Cricket – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Crickets are a species of insects which are distant relatives to grasshoppers. It is estimated that more than 900 species of crickets exist in the world today. Crickets are spread almost in every part of the world, but they mostly live in tropical places.

They are also adapted to live in various habitats, from grasslands, forests, caves, beaches, bushes, etc.

They don’t like exposing themselves and during the day they spend most of their time hidden somewhere. Crickets are mostly active during the night.

They are mostly known for the special chirping sound they produce.

The sound is produced by scraping their limbs. They stop producing it when there’s danger near-by or when interrupted by something. When they realize that the coast is clear, they continue with their song.

Male crickets use their songs to attract the females, which usually don’t produce sounds.

There are some species of crickets, which don’t produce any kind of sounds.

Female crickets are very fertile. Male crickets are known to be very aggressive in displaying their dominance over other males.

Some cricket species have wings, and some don’t. Even the ones which have wings sometimes don’t fly.

Crickets are well equipped for camouflaging and hiding from potential predators.

They mostly use their unique blending color patterns for that purpose. Their color enables them to blend in any kind of surrounding.

What does the Cricket Symbolize?

Crickets are totem animals with interesting and powerful symbolism.

They symbolize changes, satisfaction, direction, purpose, fertility, abundance, patience, calm, good luck, connection, intuition, happiness, inner peace, creativity, inner guidance, grounding, focus, pleasure, psychic gifts, good vibes, intuition, self – expression, vibrational energy, etc. 

The Meaning of Cricket as Totem Animal

This totem can have many different meanings, and here are some of them:

Happiness and good luck. The cricket is a symbol of happiness and good luck in many cultures around the world. As a totem animal, the cricket is a bringer of good luck into your life. If you are blessed to have this insect as your totem, you are most likely a very fortunate and happy person.

You spread your enthusiasm all around you. The cricket as your totem protects you and your home from bad fortune.

Longevity. Crickets are known as symbols of longevity and good health. If you have it as your totem animal, you are probably blessed with good health and you will most likely experience a long life.

Success. The cricket symbolizes success. If this insect is your spirit animal, you are usually a very successful person gifted with the ability to successfully accomplish your goals and desires.

Inner guidance and intuition. Crickets also symbolize intuition and inner guidance. As your totem animals they give you these gifts as well. You are very intuitive and follow your inner guidance in many situations. The cricket totem possibly gives you other psychic gifts.

Fertility. Cricket females are known for their fertility. If you have this insect as your totem you are most likely blessed with good fertility as well.

Creativity. When you have cricket as your spirit animal, you are most likely very creative and talented. You possibly use your creativity to achieve some of your goals and desires. You could also use it as a source of income.

Abundance. Crickets are symbols of wealth and abundance in many cultures. If cricket is your totem, you are most likely blessed with the same, or you can expect wealth and abundance coming your way, especially if crickets begin appearing in your life frequently.

Calmness and patience. Crickets are nocturnal creatures, and spend their days in hiding and almost motionless. As spirit animals, crickets teach us of the importance of being calm and patient while waiting for the right things to come your way. If cricket is your totem, you are most likely a patient and calm person.

Possibly you try to establish calmness in all aspects of your life because that way you can function at your best.

Your mere presence instills peace and calmness in other people from your surroundings.

Communication. Crickets are well known for their sounds, especially their chirping. They also symbolize communication. This totem animal is giving you the gift of communication and expressing your thoughts to others. The cricket totem will help you any barriers you have regarding your power of expression.

If this insect is your spirit animal, you are good at communicating your thoughts and ideas to people.

Cricket as Your Totem Animal

Having a cricket as your totem animal is an honor. You are very gifted and talented person, and you are blessed with good luck as well. The cricket totem gives you a good voice and a talent to express yourself properly.

People with cricket as their totem often sign beautifully and are often musicians or have jobs related to music.

This totem gives you the ability to communicate your thoughts to others.

The cricket spirit animal is teaching you how important it is to stay balanced and grounded.

You need to build a stable foundation for your future. The cricket also teaches us of the need to be patient while waiting for our desires to come to fruition.

It is important to have goals and desires which are in alignment with the highest good of others.

You are full of plans and in constant movement. Maybe you tend to change your goals as well as the direction in your life frequently.

That is a habit, you need to change because without focusing on one goal, you won’t be able to achieve anything; instead you will only be wasting your time. 

What if Cricket Appears in Your Life?

If cricket appears in your life, that is a very good sign, and a sign of good fortune. It could be an announcement of some new opportunities opening for progress and accomplishment of your desires.

Maybe it has finally arrived the moment to finish some long-term endeavors successfully.

The cricket in your life is a guarantee that things have begun unfolding in your favor. Begin trusting the impossible because even the impossible desires might soon come to fruition.

Trust and relax.

The cricket appearing in your life is a reminder to ask for guidance from the Universe about some major decisions and moves you are about to make.

Don’t worry much about making the right decisions because the cricket’s presence ensures the success of all your actions.

The appearance of this insect in your life is often a sign of possibilities for improvement, career advancement, a lucky win on the lottery, etc. Crickets also symbolize good luck in the matters of the heart.

Expect some beautiful things to happen in these areas of your life. It could indicate moving to the next level of commitment in your current relationship.

Sometimes the cricket will be asking you to evaluate your relationships with other people, especially those that are close to you and work on improving them if you find out that is necessary.

When a cricket appears out of nowhere, it might be a sign of development of your psychic gifts and the power of your intuition.

The cricket might be asking you to take some actions you have been postponing for a long time.

It is asking you to stop procrastinating and instead begin taking your destiny in your hands. 

When to call on Cricket?

You should call on cricket as your totem when:

  • You desire to make some changes in your life and make it more interesting and adventurous;
  • You want to get out of a stalemate and get your life in motion;
  • You need to take some action to accomplish some goals you have;
  • You should take some risks to achieve something you desire;
  • You want to be more creative; 

Dreams about Cricket – Interpretation and Meaning

People don’t usually dream of crickets. Because crickets are so secretive and seclusive these dreams could indicate going through a process of introspection and search for some answers from your inner being.

The dream could indicate being burdened by some emotions and feelings from the past which you need to confront.

Maybe you will need the help of someone trusted to overcome these issues.

Crickets chirping in your dream could be a disturbing sign, and could indicate being bothered by some minor things.

Maybe you have some repressed feelings and issues which are putting the pressure on you from within.

Crickets jumping in a dream are a very good dream symbol, often indicating spiritual evolving.

Maybe this dream is asking you to rethink about your life and your goals and decide whether you need to make some changes.