Flamingo – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Flamingos are unusual and beautiful birds. They have extraordinary pink feather color.

These birds also have a pose which distinguishes them from other birds. They stand on their one leg, while the other one is under their feathers. There isn’t a proven scientific explanation for such behavior, but one thing is certain; these birds are very good at keeping their balance. They are also very good flyers.

These birds usually live in large colonies and are very social. They usually form strong bonds with their partners, but they could also change partners often if they have a better choice. That behavior often happens in large colonies.

They feed on shrimps, algae, small insects, crustaceans, mollusks and larvae. The pink color of their feathers comes from the carotenoids in their food.

Flamingos which solely eat blue – green algae, have a darker color than the ones who eat animals which have digested the blue – green algae. Healthier and well-nourished birds have more intense colors than the ones that are ill or malnourished.

The female and the male build the nests and defend their eggs and chicks together. It is noted that same sex couples exist.

What does the Flamingo Symbolize?

The flamingo spirit guide is a powerful totem. It symbolizes many important things, and one of them is the importance of expressing emotions freely. Flamingos also symbolize balance, being open towards others and having an open heart.

They also symbolize family, caring for your family, relationships, as well as the importance of belonging to a community or a group. Flamingos also symbolize new experiences and opportunities.

This totem animal is also a symbol of cooperation, community, endurance, beauty, uniqueness, color, ability, emotions, intuition, family life, nurturing, protection, partnerships, relationships, happiness, sociability, joy, determination, power, caring, clearing, sexuality, as well as the soul and its purpose.

This totem animal is calling you to establish balance in all areas of your life, as well as to become emotionally open to give and receive love. It is asking you to cleanse yourself from the negativity of all kinds and free yourself.

Look for happiness and joy all around you and try to avoid all negative influences. 

The Meanings of Flamingo as a Spirit Animal

The flamingo spirit animal has many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Cooperation and community. Flamingos usually live in big communities. They live in large colonies and they depend on other members of their society to survive. Because of that, the flamingo as a totem animal teaches us of the importance of being a part of a community or a group, and relying on its help and support.

This totem animal is encouraging you to take part in some group activities.

Sometimes it teaches you of the benefits of achieving goals as a part of a team.

It also promotes team work, group activities, helping the members of your community, etc. The flamingo spirit animal teaches that joined forces have much more success than the individual.

Balance. Flamingos often stand on one leg, balancing, while the other leg is tucked under their feathers. They maintain excellent balance while doing that. Because of that trait, the flamingo spirit animal teaches us of the importance of having a balanced life and maintaining balance in our private, as well as our professional life, regardless of the circumstances we are currently experiencing.

The flamingo also teaches us of the importance of keeping our emotional balance.

Optimism. The flamingo spirit animal teaches us to be optimistic in life, and always to expect the best outcomes of our actions. It is asking you to believe in your abilities to achieve your goals, regardless of other people’s doubts.

Happiness and joy. The mere appearance of flamingos fills us with feelings of happiness and joy. This totem animal reminds you of the need to enjoy life and be happy.

Beauty and uniqueness. The flamingo is a bird of unusual and unique beauty. With the flamingo as your totem animal you are most likely a very unique and unusual person, and often very beautiful.

Attractiveness. If the flamingo is your totem animal, you are most likely a very attractive person and for you it is very important to look and dress well. You are always admired by others for your superb style. You try to look your best in all occasions and many people truly admire you for that.

Partnerships. Flamingos usually have life time partners. The flamingo spirit animal teaches you of the beauty of a committed partnership and sharing your life with someone. This totem animal is reminding you to nurture your romantic partner and respect and appreciate the relationship you two have.

Family and parenting. These birds are devoted to their families and are caring and nurturing parents who protect their eggs and chicks from predators. This totem animal is reminding you of the importance of being a good parent and taking care of your family.

With the flamingo as your totem animal, you are most likely a good parent and a provider for your family.

Sexuality. The flamingo bird has an amazing appearance. It is a symbol of flirt, passion and sexuality. As a totem animal, the flamingo encourages you to open up and allow yourself to feel sexy and attractive.

Clearing. The flamingo spirit animal is asking you to declutter your life, and get rid of anything which doesn’t serve your highest purpose. That can be people, things, situations, past memories and hurts, as well as everything which has a devastating effect on your life.

These things are blocking your progress, and the flamingo is asking you to remove them from your life, so you can clear the space for new energy to enter your life, in the form of new people, things and situations.

Intuition. The flamingo totem animal is a reminder to use your intuition more and rely on your inner guidance to discover the answers you seek.

Endurance and determination. These birds are able to fly long distances when migrating. Because of that, this totem animal teaches you the gift of determination and endurance. You need to embody these gifts if you want to accomplish your desires and goals in life.

The flamingo teaches you never to give up and endure when times are difficult because it is the only way to achieve what you want.

Open – heartedness. The flamingo totem animal is asking you to be open-hearted. Don’t repress your emotions and be ready to express them to others openly.

Healing and removing toxicity. The flamingo spirit animal is teaching you to spot the toxic things and people in your life, and helps you get rid of them, so you could heal. If the flamingo is your spirit animal, you are most likely gifted to recognize toxic and poisonous things and people as well, and you could help others get rid of them.

Flamingo as Your Totem Animal

If the flamingo is your spirit animal, you are most likely very intelligent and creative person.

You are well mannered and considerate towards other people’s feelings. You have a caring and gentle nature, and you don’t hesitate to help the ones in need. You enjoy being of hand to others.

With the flamingo as your totem animal, you probably have a strong intuition and instincts, and you use them to get away from unpleasant situations and people.

You are sociable but you also enjoy being alone. You have a strong individuality but you are a good team player as well. You are admired and loved by the people from your surroundings. You always look good and stylish. You have a few good friends you can trust, and you could sometimes be secretive about your matters. You can have a tendency to isolate yourself from others.

Sometimes you can appear controlling because you like to be in control of what is going on in your life.

You can be a person who worries excessively because you have a developed imagination. You could sometimes be indecisive and prone to anxiousness. In some cases you can appear aggressive.

In matters of the heart, you can go to extremes. Either you are faithful and spend your whole life with one person, or you like the experience of changing partners frequently and avoiding committed relationships. If you have a family, you tend to be a devoted and caring parent.

You can be very sexually attractive and prone to flirting.

What if the Flamingo Appears in Your Life?

When a flamingo appears in your life, it is an encouraging sign regarding your love life. It might indicate the beginning of a new romantic relationship soon. This bird could also be a reminder to appreciate more the relationship you have with your partner.

This bird in your life could be a reminder to spend more time in the company of other people and stop isolating yourself. Become a part of some group or begin a joint project with someone.

In some cases, this dream is asking you to establish balance in your life or prepare yourself to go through some difficult times.

The flamingo could be asking you to get rid of past energy which is blocking your progress. Release the negativity in the form of people, things and situations. Don’t allow anything to keep you stuck in one place.

The flamingo totem animal appearing in your life could be a reminder to open up to people and allow yourself to be emotional. It could also be a reminder to seek happiness and joyful experiences.

When to call on Flamingo?

Call on flamingo your totem animal when:

  • You need fun in your life;
  • You need to clear the space for new people and situations to enter your life;
  • You want to become more emotionally available;
  • You need healing from emotional hurts from the past;
  • You need to get rid of negativity in your life;

Dreams about a Flamingo – Interpretation and Meaning

A dream about a flamingo is often a reminder to release some past energy from your life, which can be in a form of people, situations or things. The dream is sending you a message to clear the space for new things and people to enter your life.

This dream could also indicate doing something as a part of a team or group work. The dream could indicate some new experiences and opportunities you might soon encounter.

In some cases, this dream reveals being preoccupied with your looks and style. That could be a sign of insecurity and lack of self – appreciation. If that is the case, this dream reminds you to search for the cause of that and confront it.