Aquarius in 1st House – Meaning and Info

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1st house in Aquarius t means that such a person is original, inspired by a multitude of desires and creations, unauthorized. He longs to get involved in the common cause, very much loves contacts, jokes, pleasure.

Modest, dear, he does not like to draw unnecessary attention to himself.

Wants to adore him, but not only to enjoy his abilities. He draws his strength through participation in collective activity in the framework of a close circle of friends.

Aquarius – Meaning and Info

This person is actively drawn to everything unconventional, and will also take part in the maintenance. It is motivated by the usual setting.

For the ungodly – “the world exists only for the purpose of changing it.” He loves to bring people around him into a shocking, excited state, trying to form an opinion about himself, as about a fairly odd personality, is it just a person.

He perceives the whole world and himself mentally-distantly. It is very interesting for the original people and thoughts from which they can hear.

With the development of such a person, he acquires rather unusual views of the outside world, which are not generally agreed with the general public.

Such a clearly expressed individuality is able to create a bright opinion leader and creative genius.

He does not go against the crowd, but he manages to isolate the most promising ideas, the implementation of which will propel the world forward and bring him wealth and fame.

Or his wife will roll over to a simple argument out of a feeling of opposition.

Then he prefers to deploy military actions and rush to fight the crowd.

This does not bring anything useful to him or the community. Independence and freedom of personal self-expression is not a problem for him, but a natural need for life, therefore, and with her it is not easy to live. He often confuses love with friendliness, but he doesn’t like to treat relationships with us, and always tends, even when growing up, to remain in good knowledge.

This person, constantly does not lose reality – he is unhappy with himself and the world. Influence of the main houses on the icon of the zodiac Aquarius.

Unpredictably free-in-love and self-confident. We want something that stands out from the rest, sometimes invisible pride of our individualism, the truth, according to the present, wants to please the surrounding people.

People are treated as mobile and attractive. Always try to change the existing position. He simply does not want to exist in the forever installed frames and installations.

Therefore, it is often used a chance to tell everything up to the point that something new and improved at about the same time.

True, it is important to plan and think carefully before this.

Physical exercises are recommended, because he has a tendency toward a steady state of blood circulation.

1st House – Meaning and Info

The Ascendant in Aquarius makes the person born with that configuration original, inspired by many desires and creatively independent. He wants to invest in a common cause, he loves contacts, jokes, pleasures.

They are people who have a modest nature, are loved by those around them, seek to be loved and like to be praised for their abilities. He nurtures them participating in group activities and helping others altruistically.

Someone who has an Aquarius Ascendant is attracted to everything different, different and unconventional, being rare in nature for others.

They think that if we are in this world, we have not come just passing through, but we are here to change it. He perceives the whole world and himself from a detached mentality. He is very interested in people and thoughts that have originality.

If you wish, you can request your Natal Chart and know your destination at an unbeatable price. Over time, this person as he develops, begins to see the world from a different point of view.

Independence and freedom of expression is something very important for these people, they see it as a basic necessity in life. He often confuses love with friendship, but he does not like to break off relationships at all and always tries, even when separating, to maintain a healthy relationship with his acquaintances.

They are people who are generally branded as eccentric, stubborn, friendly, fraternal, supportive and hospitable. They are humanitarian and very progressive as well as unpredictable and disruptive.

The fact of standing out from the rest of the mortals is something that he likes, his nonconformity leads him to live periods of instability throughout his life, especially in his love life.

Aquarius in 1st House – Meaning and Info

Individuals with House 1 in Aquarius appear before the eyes of others through the effort to communicate their own ideals, since they tend to spiritual pride, which helps them solve social problems.

In this note we go through the main characteristics of the natives with Aquarius in house 1 in their natal chart.

Aquarius people have an eager and seductive stamp. There are two types of Aquarius: one is withdrawn, sensitive, and patient.

The other is profuse, active and manages to conceal the depths of his personality under a superficial air.

Both of them have a very strong force of persuasion and reflection of the truth, and they are so decent that they know how to change their sentences if evidence emerges that reveals the inverse of what they thought in the past.

As with all signs, Aquarius shows us three areas of meaning: the personality, the body, the contexts of birth, the ascendant, the physical aspect.

The most prevalent conditions of the personality on a superficial level.

It is the expression of the individual with regard to the sea of ​​unconsciousness, in a first vital moment.

A stage during which the person has a small real sense of himself, concerning the first two years of life, approximately.

The top of House 1 reveals the initiation of the twelve astrological houses and marks the Ascendant, which will provide the type of practices that the personality will conceive.

In addition, the characteristics of the Ascendant sign and those of the planets that enter the first house are clearly radiated in our character.

People with Aquarius in house 1 are interested in the benefit and protection of others, so they feel the need to expose this interest in a pragmatic way, proceeding at an evident level of action. They are both sensitive and idealistic, and lack passionate or overly excessive drive.

In addition, those who have House 1 in Aquarius have an independent, daring and friendly spirit, they also tend to be unique and to transgress established conformities or rules.

As for the groups or teams of people, they will be essential for the human expression of it, it will be integrated with skill in the plans and productions of others.

For these people, studies on unheard of and unusual things will be a necessity and a legitimate personal impetus.

They will need both relationships with others and the air they breathe. In the same vein, your orientation in the mature period of life will be largely established by your relationship with your partner.

As for the physical, people born with residence of the Aquarius sign in House 1 will generally show a tall and slim body, with preeminence of the shoulders over the hips.

Likewise, the joints (shoulders, elbows, knuckles, knees) stand out in their physical appearance.

Dynamism and unusual or very characteristic movements are other of its most important characteristics.

They will be fundamentally interested in the questions indicated by the House in which Saturn is located, and that is why they will live these aspects with commitment or obfuscation, depending on whether they are better or worse aspected.


Ascendant in Aquarius perceives the outside world and himself mentally distant; he is interested in original thoughts and people from whom they can be heard.

When working out, this is an interesting person who, most likely, has rather unusual views of the world, often not consistent with generally accepted ones; freedom and independence of personal expression for him is not a whim, but a vital necessity, therefore it is not easy for him (and with him) to live.

He may confuse friendship with love, but if the 1st house and Aquarius are not very affected, he does not like to break off relations at all and always means that, when parting, he remains a friend.