Fairy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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There is no person, especially a child in this world, who does not like fairies – they are mythological girls/beings who have unusual beauty and magical powers.

Some say that they look like females but that their gender is unknown.

Depicted in stories, fairytales (it is not a surprise that the most wonderful and magical stories are named after fairy, fairytales), movies, and cartoons; from Tinkerbell to the evil fairy Maleficent, they are all fan favorite.

In legend and old stories, they are described in various ways, often depicted as beautiful girls with wings, with the magic all around them, living in fields, meadows, around flowers and animals. They do not want to be seen, and because they hide from human beings, no one is sure that they exist.

In others, they are seen as evil beings who hide behind their cute appearance, but when their safety is jeopardized, they turn vile.

Now, when they appear as a dream motive, and they do often appear, they have an interesting meaning that varies from the way they are seen in the dream.

Maybe dreams, where the main motive is a fairy, are more common nowadays because of the impact from cartoons, and mass media, regardless of whether they have a strong symbolical meaning, is most commonly related to love.

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Meaning and Symbolism

In a version of a dream where you see a fairy, in reality, this is the dream connected to the love area of life; in a sense, if the dream is pleasant, you are in a perfect place in that area of life.

If you feel scared in the presence of a fairy, then your love life is not well, and you did not find peace in a current relationship.

If in a dream you see a forest fairy, in that case, in reality, you can expect a happy event, and the sudden happiness may await you very soon. It does not have to be anything special.

It can be unexpected cash flow or some good news, but the joy will enter instead of suspense and failure that has been a long time in your soul.

In a version of a dream where not only one fairy is close to you, but more than one, such a dream speaks of future events in your life.

In reality, there are a lot of deceptive and unfounded hopes for things that mean a lot to you, but despite it, a lot of happiness awaits you in the future.

Everything will resolve in the best interest for you, even if such a turn of events now seems impossible; they are not; the fairy is proof that there is magic in real life.

This version of a dream has an alternate meaning, especially in a case where fairies are dancing in a dream.

In this case, such a dream suggests that rivals and opponents will retreat, you will win eventually. They will realize what your true power is and that they do not stand a chance against you.

This dream, especially if the music in a dream is joyful and happy, means that a peaceful and happy future awaits you.

If the music that is heard in a dream is creepy, in that case, your victory is not going to be an easy one; but it will come.

Decoding the Dream about Fairy

As you could have seen, dreams about a fairy carry a positive connotation.

Most commonly, they are the symbol of happy events that will occur in the near future.

Old beliefs about fairy show that it is the symbol of pure, almost childlike love reserved only for a special one of us; it is the type of love that is called magical also.

Some dreams depict fairy dancing, as we have mentioned before, or many of them that are dancing around maybe a fire, or around trees in the forest.

Such dreams usually have good connotations. Their meaning shows pure happiness and pure emotions that will grow in your life.

Such a dream, if you are in a relationship when you have such a dream, signifies a romantic relationship that will last for a long time.

Seeing a fairy that speaks to you in a dream indicates that you are looking for some help or advice for a problem or decision, but you do not want to directly admit that you need help.

In particular, if the fairy is evil in a dream, then it indicates that one aspect of yourself needs to be freed.

No one can tell you what that part is, you have to find it for yourself, but this is a journey worth taking.

The fairy is also a symbol of your soul and the feminine aspects of you, you being the person who has this dream.

For this purpose, think of the way you dreamt of the fairy, its actions, and appearance; what did she say to you, and what kind of feeling you had while you had this dream.

It will tell you so much about your inner state.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

If you see a fairy in a dream, it indicates an unusual experience that will occur in the near future, and depending on her appearance, that experience can be good or bad, but interesting in any case.

For ladies who have this dream, in reality, it can occur that your lover, the partner, will propose to you, and you will start planning a wedding. You will be very excited, but at the same time nervous, because you will be afraid that everything will not turn out as you imagined.

If you are a fairy in a dream, and this dream is so interesting to observe, such a dream shows that you will become someone’s protector, it can be a stranger, it can be someone who needs help, and maybe it can be just a stroke of luck that the two ways have collided.

In any case, your next mission in life has come to you in a dream about the fairy; your next task is to become a guardian angel.

It is possible that you will help a person who is in a difficult situation.

In addition to material things, you will give that person advice, hang out with it and do everything that person can forget about the misfortune that befell.

Great joy and an amazing mission for one human. It is the magic that occurs in real life.

If you dreamed of a forest fairy, it symbolizes unexpected happiness. You will probably meet a person you haven’t seen in a long time. You will remember the beautiful moments you spent together, and you will agree to stay in touch.

When you are surrounded by fairies in a dream (meaning more than one), it means that others are not honest with you.

It is possible for colleagues, friends, or relatives to talk about one thing and do another. They often promise you what they are not able to achieve and avoid situations in which they could move from words to deeds.

If the fairies dance in your dream, it indicates that your opponents will withdraw. They will probably realize that you are too strong for them and will not bother you anymore. You will finally be able to relax, and you will not be afraid that someone will make you a scene or another inconvenience.

When a fairy kills you in a dream, it warns you to beware of the person you trust. You may be disappointed by someone you love.

It will be very difficult for you and, at first, you will try to justify him/her, but later you will realize that you can expect only the worst from him/her.