00:01 – Meaning

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Looking repeatedly at the watch at exactly 00:01 can be disturbing, but that happens always when we start noticing recurring numbers. These events have a great significance for our lives and we shouldn’t ignore or neglect their meaning.

These numbers are a symbolic message sent to us from our guardian angels and the Universe in regards to our life circumstances or some issue we are currently facing.

Our guardian angels usually don’t appear to us in person, and they use subtle ways to seize our attention, usually through making us notice some things repetitively and deciphering the meaning of such events.

When we realize the message they are trying to send us, it is in most cases incredibly suitable for our current life circumstances.

Angels and the Universe often use numbers to convey their messages, because every number has its own symbolic meaning and the number chosen is a combination of symbolisms represented by these numbers.

It is a genius way for the Universe and our guardian angels to communicate to us.

All is required is to be open-minded and receptive. If we choose to ignore these signs, we might miss on some important advice and support in our current life’s actions.

00:01 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hours are important messages from our guardian angels and they mustn’t be neglected and ignored. Our guardian angels are protecting us and we are usually not aware of that fact.

When we become aware of their presence, we also begin noticing the signs they are sending us and that is when we begin using completely the benefits of their presence in our lives.

Seeing the hour 00:01 on your watch repeatedly, by looking at your watch by accident at the same time, is a great sign. This is a triple mirror hour with a special meaning.

Triple hours reveal your connection with the Universe and your guardian angels. This hour number is very powerful and has important message for your life.

The numbers 1 and 0 carry a powerful energy and spiritual message. Both these numbers represent beginnings and energy. 0 is also the number of spirituality and God and in combination with the number 1 it certainly indicates new spiritual beginnings and awakenings.

This triple mirror hour is often a message from your guardian angels about the process of spiritual awakening you are going through.

It is also a sign of the leadership role you are about to undertake soon. This number is a sign of new beginnings in some area of your life, and often that area is related to your spirituality. It reveals the power and energy you possess at this moment.

The triple 00:01 hour often indicates that some situation in your life will return to a starting point. You might expect to experience synchronicities and events which confirm that you are doing the right things.

A pattern will become visible to you about how things are unfolding to get you where you want to be.

What Does 00:01 Mean Spiritually?

The angel number 0001 combines the energies of the number 0 and 1. These are very powerful numbers spiritual terms.

The overall sum of these numbers is 1 which is the number of new beginnings and leadership. The energy and symbolism of the number 1 is the overall energy of this number.

Also, zero appears three times in this number and amplifies the strength of the number 1.

Through this triple mirror number, the angel Vehuiah is contacting you, bringing messages of transformation and change.

This angel will empower you with determination and perseverance to go through the needed transformations and become the best version of yourself.

Through this triple mirror number, the angel Vehuiah is confirming his help in this process. You will have all the tools available to begin and finish all your projects and manifest your ideas into reality.

Vehuiah will also empower you with the gift of healing and helping others. You will be able to develop your intuition and gift of clairvoyance so you can find the best way of helping those who need it.

This guardian angel will also instill confidence and assurance in your actions, as well as help you feel optimistic throughout the process.

You will have the ability to easily concentrate on your goals and accomplish them without much effort. Nothing will stop you because you are destined to succeed in your endeavors.

If you are going through some tough times and experience obstacles on the way of achieving some goals, this angel could appear in your life to help you go through the difficulties and help you get out of them as a winner.

This is especially true if you are currently experiencing some challenges at work.

His presence in your life through the mirror hour 00:01 is a guarantee that you will be protected from any form of irritation and conflicts, especially at your work.

He will also prevent you from embarking on projects and endeavors which are risky or destined to be a failure. He will heighten your intuition and you will be able to feel whether some things are good or bad for you. He will keep your motivation and energy on a high level.

00:01 in Astrology and Numerology

In numerology, the number 00:01 is a combination of a triple zero and the number 1. This is indeed a very powerful number combination. Its overall energy is the energy of the number 1, as the sum of all the digits.

The number 1 is the number which represents success, ambition, leaders, leadership, initiative, progress, movement forward, strength, energy, individuality, confidence, creativity, opportunities, action, new beginnings, assertiveness, independence, and willpower.

The number 0 symbolizes infinity. It is the symbol of oneness and wholeness, the beginning and the end in one number, the never-ending story, cycle, continuum, etc. 0 is a powerful number.

It represents the 0 point, the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega. This number includes all others.

It doesn’t have a beginning or ending, and represents the infinity of things. It is the symbol of nothingness and indicates freeing the person of the limitations of material world.

This number has the energy of infinity, absolute, oneness, eternity, wholeness, never-ending cycles, the beginning and the end point. It is a number which symbolizes potential and choices, opportunities.

If it keeps appearing in your life, this number could be a sign of the beginning of a journey of spiritual enlightenment, developing your intuition and awareness.

In astrology, 0 is the number of the planet Pluto which rules the sign of Scorpio. The number 1 is the number of the Sun, which rules the sign of Leo.

In numerology, the number 0 is a number of choice and potential, because it represents everything that exists, or infinite potential. This number has a very mystical tone to it.

In combinations with other numbers, the number 0 influences them in a way that it magnifies their potential and power.

People who have a lot of number 0 in their birth date, such as the ones born in October 2000 are very sensitive and spiritual, and will most likely experience difficulties with adjusting to the earth plane and this material world.

They will have the opportunity to experience many situations where they will have to choose between various choices.

People who are influenced by the number 1 are born leaders and are usually very charismatic personalities. That often causes their ego to be enormous, but in general, they are kind and helpful souls ready to help those in need.

The combination of the triple hour 00:01 in numerology is a call to embrace your natural leader qualities and start giving an example to others. It is an encouragement to begin pursuing your goals. You will have the necessary determination and motivation to achieve whatever you put your mind into.

The number 1 is a warning to focus on your most important goals and desires and don’t disperse your energy on matters that aren’t important to you.

This number is also a reminder to let go of your fears or doubts and worries because they only create obstacles to your way to manifesting your goals; and you could also end up manifesting them instead.

This combination of numbers is a sign of some fortunate new beginnings and asks you to be prepared to welcome them, because they will be certainly for your benefit.

It is a number which inspires positive and optimistic action and guarantees success that is a result of your efforts but also divine intervention. Rest assured that your guardian angels are there watching and guiding you.

The hour 00:01 could also be a reminder to begin using your creativity and stop wasting your talents.

It reminds you to use your uniqueness and individuality for your benefit, but also the benefit of others who will enjoy and use your creations. It is an inspiration to take action and stop wasting time.

This hour is often a sign of a new creative endeavor you are about to start soon.

It is not guaranteed that you will not encounter any obstacles along the way, but you will have enough courage and strenght to confront and overcome them without much effort.

What to Do If You See 00:01?

If you start seeing the triple mirror number 00:01, start getting ready for some changes in your life.

You might expect some exciting moments and especially a transformation of your personality in terms of becoming aware of your spiritual side and the importance of its nurture and development.

This number appearing in our lives is a sign to start following our dreams and focus on our most important goals. It is not a thing to be afraid of because you will have the guidance and support of the Universe and also your guardian angels along the way.

Even if your dreams seem unreachable or others might consider you crazy for having them, you should not allow doubt and worries overwhelm you; by allowing that to happen, you will block your manifestation and attract more negativity in your life.

Don’t let others ruin your dreams. If possible, don’t talk to others about your big plans and desires. Some of them might without being aware of what they are doing, influence you in a negative way and avert you from following your intuition.

Don’t allow their fears and doubts to become your own and prevent you from achieving what you desire; if you believe that it is possible, than it is possible. That is all it takes, your belief.

This number is a strong encouragement that now is the right time to act. Be confident that your actions will be fruitful and bring you what you desire into your life.

The Universe and the angels have demonstrated their support by sending you the triple mirror number 00:01. You only need to have faith and take action.

The results will be incredible. What follows is a period of changes and transformations and nothing will be the same when the process is finished. 

Quick Summary

Seeing the triple mirror hour 00:01 is a true blessing. It is an announcement of some beneficial changes that are about to enter our lives. This hour is a sign that the time has come to start taking action to accomplish your long-term goals and desires.

You shouldn’t be discouraged if your desires seem impossible or others are telling you that they are impossible.

When you start seeing this hour, you are receiving a confirmation from the Universe and your guardian angels that you are doing the right thing and you are on the right path, and that your desires are possible and likely to be manifested into reality.

You are being called to gain strength and courage and have faith in your abilities. You might be asked to take on a leader role during the process or start using your creativity to help in the achievement of your desires.

This hour number announces a major transformation which often happens on the unconscious level.

It could be a sign of your spiritual awakening and embarking on a process of developing your spiritual abilities and supernatural gifts, like the ability of clairvoyance and claircognizance.