measuring, calculating both time and other things.

If you think about one regular day, you will realize that you use all sorts of expressions that consist of terms related to time and of numerical values. It is a curious thing, indeed.

The spiritual aspect of time and numbers never goes away, although we might have neglected it.

Measuring Time

In our modern era, in the urban areas, in the first place, people are obsessed with time and with numbers. You know the expression ‘time is money’; well, time is essential and money is numbers.

Both are numbers, in fact. Here we do not talk about the material aspect at all, but a spiritual one. We would like to show how it is still present and powerful. Before doing so, let us talk a bit on the counting time phenomenon per se.

Some of the first calendars were invented in ancient times, in the era of ancient civilizations, such as those of Mesopotamian cultures and China.

People have found that it was essential somehow to organize their own time, so that they could take the best out of what the earth offers. They started noticing patterns on skies, patterns of seasonal changes and more.

It is just an amazing thing to think of. Magic and mythology and religion have been incorporated in these ideas ever since. Since what interest us here are not calendars and celestial patterns, planetary movement and so on, but hours, let us talk about clocks. Well, some of the first clocks could not present us with any hours, let alone mirror or triple mirror hours.

Those clock prototypes could only show the amount of time that has already passed. This was useful, of course. Such were Chinese oil lamps and Chinese candle clocks. The latter were mistakenly attributed to Alfred the Great, as his own invention. Clepsydra, sundials and sandglass clocks have all had their place in history of measuring time.

Sandglasses are still a practical tool, for cooking eggs, for instance, if you want to do it in an old-fashioned way.

The Egyptian invention of merkhet was the first that could present us with the exact hour of the day, as in the system of 24 hours we operate by today. It was one of the first astronomical instruments. The first mechanical clocks were invented in the early medieval period.

One of the most splendid examples of old, still functioning clocks is the Astronomical clock in Prague. This amazing instrument is not only a fully functional clock, but also a masterpiece of design.

Eventually, things got speeded up and today we have digital clocks all around. It almost seems as if there was no gadget or a machine that does not have a time display, we are definitely obsessed with time. Time is money, in modern world, so it does explain a lot.

However, our digital clocks hold some mystery within. Forces of the universe operate in modern era, just as they have been operating since old times.

Triple Mirror Hours

This finally leads us to our subject, the triple mirror hours. Triple mirror hours are a form of mirror hours. Mirror hours are an interesting, contemporary mystical phenomenon. Mirror hours are symmetrical, matching digits seen on a digitalized time display. They look like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 etc.

Triple mirror hours are a variation that might appear as these 11:12, 11:13, 11:14…but also as 12:22 and so on. Mirror hours and their derivatives are an amazing phenomenon, for those willing to dig deeper into it.

While simple mirror hours are easier to notice, since those appear fully symmetrical, triple mirror hours might sneak out our mind.

However, if you keep seeing the same triple mirror hour or exactly the same numerical sequence all around, it will definitely catch your attention. These hours must be accidentally seen, while their own nature is not coincidental.

At least, that is what mirror hours interpreters would say. It is believed that triple mirror hours are forms of hidden messages.

They are some sorts of guidelines that come from certain, hardly explicable sources.

However, there are many opinions on the nature of mirror and triple mirror hours. If you keep seeing them, this might be very interesting to you. Let us try to find out what seeing triple mirror hours mean.

Seeing Triple Mirror Hours Meaning

There are several interesting explanations we would like to present. One, a bit scholarly approach is that of Carl Gustav Jung’s idea of synchronicity. This theory challenges the idea of causality.

According to synchronicity idea, all things, events and phenomena could make perfect sense once associated with one another. It basically means that everything could be meaningful.

Events that seem completely unrelated and meaningless could make perfect sense once connected. The idea is based upon the theory of collective unconscious and archetypical meanings we all have in common.

Now, what it could have to do with mirror hours? Well, say you keep seeing one, all the time. At first, it seems odd, but without any logic.

However, if you think about you current situation in life and see into the meaning of the numerical sequence proposed in the form of the mirror hours’ message, things might get more sense.

Other explanations are more spiritual and romantic. They tell about the belief in guardian angels.

According to this belief, each person has his or her own guardian angels that watch over and make sure we are safe and secure.

They do not affect any of our decisions directly nor do they interfere with our lives. However, it is their job to make us realize our full potential. They use different channels to send us messages of guidance and support.

One of the channels are mirror hours. It is because mirror hours could be something gone would easily notice and start wondering about.

Each mirror hour is carefully chosen for an individual. There is an ‘angelic’ reason why you keep seeing the same one.

Other beliefs tell that spirits of the deceased ones try to communicate with us through different signs that might appear unusual, such as repetitive numerical patterns and mirror hours.

11:12 Triple Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Now when you know more on (triple) mirror hours alone, let us talk about this specific one.

Triple mirror hour 11.12 sends a unique message. This hour sends a message regarding abandoning old habits, taking up new opportunities and creating a safe and secure environment.

It comes from the specific combination of digits proposed, of which we are going to talk about separately.

What does this message could offer you? It is guidance. This message’s purpose is to direct you towards a good life path. Habits and routine surely have their good sides and they do create a certain form of safety and security.

However, the risk is staying in the comfort zone endlessly, without any progress. This message comes up as a waking call to reconsider you habits so far.

It could come up that these were good and still useful, but not necessarily. This is a message that speaks about opening up to new ideas. Sometimes, one has to abandon all the old habits and realize that they do him or her no good in the long run, even if those appear comfortable.

This message is also about setting up new habits that will restore the balanced and safe environment, only in a fresh form.

This message is basically about changing cycles in life, rethinking values, building up one’s self-confidence, trying to find the best and the safest way to pursue goals and defend one’s own causes, but it requires flexibility, courage, transformation and change.

Let us explore this triple mirror hour through the prism of angelic numerology and numerology and astrology. It will help us learn much more from the message itself.

What Does 11*12 Mean Spiritually?

Triple mirror hour 11:12 or the same sequence in other formats and places consists of numbers 1 and 2. These are numbers of characteristic vibrations and together they constitute a message for you.

Here, number 1 obviously dominates, but the energy of number 2 is not to be overlooked.

Number 1 is exactly about those starts and goals we have mentioned. It is the number that gives courage, but also the one that makes you realize everything starts with a small step. It is the number that speaks about glory, success, leadership, ambition, the desire to be the best, the first, the powerful.

It incorporates the energy of needed courage, daring spirit, progress, creation, force, activity, inspiration, ultimate energy of love. Number 1 is glorious, charismatic and enthusiastic in it vibration.

It also speaks about new beginnings, fresh start and new opportunities; exactly what you might need. Since it is dominant here, we have to talk about its downsides.

Number 1 also could lead to different extremes, which are narrow-mindedness, complete intolerance, lack of respect for others, vain pride and aggression.

It also represents complete opposites of the above mentioned, such as loss of motivation, weak will, dependence et cetera. Number 2 brings a bit of balance in here.

Number 2 is more focused and stable, a positive number that inspires good social relations, friendliness, care, compassion, love, tolerance, balance, understanding, adaptability, trust, flexibility, kindness, grace and overall harmony.

Here, it struggles with powerful energy of number 1, but it endures. This message in total says you are a very strong character, but you have to balance your energies.

1112 in Astrology and Numerology

Astrology and numerology could help us understand this message even better. Number 1112 resonates also with the energy of number 5, since the sum of all the digits here equals 5.

Let us say that 5 is an undertone to the whole message, and what an undertone! Number 5 gives it exactly what it lacks in the first place.

Number 5 is the number that represents liberty, free and creative mind, enthusiasm, inspiration, imagination.

It is the number of versatile approach to life, open-mindedness, inventive thinking, magnetism, curiosity and adventurous spirit, visionary mind, expansion in all aspects of life. It is the number of experience, life lessons and positive acceptance of the latter.

Number 5 helps one learn through experience and take out the moral from each one, without regret. It helps number 1 stays in its bright light, preventing the risk of narrow thinking.

Number 5 is also the one of companionship, sociability and friendliness, which fits amazingly with the energy of number 2. Overall, it balances this strong message.

It does help to establish new routines and to maintain safe environment. Message of the numerical sequence 1112 is a precious mixture of vibrations of number 1, 2 and 5, distributed in a specific way.

Anytime you start seeing mirror or triple mirror hours, we warmly advise you to see into numerology meanings of certain digits.

What to Do If You See 11:12?

Now when you learned about the massage behind this triple mirror hour, all else is up to you. This message should inspire you to try to look at life from a different angel. Your life needs dynamic in order to progress well.

While it might appear so in the first place, this message does not mean you should instantly change all things in your life from their roots. It should only inspire you to start thinking about it and make positive decisions.

This message should indeed challenge your routine and habits, but it does not mean you have to give up everything you have been working on.

It inspires your creative potential, so it might happen that you will find another form of expression in something you are already in, without abandoning it, but changing focus a bit or changing the medium.

Another important aspect of this message is the safe environment. It reads the safe environment for both your body and your mind. It means you should surround yourself with people that awake positive feelings in you and also those who challenge your mind in a positive way.

You should nurture good social relations with other people. This message does stand up for tolerance and mutual understanding and respect. It is essential for the peace of mind and the sound sleep at night. Be honest, just and tolerant.

Quick Summary

Triple mirror hour 11:12 send a unique message of changing habits or finding new channels to express your cause and ideas, without bringing yourself into danger, especially in terms of your sanity and inner peace.

The exact meaning, of course, depends on an individual case; you will know what is it about and how it relates to your life, once you interpret the meaning of the numerical sequence.

Overall, it is a message that should open your mind to new ideas and help you finding your place in the world.