Dreams About Swimming – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams about swimming can have many different meanings, because they could vary in scenarios, greatly. Dreams about swimming are full of various meanings, depending on your personal experience, both that from waking life and dreams.

In order to discover the true symbolism behind your dreams about swimming, you should recall all the details and, what is even more important, to evaluate your emotions related to such a dream.

The rule is simple; if you feel good about the dream, it is most likely a positive one, of course, as well as dreams that produce negative feelings are possibly bad.

While all dreams posses and carry many hidden meanings and messages, it is our emotions that are the deciding factor on the nature of dreams.

Dreams about swimming could be particularly interesting in that sense, because they greatly vary and each dreamer has their own opinion on the activity itself.

Dreams about swimming

If you have recently been at sea and enjoyed swimming in cool, relaxing salty water or you have visited a swimming pool, it is not unusual to dream about swimming.

Swimming is a type of activity that affects your whole body and mind, from inside, just as it does from the outside, so dreams about swimming, after an actual action of swimming are quite common.

However, if you did not swim, then your dreams could suggest something else.

Dreams about swimming are reflections that come from our sub conscious part; they could tell us a lot about our personality, our place in the world and of our sense of our place in this life we have.

Therefore, dreams about swimming could be really helpful and guiding. If you recently had such a dream, there could be more to it, especially if are nowhere near the sea or a pool or else.

Water in dreams represents many things; amongst others, it symbolizes life, movement, vitality, deep thoughts, deep emotions, energy and eternity. To be in water in your dream could mean various things.

Obviously, if you dream about enjoying swimming in water and not being afraid from deep, for example, it is a dream with a positive connotation. If you dream about drowning, it is a negative one, but it could also be a good warning sign.

In following paragraphs, we will discuss several most common types of dreams related to swimming.

Try to remember where did your dream take place, were you alone, were there any animals, people or objects,  how were you feeling while swimming, were you in danger or not.

There are many variations of dreams about swimming, so we will present those that are the most common.

Dreams about swimming in clear water

Clear water in dreams always represents something bright, good, positive and optimistic. If you are in clear water, it could mean many things, but general interpretation says the dream is positive anyway.

This dream could symbolize purification, refreshment, regeneration, good health and vitality.

Swimming in clear water in dreams suggests you are heading towards new revelations and new, positive opportunities.

This dream means that you can expect to be successful in all areas of your life, because your sight will not be shaded or covered in secrets. You will clearly see what is in front of you and be capable of taking an advantage of it.

Moreover, this dream suggests your intentions are right and all that you are doing is very good. It reflects your honor, righteousness, morality and valor.

This dream symbolizes happy future and harmonious life.

It also reflects your strong willed, focused and determined personality; you are a type of person who knows what he or she wants from life and you will put all of your efforts and dedication in accomplishing your goals.

However, you would never step over others or hurt anyone, in order to get what you want.

Dreams about swimming in dirty water

Swimming in dirty water in dreams is not good. It suggests you have found yourself in an uncomfortable situation that will require a lot of effort to get out. This dream could reflect an actual negative situation or suggest that you are about to get into it.

This dream suggests there will be many problems in following period or that those you already have will escalate, so you will feel insecure and helpless. The dream could reflect your sense of being helpless and hopeless, because you are in a negative phase of life.

There are many worries and difficulties you have let to pile up and you do not know what to do about it.

Dreams about swimming in dirty water usually reflect our deeply personal troubles, worries and problems we have made ourselves. This dream could also mean you have been involved with some bad things, such as, for example, illegal money.

Maybe you have done something that now has seriously bad consequences on your overall life and reputation. To swim out this dirty water will require a lot of patience, lot of hard work and dedication.

You should not lose hope it could be done; everything can be improved, you just have to accept bad things as they are now.

Dreams about swimming in cold water

Dreams about swimming in cold water are usually good, but not particularly pleasant. They are like a bitter medicine; swimming in cold water suggests you will have to go through something hard, in order to improve your situation.

Dreams about swimming in cold water suggest you are a strong person and that you will be healthy, vital and stay strong.

However, you have to overcome certain challenges. Cold water represents purification, strength and vitality, if it is flowing, live water. If it is frozen and if it is getting frozen while you are swimming, it is not a good thing.

Freezing water symbolizes helplessness, losing strength, having no power over your body and mind. Think about what is the thing that bothers you the most in your waking life.

Is there something that keeps pressing you, something that makes you feel as if you do not have full control over your life?

Dreams about swimming in freezing water also mean sometimes that you have to try really hard in order to break the ice and survive, metaphorically.

Even if you have many fears, swim hard and do not let them drag you down.

Dreams about not knowing how to swim

If you dream that you do not know how to swim, while in real life you are a good swimmer, mean something has gone wrong in your waking life, even if you still do not realize that.

Something you have thought you are good at proved not to be so fine. Maybe you are over estimating your capabilities and you take many things for granted.

You think that you can keep your status by calling upon old glory.

The reality is different; this dream suggests you should never stop on trying to be better. All of your skills, talents and qualities have constantly to be updated, to say so.

Dreams about trying to swim and failing, even drowning, mean you are overestimating your capabilities. Work on them, all the time and be persistent.

Dreams about learning to swim

If you dream that you are learning to swim, it means the time has come to make a change or to start over. Perhaps you have gone through some really bad stuff and now you feel lost and hopeless.

This dream should be encouraging, promising and should give you hope. You can make things right again, in a completely new setting, but it is going to be tough.

If you feel as if everything in your life is fine, this dream suggests that you are probably unaware of things that should be changed. Routine and habits are okay, but they could turn only to be a comfort zone and prevent you from moving forward.

If you think deeper, do you feel at least a bit stuck in the moment? Start thinking about changing something.

Dreams about learning to swim do not necessarily mean you have lost something and that you have to start over.

They could mean you should get to a new level; think about what interests you at the moment.

Dare to try something new. Learning new things is challenging, but it could only be useful, even if you find you are not capable of doing something. It is still a good lesson.

Dreams about diving

If you dream about swimming below water, diving, it symbolizes deep insight and introspection. While other dreams about swimming are related to your position within the world, dreams about diving are associated with our personality solely.

This dream means you are about to find out who you really are and what are your deepest desires. You need time to dedicate to finding your purpose in life.

Dreams about diving are good, guiding and encouraging. They suggest there are deeply hidden corners of your soul you are yet to discover.

Maybe you have some talents you never thought about. Maybe you are stronger than you think you are. This is also a dream about our deepest emotions.

You should trust your intuition and, at least for a while, distance yourself from the outer world. You have to be true to yourself and, in order to be so, you have first to find out what you actually want from yourself, not what others want or expect from you.

Once you know yourself, you will fit into the world and swim along more easily.

Dreams about swimming with someone

If you dream that you are swimming with another person, it means you have great support in your life, either the one you know about or the one you are unaware of.

If you dream about swimming alongside a stranger, it means there is a powerful and positive figure in your life that takes care about you, even if he or she do not express that in a way you could easily see.

If you dream about swimming alongside a familiar person, a friend, a sibling, your parents or anyone else you know well, it means you have a great support in these people and that you should start realizing it.

Maybe you are acting ungrateful in your waking life and you take such love and support for granted.

The truth is, nothing in this life should be taken for granted. You should value and respect every effort other people take in order to make your own life better and do that for them, in return.

They might not expect that and they definitely do not ask that from you, just as you do not ask to be loved by them. Mutual understanding and support is what matters the most.

Swim along your dear ones and get safely to the coast, together.