Biblical Meaning of Trees in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

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Our dreams often reveal our subconscious fears, desires, anxiety, hopes, etc.

Ironically, we don’t even have to be aware of their existence, and if we don’t learn to understand and decode our dreams, we will end up lacking important guidance and advice from our subconscious.

Modern dream interpreters have introduced psychology into dream analysis, which is very helpful. On the other side, the Biblical meaning of dreams should not be neglected or underestimated.

The Bible has a specific meaning and significance for many dream symbols which can be incorporated in our dream interpretation.

Biblical Interpretation of Trees

Trees are often mentioned in the Bible. They are a sign of stability and longevity.

The most important tree mentioned in the Bible, is the Tree of Life, the one which was the cause of the fall of man.

Namely, God had strictly forbidden Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil from this tree, under a treat of evicting them from the Garden of Eden and becoming mortals. The end of this story is well known. Not being able to resist the temptation, Adam and Eve are expelled from Eden.

In Deuteronomy, people are asked not to cut down the trees of conquered cities because they can eat their fruits.

In the Psalms, it is written that “the righteous man will flourish like a palm tree” and “grow like a cedar in Lebanon”.

In Matthew, it is said that all good trees bear good fruits, while the bad ones bear bad fruits. Bad trees should be cut down and thrown into the fire.

Biblical Meaning of Trees in Dreams

Dreaming about a forest with burned trees – If you saw a completely burnt forest in a dream, such dream is usually a good sign. It is a sign of luck and fortunate events happening in the near future. If you are currently encountering some challenges and obstacles, such dream indicates being able to overcome them easily.

Dreaming about trees with snow all over them – If you dreamed about trees all covered with snow, such dream might warn you about some unexpected problems at home, which will take some time to resolve.

Dreaming about ice on trees – If you saw ice on trees in your dream, such dream might signify being burdened by some undeserved acknowledgement. You are not able to easily clear the misunderstanding and you feel embarrassed.

Dreaming about the wind bending down trees – If you observed trees bending down as the wind blows, such dream usually isn’t a good sign. It often symbolizes disasters and misfortune, which are happening in your life.

This dream might symbolize obstacles and blockages on your path you will need to overcome if you want to move forward towards accomplishing your goals and desires.

Dreaming about being lost in a forest – A dream in which you lost yourself among the forest trees and looked a way out, is often an indication of having no one to rely on when you need help and support.

Dreaming about an alley full of trees – If you saw an alley full of trees in your dream, such dream is often a good sign. This dream could symbolize a possible trip you will go on soon. The reason for your travel might be business but also a pleasure and you will go somewhere you have never been to before.

Dreaming about green trees – If you saw beautiful green trees in your dream, such dream is a good sign, indicating health, new hopes, life, opportunities and desires. This dream symbolizes protection and stability. It is a sign on focusing on yourself and your needs for a change.

Dreaming about trees without leaves (bare trees) – If you saw a garden which had trees without leaves, such dream is not a bad sign. It might reveal your state of mind and attitude towards life. You are probably very relaxed about your life and the future and that is evident in your behavior and lifestyle.

This dream could also symbolize exhaustion and used up energy. Maybe you have wasted all your energy on some futile project or relationship and you don’t have any left.

This dream might also indicate feelings of depression.

Dreaming about dead trees – If you saw dead trees in your dream, such dream is a bad sign. It usually indicates instability, ruining of your plans, infertility, etc.

Dreaming about crows standing on dead trees – If you dreamed of crows standing on a dead tree, such dream is a bad sign, indicating endings and possibly death.

Dreaming about a forest with giant dead trees – If you dreamed about a forest with giant but obviously dead trees, such dream is not a good sign. This dream usually symbolizes loss you might experience soon. The loss might be material or emotional, and it could cause you a lot of disappointment and stress.

This dream is a sign of obstacles and setbacks on the way to your success.

Dreaming about bleeding trees – If you saw bleeding trees in your dream, such dream possibly symbolizes someone without emotions. It could also symbolize a person emotionally hurt. Such dream also symbolizes the cycle of life and death, as well as endings and new beginnings.

Dreaming about sitting under a tree – If you dreamed about sitting under a tree, such dream is a sign of introspection and self – reflection. Maybe this dream symbolizes contemplating about making some important decisions and weighing the pros and cons.

If someone else was there beside you, such dream might indicate contemplating about your relationship with someone.

This dream is often a sign of satisfaction with your current life circumstances.

Dreaming about climbing a tree – If you dreamed about climbing a tree, such dream is a very good sign. This dream is usually indicating success and achievements. It might be a sign of career progress. The faster you climb the tree, the faster your progress happens. This dream symbolizes accomplishing any goal you set.

It is a sign of achieving impossible things. It could also signify climbing up the social ladder.

Dreaming about a tree falling down – If you saw a tree falling in your dream, such dream could indicate the loss of security and stability in your life. You might feel being out of balance. This dream could also indicate getting off the right track in life and reminds you to go back in the right direction.

Dreaming about planting a tree – If you dreamed about planting a tree, such dream is a good sign, indicating putting efforts into achieving your desires. This dream is a sign of gradual but stable progress.

It is a sign of abundance coming into your life. You need to be patient and continue with your actions.

Dreaming about cutting down a tree – If you dreamed about cutting down a tree, such dream is not a good sign. It signifies a waste of energy and resources on futile endeavors and projects. Such dream could indicate quarrels and warns you to try to avoid them.

Dreaming about a talking tree – If you dreamed about a tree which talked, such dream is a very unusual one, but it could bring an important message to your life. It is important to remember the details of such dream, especially the words spoken by the tree.

These words might represent an important message or advice from your subconsciousness, regarding your current life circumstances or issues you have.