Dreams About Storms – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about storms are some of the common ones; it has probably happened that you had a dream about a storm at least a couple of times.

Great natural phenomena that we cannot control much, no matter how hard we try, are often good metaphors for our strongest emotions.

Storm, as a metaphor for emotional status, is commonly used in art and literature.

Even in common talk, people would describe their feelings or behavior as similar to raging storm, if those are very intense and out of control.

Symbolism of storm is easy to interpret by itself.

Storm represents something wild, devastating, out of control and is commonly associated with ideas of power, destruction, annihilation, fate, inevitability of big and dramatic change and transformation.

Storm symbolizes human anger, rage and strength.

On the other hand, it represents might and power of forces we have to bow before, no matter if they are gods or nature.

Storm is a motif mentioned in all of traditions, religious and belief systems all around the planet.

Just as other powerful natural forces, it has been commonly associated with energies that we cannot comprehend well.

In many of traditional and folk beliefs, storm has been described as rage of gods, of some spirits and entities we cannot see and definitely cannot do much to stop them.

Storm symbolism

All major and minor religious and mythological systems have their storm deities and spirits. In all of pantheons, there is at least one deity associated with storm and, what is even more important, it is always one of the strongest and the most appreciated deities.

In Ancient Greece, we have Zeus, in Rome, Jupiter. In Slavic mythology, there is Perun and there is Thor in Norse pantheon.

In all folklore traditions there are supernatural forces that are believed to cause storm.

Since in old times people have been more dependent on natural conditions, compared to people of modern day, they have been inventing the whole classes of supernatural forces and beings to blame for stormy weather.

In Slavic tradition, for example, dragons and some other strange beings were considered storm-creating entities.

However, in all of traditional stories, in all mythologies, in all interpretations, storms are something unbeatable, threatening, powerful and unavoidable.

We can hide from storm, but we cannot prevent it; Mother Nature is still all-powerful force that cannot be that easily beaten, even with all of our modern technology.

Storms are a good example that proves how small in fact we are in front of nature.

Dreams about storms

In symbolical sense, we use the metaphor of storm to describe exactly things in life we can hardly control. We use it to describe what is happening deep within, but also that around us; there are things we cannot affect at all.

As a motif in a dream, storm usually represents either someone’s intense emotions, a turbulent period in life and circumstances we have to deal with, but cannot avoid.

Storms in dreams always represent either our emotions or situations in life we cannot do much about.

Dreams about storms could suggest the time has come to make some really big changes or our destiny will make sure we go through it.

Storms in dreams always represent things we can hardly affect, correct or change, but also those we can adapt to and embrace.

Many times, dreams about storms only reflect intense feelings; either those we cannot control in reality or those we hide and try to suppress.

For example, an angry individual who tries to keep calm about certain problem or situation in life, but actually fails to do that, would most likely have a dream about a raging and devastating natural phenomenon, such as a storm, a volcano eruption, an avalanche or so.

Such intense feelings need a channel; if we cannot find one in waking life, our dreams will serve the purpose and help us vent out.

Dreams about an approaching storm

If you dream about seeing a storm that is approaching, the exact interpretation would vary depending on details.

However, in all of scenarios this dream means you are under a threat in your waking life. It could be something you have suspected or something you are still unaware of.

In the latter case, the dream could be a good warning sign and even help you avoid danger in time or prepare for a challenge, an encounter or whatsoever.

If you are out in the field, alone, seeing an approaching storm, it means you will definitely face things you cannot avoid and, no matter how cruel they could be, you should not avoid.

The dream means you will go through a phase of transformation, a dramatic, big one. You will have to start all over.

The dream symbolizes mercilessness of total purification, the one that is painful, but actually useful. You have to believe in yourself and stay strong, no matter the situation.

This dream could also reflect your inner need for a big change, the one you feel, but find it hard to admit.

The life has its ways to show you the time has come. You can use this dream as a guideline and start to think about some new opportunities and perspectives in life. It does sound a bit scary, because every change leads to some sort of uncertainty.

Dreams about a devastating storm

Dreams about a raging storm that destroys everything, taking people’s lives, ruining the whole cities and nature, represent mixed, intense, raging emotions of a dreamer.

Deep down inside you are on fire; there are things you feel out of control of and emotions that are overwhelming.

Literally, you feel so helpless and angry because you do not know what to do with the situation you have found yourself into.

You feel as if your life is falling apart and you are freaked out. The dream reflects your fear and sense of helplessness, but it also points out that you cannot control everything and that you should not feel bad about that fact, no matter how cruel it is.

This dream is about accepting changes and the inevitability of changes we all have to go through.

Dreams about being caught in a storm

If you dream that you have been caught by a storm, it means there are people and situations in your life you cannot do much about, because you have no strong opinion about anything, while, at the same time, you do not feel at ease.

You feel as if you should be more focused and more true to your own decisions. You are manipulated easily and you let others affect your decisions or decide in your place. This makes you feel frustrated and angry with yourself.

Dream about being caught in a storm is a reflection of such a situation. The one you have surrendered to, without much effort to change anything.

The dream means you should reconsider all of your latest decisions and actions; you should trust your intuition much more.

Hear what others say, but think more about what you really want in life, not what others want from you.

Dreams about a storm at the sea

Dreams about a stormy sea are particularly strong in meanings, but are not as common as other stormy dreams.

If you dream about being away from the coast or even lost at sea and the weather is scary, with a raging storm that plays with your vessel as it is a toy, it means you feel as if you have lost control over things that bother you in reality.

If it happens that the storm breaks the ship and you are about to sink, it reflects inevitability of bad things you are about to experience. However, this dream does not have to be a negative one, at all.

It could also mean you have a great inner strength to overcome difficult times, no matter how hard.

If you manage to stay on your boat and keep the course, even under such difficult conditions, the dream means you are definitely much stronger and brave than you believe.

You should be proud of yourself and keep your focus in life.

Dreams about a passing storm

Dreams about seeing the storm that is passing or seeing the land after the storm has passed are dreams that bring both relief and sadness. These dreams mean you have to go through turbulent phases in life, in order to grow, develop and progress.

This is a dream about making sacrifices or accepting loss.

Each one of us must face hard times; otherwise, we would not be capable of appreciating all the good times.

Maybe you have faced a failure or loss in your recent past and you have hard times dealing with it, of course.

However, this dream suggests it is over and all that you have to do is to admit and accept it is over; something is gone, but the life goes on.

After a stormy period in life, people feel exhausted, but relieved.

This dream suggest you are about to step onto a new road. Gather your courage and move on, bravely and with a smile on your face.