Dreams About Smoking – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about smoking are interesting to interpret, because they could occur both in real life smokers and those who hate this habit. Dreams about smoking, thus, have various messages to send.

Usually, we identify the need for having a cigarette with anxiety and nervousness.

It is a common ‘sedative’ for smokers, to go out and take at least a couple of smokes. For others, it is an addiction. For someone else, having a cigarette and coffee is a metaphor for home and cozy mornings.

Smoking is an old habit and it is still resistant to various sorts of prohibitions, even in modern times.

People smoke for various reasons. Someone light up their first cigarette to be popular in their company, others out of nervousness. Someone shows off their status and wealth by smoking expensive cigarettes and cigars.

Others would still opt for an old style pipe over any cigarette. It all depends on the people.

Having this in mind, we could easily conclude smoking is, for the most part, a very social activity; it started as that. It is a habit that people have many disagreements on. Smoking has been considered a pleasure, a vice, a deadly habit and so on. What do dreams about smoking possibly mean?

In the first place, the meaning depends on whether you smoke or not and what opinion you have on this habit. Dreams about smoking may suggest you are very, very nervous and stressed in reality, especially if you do smoke when you are under pressure.

If you dream that you smoke and you are firmly against this habit in real life, it means you should ask yourself what is wrong in your attitude, decisions, thoughts and actions; there is definitely something you are not proud of doing.

If you are a passionate smoker, dreams about smoking could suggest good thing, such as pleasure, relaxation period, social gatherings and communication, in general.

It could also symbolize your deepest desires, about which you are passionate; things you find hard to resist to, even if they put you in danger.

Dreams about smoking are quite common in people who are trying to stop, so in that case, the meaning is clear.

Dreams about smoking yourself

If you dream that you are smoking, it should be a positive dream, especially if you find yourself smoking at your home or at some other cozy and comfortable place, such as a café or elsewhere.

This dream means you are about to receive some guest or meet someone familiar.

If you are at home, it suggest someone you know will soon pay you a visit; most likely it could happen that you receive an unexpected call from someone you have not heard or seen for long and that person will visit you.

If you are somewhere outside your home, but also in a pleasant surroundings, it means you are about to meet someone you have not seen for long.

It could be a good friend, a colleague you respect and admire or another person you like. It could also mean you are about to meet an interesting new person that will bring joy to your life; this is usually not related to romantic encounters, but more of those about a student and a mentor, for example. It will be a person you could really look up to.

The true interpretation also varies depending on what you are using for smoking, including both the substance and the device.

Tobacco, especially the quality one, represents success, status and wealth, cheap one poorness, marijuana addiction and lack of free will or just a laid-back attitude.

A cigarette, a cigar or pipe also carry different messages. Let us discover.

Dreams about smoking a cigarette

Dreams about smoking a cigarette are the most common type of smoking related dreams. This is a common dream in smokers, of course, but it could occur in those who do not smoke and have many meanings.

For smokers, it is sometimes only a reflection of their need for nicotine, but it could also suggest other things. Since smoking has been associated with public places and activities, this dream could suggest a social gathering you will attend.

It could be an occasion where many people of similar interests are about to meet and share experiences or any other form of social gatherings; an exhibition, a celebration, a party or else.

Cigarettes are still the most common type of smoking ‘equipment’; as a motif in dreams, it is always associated with public events, wide range of people and so on.

Dreams about smoking a cigar

If you dream about smoking a cigar, it means you are a person who knows how to take the best of life. You are laid-back and relaxed personality, but you have earned it. This dream suggests it is time to relax and enjoy fruits of what you put a lot of effort and hard work into; it will pay off and allow you to live a truly hedonistic life.

Cigars in dreams is a metaphor for wealth, luxury, prosperity, abundance and hedonism.

This dream could be related to all sorts of pleasures in life; it should remind you of how beautiful life is in general and that there are many things to enjoy.

Although expensive cigars are a synonym for luxurious lifestyle, in dreams they could simply reflect the pleasures of life. Those are many and not all are material. This dream means you are aware of that, which is amazing.

Dreams about smoking a pipe

Dreams about smoking a pipe are positive and promising. Even if you are not a smoker yourself, you know that a pipe is truly old school and smoking is considered a bit classy, a bit eccentric and a bit hipster, nowadays.

However, a pipe is associated with manhood, gentlemen, good manners and else.

This dream suggests you are a person that appreciates tradition and is more conservative in attitude. You love things in your life to be neat and tide and you respect people because of their education and politeness.

This dream could also suggest you are maybe thinking and acting as if you are much older than you are; on one side, it means you have a lot of experience and knowledge.

On the other side, it could also mean you are too serious about things in life or that you are too conservative, so you should probably be more relaxed and approachable.

A pipe also represents good self-esteem and attitude, strong will and politeness.

Dreams about smoking weed

If you dream about smoking weed, it means you are easily seduced and manipulated. You simply cannot say no to people and you know that, but do not care much. As long as you feel fine, you let others control your life.

However, the dream is a warning sing; it means you should take charge of your life as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you will lose your integrity and you will have hard times convincing others in anything you stand for. This dream also reflects your need to be likable, but you do it wrongly.

You actually change yourself the way others would find attractive, not the way you feel good.

You get more and more tired of being someone others think you are, not the one you actually are. Deep inside, you have a strong fear of rejection and abandonment, so you do all this.

You should gather your courage and stop letting others tell you what to do and how to do it.

You have let them long enough, so they actually have no idea of who you are; they think you are the person they have made. It will not be easy, but it is something you have to do.

Just as if a marijuana addict would feel upon a desire to quit it, or a passionate smoker who has realized nicotine how much cost him or her health.

Dreams about someone else is smoking

Dreams about seeing others smoking could have different meanings. For example, if you are a smoker in reality and you see another person smoking in your dream, but you are not smoking, it is a metaphor for jealousy.

This dream means you want something that is, for a reason, unreachable or even forbidden.

You are deeply frustrated by that fact and you get more and more annoyed because of unpleasant situation.

For example, you desire a person who is already taken. If you see people smoking and you are not a smoker, this dream means you will soon have an argument with a familiar person. You will have disagreements and you will be in right.

However, it will be an argument with a stubborn person whom you care for, so the situation has to be particularly irritable. On the other hand, this dream suggests you are a very judgmental person.

It means you are pressing others to change their attitude and habits according to your own ideal reality, which is, of course, a foolish thing to ask.

Maybe you have noticed how others are getting a bit more reserved in your presence, because they do not want to be judged for what they do.

Try to be more flexible with people around and have more understanding and tolerance for others.