Eating Sweets in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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Sweets are food with sugar as their main ingredient. Sweets are usually made in smaller pieces and they are eaten casually between meals, mostly with fingers.   Sweets originate mainly in Ancient India.

From 6th to 4th century BC, sweets were accepted by the Persians and Greeks, and from there, spread further to other countries. Before sugar was available, sweets were made with honey, usually covering fruits or flowers with it.

Nowadays, sweets are available and present a common part of our reality. That is why they often find their way into our dreams. Dreams about sweets are often a sign of our desire for acceptance, especially our desire to be accepted by others as we are.

Sweets are often considered comforting food and often dreaming about them could reveal issues with self-love, confidence, and self-esteem.

Maybe you need to confirmations of your value from other people so you can feel good about yourself as well. This dream could be a strong indication that you need to work on building these traits.

Sweets represent joy and happiness, but also something that is not as good for us and could be a cause of our health worsening or causing addiction.

Depending on the details of the dream, they could both have good and bad meaning.

For people who in reality love sweets very much, this dream could reveal their enormous love for sweets.

The Symbolism of Eating Sweets in Dream

Eating sweets in a dream are usually related with joy and happiness and a childish attitude towards life.

Sweets in dreams, even if you were only looking at them are a sign of some special treats you desire or something you had and enjoyed very much, and you desire to possess again. The sweets in your dream are a sign of that need.

Dreams about sweets, especially about eating sweets often indicate forbidden desires and pleasures we want, but know we must refrain from.

Sweets are a symbol of things we know are not good for us, but are still very tempting and alluring. Often they represent intimate pleasures that we know we should resist.

Sometimes a dream about sweets and eating sweets can be a sign of wasted time on things that are not important for our lives. This dream often reveals some hidden issues you are trying to suppress or hide from others, and even yourself.  Maybe you need to compensate some other needs with sweets or food.

Dreams about eating sweets are often a sign of our satisfaction with your current life circumstances. You probably have everything you desire and you are financially situated and secured.

Most likely, you are in a position to afford whatever you desire. This dream often reflects the peace and stability in your everyday life.

Dreams about eating sweets usually indicate that you are a person who is loved and appreciated by the people from their surroundings and it describes your giving and caring nature.

In some cases, this dream indicates the opposite and describes you as a jealous and possessive person, who doesn’t want to share anything, but keeps selfishly everything to themselves.

If that is the case, a dream about eating sweets could be a sign that you need to be more generous and share your blessings with the people around you. Sometimes this dream indicates someone’s desire to take advantage of you.

The dream should be deciphered by using all the details of the dream, and the overall feeling you had during the dream. This is essential to determine whether the dream has a predominantly good or bad meaning.

Eating Sweets in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about eating sweets – If you dreamed about eating sweets, the dream is often a sign of doing something you are ashamed of. Maybe you know that something is bad for you, but you keep on doing it.

This dream often reveals your bad habits and in some cases, your addictions which have a control over your life, and you have a problem getting rid of.

The dream is a sign of your inability to control yourself and stop drinking, or overeating, gambling, taking drugs, etc.; that might be an issue, that you are hiding and no one knows about, and you are scared of being judged and reprimanded by others, even though you know that you are seriously jeopardizing your wellbeing with your actions.

Dreaming about someone eating sweets – If you dreamed about someone eating sweets, the dream could be describing you as someone prone to criticizing others and their behavior. Maybe you are so direct and unpleasant in your criticism that people tend to avoid contacts with you.

You might be perceived as irritating and intolerant of other people’s differences. You tend to be brutally direct when you talk about people’s flaws and you don’t express a shred of compassion.

What is usually the case is that you don’t tolerate others criticizing you and you tend to get angry and annoyed when someone tries talking about your flaws. You have double standards and you are not aware of your mistakes and flaws in character.

It is possible that you possess the traits you criticize others for, but you are not aware of them.

Dreaming about eating sweets you prepared – If you dreamed of preparing sweets and eating them, or eating the sweets that you prepared, that is a good sign. The dream is usually a sign of your popularity in your social circle.

People love you very much and enjoy spending their time with you. This dream also reveals your personality as a caring person who enjoys taking care of others, especially the ones you care about.

You enjoy nurturing and pampering your loved ones, especially members of your close family and friends. You are a person always ready to help those in need and enjoy giving gifts to others.

You are an excellent host and everyone enjoys visiting you at your place, and you are always ready and prepared to welcome anyone who comes.

Dreaming about eating sweets and feeling sick because you are full – If you dreamed of overeating sweets and feeling like throwing up because of it, the dream is possibly a sign of your cautious nature.

You probably take good care of yourself, especially of your diet, and prefer to prevent things from happening than having to face the consequences of your thoughtless acts.

Feeling sick because you have overeaten sweets in a dream is often a sign of avoiding to get yourself involved in something unsure or unknown, or in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable.

Usually this dream reveals your careful nature, and inability to take risks. You always play it safe, regardless of the fact that there’s not much adventure and interesting things going on in your life.

Feeling sick because of eating many sweets in your dream could be a sign that you should loosen up a bit and allow yourself to make mistakes or take some risks. Such approach might broaden your horizons and make you realize that you are not so boring at all.

In some cases, such dream could reveal your desire to lead a more adventurous life and broaden your experience.

Dreaming about eating chocolate sweets – If you dreamed about eating chocolate sweets, the dream is most likely a sign of expansion. You might experience a promotion at work or expanding your work circle.

It could be a sign of expanding your creative abilities or your social circle.

It might be a sign of meeting someone who can help you build the career of your dreams and that person could have a significant influence in helping you achieve your dreams.

Dreaming about eating sweets from a box – If you dreamed of a box of sweets and eating the sweets from the box, the dream is a great sign. It indicates some pleasurable and happy moments you are about to experience soon.

You might get invited to a party by someone you like, or you could attend a celebration where you might have a chance to meet people who can be of help to your career and achievement of goals.

Dreaming about eating sweets together with someone – If you dreamed of eating sweets and sharing it with someone else, the dream is a good sign. If you are currently in a relationship, this dream could be a sign of moving your relationship to the next level, such as, becoming exclusive, or getting engaged, etc.

Sometimes this dream could reveal your desire to deepen the bond, but is not a sign that the person will accept the invitation.

Depending on the details of this dream, it could be a sign of happy endings, but also grave disappointments if you get turned down by your significant other.

Dreaming about receiving sweets from someone and eating them – If you dreamed that someone gave you some sweets and you were eating them, the dream could be a sign of mistreatment by someone in reality.

Maybe someone is using you for their benefit and you should stop allowing this person to do that.

In some cases, a dream of receiving sweets and eating them is a sign of a constant progress in some current endeavors or projects.

Dreaming about eating hard sweets – If you dreamed of eating sweets which were very hard and difficult to eat, that dream is a sign of overcoming some obstacles and finally getting some rest to enjoy and spend time with friends and family.

Spending time with them will help you restore your strength and forget about the hard times you have gone through.

Dreaming about eating sour sweets – If you dreamed you were eating sour sweets, that dream is usually a warning sign, and predicts the possibility of becoming sick in the upcoming days. It could also be a sign of experiencing some disappointments and being emotionally hurt by someone you care about.

Maybe someone’s actions will disappoint you very much and you won’t be able to recover easily from that realization.

Dreaming about eating good tasting sweets – If you dreamed of eating sweets which had an excellent taste, the dream is most likely an exciting announcement of a new love entering your life.

Maybe you will meet someone who already likes you or you already like, but the dream is a sign that things will unfold smoothly between you two.

Dreaming about giving someone sweets and the person eating them – If you dreamed you gave someone sweets as a gift, and the person was eating them, that dream could indicate giving someone a good advice or idea and that person accepting them using them for their benefit.

If the person refused to eat the sweets, it is a sign that your attempts to help the person are likely to be futile.