Fox – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Foxes are small mammals from the dog family, but smaller than the other members of this family. These animals are present in all continents, except Antarctica. They live in cities, forests, grasslands, the countryside, and mountains. Some species live in severely cold climates while others, like the fennec fox, live in the African desert. The arctic fox normally functions under temperatures up to -70 degrees Celsius.

The most widely spread is the red fox, which is also the largest with up to 8.7kg in weight. The smallest of the species is the fennec fox, weighing up to 1.6 kg.

The male fox is called a dog fox or a tod while the females are called vixen. Their offspring are called kits, cubs or pups. A group of foxes is often referred as a leash.

Foxes have triangular faces and pointed ears. They also have a recognizable bushy tail. Different species have different color, length and density of their fur. They have thicker coats during the winter and lighter ones during the summer season. These animals have an unusually beautiful fur and they are often hunted for it.

They are also breed in fur farms, where they live in horrible conditions, usually in small cages where they are unable to move.

They are also exposed to great suffering while being executed so that the fur is left undamaged.

The foxes usually live around one to three years in the wilderness. They usually live in small groups but some species are solitary. Their homes are called dens. Their dens are usually holes in the ground, but they can be someplace else.

Foxes eat both meat and plants. They eat small mammals, birds, reptiles, eggs, insects, fish, frogs, worms, crabs, fruits, vegetables, seeds, berries, as well as carrion. They stash the uneaten food for later consumption, usually burying it.

Foxes are masters of disguise and camouflage. They even have a unique way of ambushing their prey, crouching down and leaping up to end up on their prey. They are mostly active after sunset. Their vertically oriented pupils similar to the ones cats have enable them to see in vague light.

They also hunt similarly to cats because they slowly stalk their prey and then attack it. The fox can walk on its toes, and just like cats has retractable claws which helps it to climb. There are species of foxes which just like cats do, sleep on trees.

Foxes also have an excellent sense of hearing. They are also animals which produce unpleasant odor, in fact, they stink. The smell comes from the scent glands which are located at the base of the tail.

The fox has another special ability. It is using the magnetic field of the earth to hunt its prey.

The fox’s pregnancy period lasts around 50 days. Vixens usually have a litter of around four cubs. When the pups are born they are blind and deaf and cannot walk, so they have to be taken good care of. They stay with their mother inside the den and their father hunts and brings back the food for its family.

The mother and the father both nurture their young and are devoted parents. The cubs live with their parents until they reach seven months.

Foxes have around 40 different vocalizations which they use for communication, which develop during the period of growth. The young ones whine and yelp, while the adults have sounds such as barking and growling, etc.

Foxes are sometimes considered pests because they attack small livestock and poultry. They are well adapted to human environments, especially urban areas. They adapt very well and if there is no food they could eat the rubbish humans throw away.

The foxes are known for their curiosity and friendly attitude. They are playful and enjoy playing with other foxes as well as other animals. They are also known to steal balls from golf courses.

What does the Fox Symbolize?

The fox has many symbolic meanings attached to it. It is a symbol of intelligence, cunningness, a trickster, strategy, cleverness, camouflage, persistence, problem solving, determination, patience, shrewdness, opportunism, adaptability, quick-witted, protection, parenting, nurturing, passion, desires, expression, intensity, perfect timing, action, determination, and focus.

The fox is teaching us to find new ways of dealing with things using our intelligence.

They are also asking us to find a new approach to matters to replace the one we have. This totem animal is asking us to change our habits and find new interests.

It is also reminding us to use all our resources and don’t waste anything. The fox is asking us to adapt to the surroundings and the circumstances and even use them to our advantage.

The fox spirit animal could help you find the solution to deal with some issues and obstacles you have. It could be helping you to improve your way of thinking. The fox also indicates awareness and managing your way through deceiving situations. 

The Meanings of Fox as a Spirit Animal

The fox spirit animal has many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Intelligence. Foxes are very intelligent animals. They use their wit to get what they want. The fox totem animal gives you the gift of intelligence. With this animal as your totem you are most likely very intelligent as well and find your way easily through life and different circumstances using this gift.

Strategy. The foxes are great strategists. This totem animal is giving you the gift of making strategies to ensure the success of your endeavors and actions.

Quick-witted. Fox are known to act quickly to get what they want. The fox spirit animal is giving you the gift of quick thinking and finding the best solutions in seconds.

Problem solving. If a fox is your totem animal, it teaches you the gift of problem solving using your brain and creativity. For you it takes minutes and sometimes seconds to come up with a solution to difficult problems others have dealt with unsuccessfully for days and more.

Adaptability and patience. Foxes are very adaptable animals. As your spirit animal, the fox is giving you the gift of adaptability. It teaches you of the need to adapt easily to the circumstances you find yourself in and wait patiently for the chance to change them.

Parenting. Foxes are known for being devoted parents who take good care of their offspring. The fox totem animal is giving you the gift of being a caring and nurturing parent to your children. Sometimes this totem animal reminds you to put your other responsibilities aside and devote more of your time to your children. Try to develop a better relationship with them.

Focus and determination. The foxes are focused on their target and swiftly go after it. This totem animal teaches you of the importance to determine your goals and then maintaining focus on achieving them. With the fox as your totem animal you are most likely a very focused and determined person who doesn’t give up easily.

Opportunism and perfect timing. The fox is a true opportunist. It uses every chance to get food or achieve something else. This totem animal is teaching you to be alert and wait for the right opportunities to arise and then grab them. It also teaches you to use your intellect and others senses, to feel the perfect moment to take action.

Fox as Your Totem Animal

If the fox is your totem animal, you are most likely a very intelligent and agile person. You have a great ability to turn negative circumstances in a situation to your advantage. You seem to always know the best action to take to overcome some problems you or someone else is facing.

You might be a person with many different personalities. That is perfectly normal because they all embody you.

If the fox is your totem animal you are most likely gifted with the gift of awareness. You seem to always know what is going on around you as well as inside your own being. You are a careful observer patiently waiting for the right moment to make the move and seize some opportunity.

You see through other people’s motives and easily spot the ones with a deceitful nature. Nothing passes by you.

You are most likely very adaptable and you quickly overcome obstacles and difficulties. If you don’t have the ability to resolve something you don’t stress about it, and simply adapt to the situation and wait for the right moment to change something.

You have a natural sense of humor and you are very good at verbally expressing yourself. You also know how to cleverly get yourself out of a situation using your charm and carefully chosen words.

After talking to you, people feel satisfied and don’t hold it against you, even if you have just rejected them about something.

Sometimes, you can be prone to making bad jokes and harming others with your careless attitude and harsh words. You need to pay attention to your behavior because you might hurt people without meaning to.

You have a sharp mind and think quickly. You are also a very good observer and have an eye for details. You often have unusual and creative solutions to problems.

With the fox as your spirit animal you are most likely talented to avoid conflicts and find a peaceful solution to difficult situations. You are gifted to make compromises and help others find them.

If you have a fox as your totem you are most likely a very loyal person. You are also very open, easy-going and energetic. You easily fit in in any social group. You blend in and adapt. You often have superficial knowledge in many areas just to be able to fit in in all situations. You enjoy being able to do that.

What if the Fox Appears in Your Life?

When the fox spirit animal appears in your life, it could be to remind you to take some quick action. Maybe it reminds you to seize an opportunity which won’t last long, or to adapt to a situation you cannot change now.

This totem animal is requiring using your skills of moving fast through obstacles.

The fox spirit animal is asking you to work on developing your mental skills and intelligence. It gives you the gifts of analytics, deduction, and observation so you can use them in everyday dealings to get what you desire.

When this animal appears, it might be asking you to be cunning in some situation because there’s no other way to deal with someone or something. Use your wit to get out of some situation.

The fox appearing in your life could indicate some deceiving people or circumstances you need to pay attention to. The fox might be warning you not to get involved into a situation which could potentially be harmful or cause you some damage.

The fox also calls you to pay attention in relationships with other people and when making some choices.

The fox often appears in your life to help you find solutions to projects or endeavors which have started on a wrong basis. This totem animal appears often when you need to find the solution to a difficult life situation or circumstances.

The fox also appears in your life in challenging times and times of change, when it asks you to take some action to get out of a situation or adapt.

The fox is asking you to have an intelligent and patient approach to circumstances. It never asks you to rush into things, before you have thought things well.

When to call on Fox?

Call on fox your totem animal when:

  • You need help dealing with a tricky situation;
  • You need to have faith in your intellectual abilities;
  • You need to use your intellect and wit to solve some problems;
  • You need support to avoid confronting with someone;
  • You need to adapt to some circumstances;
  • You need to blend in in some surroundings;
  • You need to maintain your focus on some goals;

Dreams about a Fox – Interpretation and Meaning

A dream about fox could mean many different things. This animal in your dream could be sending you a message that you need to pay attention to the people from your surroundings. Maybe someone is deceitful or tricky so you need to watch out for this person. This dream is often a warning about the honesty and true intentions of some people from your close surroundings.

This dream could also be a reminder to be more discrete in some situation or regarding some information you have about someone.

In some cases this dream is an announcement of a lonely period in your life. It could also reveal your desire to retreat and be alone for a while.

The fox in your dream could reveal your shrewd approach to solving problems and facing difficulties in life. It could also indicate your unpredictable behavior or sneakiness. Also someone from your surroundings could exhibit these traits.

If you dreamed you were chasing a fox, that could indicate not being aware of the situation and circumstances you are in. This dream could also indicate the need to be more discreet in some situations.

If you dreamed of a tamed fox, that dream could indicate having fake friends who are doing things behind your back to somehow harm you.