Dreams About Stairs – Meaning and Interpretation

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How many times you had a dream about finding yourself on a stairway? Perhaps not as often as some other people, but dreams about stairs are generally very common. Stairs are something we see daily and walk on usually on a daily basis.

We do not pay much attention to stairways and stairs, except if we feel so exhausted and tired that we start counting them down upon climbing.

However, as a symbolic object, stairs could have many meanings. As a motif in dreams, stairs appear in various forms and surroundings. Typically, because it is a common sight in reality, people dream about a stairway in a building.

However, you can have a dream about stairway that stands alone; it is an odd situation and a rare dream phenomenon.

You could also have a dream about stairs somewhere outside, in the city, in a park, even in the wild. All kinds of stairs have different symbolic meanings.

What you do on stairs in a dream also matters a lot. It is important to note if you are climbing up or going down. Maybe you have just found yourself standing on stairs, not knowing what direction to take.

Maybe stairs were spiral, serpentine, maybe they were straight. There could be an end of a stairway you clearly see or the one that is hidden.

Were there doors up or an open space? Were the stairs narrow or wide, new and well preserved or old, ruined, hard to walk on?

In addition, were they going on like forever, if you were climbing them?

Interestingly, dreams about climbing an infinite, long stairway are one of the most common stairs related dreams.

In following paragraphs, we will try to understand why it is so. In addition, we will interpret various types of dreams about stairs.

Dreams about stairs in general

Why stairs are so common and, at the same time, a remarkable dream motif? It is so, because stairs are a regular part of our lives; however, they represent much more, in symbolical terms.

What do stairs symbolize? Stairs represent both the idea of ascending and descending, depending, of course, on your own direction.

More commonly, they are used symbolically to represent progress, rather than downfall.

People have been building stairs since very old times, in order to reach places that were hard to reach and, in addition, to make our lives easier.

Wonderful architecture solutions make stairs in so many forms; sometimes, they are a true masterpiece of art and décor, rather than a helpful construction.

Sometimes, stairs are made so they actually make a place less approachable by many. It all depends on where you place them and how you made them. Having all this in mind, one might ask what it means to have a dream about stairs.

Just as for other common motifs, we have the same rule for interpreting stairs and stairways in dreams; it all depends on particular situation, combined with your own perspective of a dream and your feelings related to it.

However, general interpretation states stairs in dreams represent your life path, in a way.

They could symbolically illustrate your current situation, your doubts on how to proceed, your success, your (in)security about the road you are taking and so on. It is important to note whether you were going up the stairs or down.

Lets us try to reveal hidden messages behind some of the most common dreams about stairs.

Dreams about climbing stairs

Dreams about climbing stairs are generally considered a good sign.

This dream implies success, progress and advancing in near future. This dream is commonly associated with professional success, job promotion and a deserved reward. This dream could also give you hope and courage about things you are doubting or feel insecure about.

It means you will successfully overcome all obstacles and get out troubles, if there are any.

However, the meaning depends on how you climbed the stairs. Was it an easy thing to do or you felt heavy, tired and lacking strength and motivation?

If it was no problem for you to climb the stairs, it means you will definitely overcome all problems with ease and without wasting excess energy.

If it was the other way, it means you are about to face situations that will drain your energy, but still you will be capable of conquering them.

Dreams about running up or down on stairs

If you dream about climbing stairs very fast, like running up, this dream suggests you should do exactly the opposite in reality.

You are impatient and rushing and you are likely to stumble upon those stairs and eventually fall and get hurt.

You should be less rushing, more calm and patient; you should take a break and stop making quick decisions. This dream could simply be a reflection of your desire to skip hard parts of work and go straight to the end of it.

Moreover, you expect you will be successful, but, even if it is so, this type of success does not bring actual satisfaction.

It is a shallow success, because, to be honest, you have not earned it properly and you feel it.

Try to be more patient, thoughtful and organized. Go step by step up the stairs of your life. If you are running down the stairs in your dream, it means you are threatened or that you feel endangered in reality.

This dream commonly happens when you suppress your fears and the sense of danger. The dream is channel of your concerns and fears. Think about what makes you feel anxious, restless and afraid in reality.

What is it you are running away from?

Dreams about falling down the stairs

Dreams about falling down the stairs are pretty common and very unpleasant. This type of dreams falls under a class of warning sign dreams. It suggests you should be particularly cautious in near future, in all aspects of your life.

Think about details of this dream; were you pushed down the stairs or you have fallen by yourself? It could help you get closer interpretation.

If someone has pushed you and you fell, the dream means you should be very careful about whom are you opening up to. There are always people that do not like us, but sometimes, there are those who actually wish to damage us and ruin our dreams and plans.

Be cautious and open your ears and eyes.

Do not get over anxious or too suspicious, but just be more alert and think about what and whom you say things.

On the other hand, if you dream about falling down the stairs alone, without any additional force ‘helping’ you, it means you are troubled by problems within. The dream should remind you are, just as all humans are, imperfect.

It is much better to accept that fact than to be surprised and potentially devastated about failure and mistakes that are inevitable. This dream could also mean you have already made a mistake and it bothers you that much so it reflects in your dream.

You feel as if you have lost your courage, motivation and will to move on. Failure is something we all face, so, gather yourself up and start climbing again. It is never too late to start building up your life again.

Actually, the whole purpose is in those steps we take; our final goals are only cherries on top.

Dreams about an infinite stairway

Dreams about an infinite stairway are probably the most ‘spiritual’ type of dreams about stairs. An infinite stairway is a motif present in dreams, art, literature and so on.

Symbolically, it represents our destiny, our whole life. It is infinite, because we do not actually know what awaits us in the end and where is that end, how it looks like.

Infinite stairways appear in dreams in phases of making decisions, plans, thinking about directions in life and so on. If you dream about climbing an infinite stairway, the one you cannot see an end to, means you are on a good path to discover new things about yourself.

It is a metaphor for your spiritual path, a road to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Dreams about an old stairway

Dreams about an old stairway (e.g., in an abandoned castle or church), are a reflection of your memories and your past.

This dream means you have still not found a way to let go of the past, usually times you long for; it is related to good and happy memories you feel particularly nostalgic about.

You still cannot admit to yourself that those days are gone and move on. Give yourself a little more time, but try to control it.

There is nothing bad in being nostalgic, especially if these memories return to you in such a dream; however, think about if these past times actually make you feel a bit stuck, as if you cannot move forward. You should ask yourself why is it so.

Do not be afraid of letting the past go; you will not forget it, but you will be free to live a life to the fullest.

Dreams about a serpentine stairway

If you dream about particularly narrow, serpentine stairways, it is a dream about unpredictable and unexpected events in your life.

It means you will face things you have not even imagined and you will have to change your course and your plans.

Those things or events do not have to be negative, but they will bring disturbance into your life, so you will have to adapt.

The dream is positive in general meaning; it suggests you will successfully go through all of these changes and be successful.