Guitar – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Guitars are musical instruments with six strings, which produce a sound by vibrating. Guitars are usually made of wood, but in modern times some other materials are used.

There are various types of guitars used to play different genre of music. It is a widely used instrument.

People who play the guitar tend to dream about it as well, and these dreams usually don’t have some special meaning for the dreamer. These people often have such dreams, and they often reveal their frustration caused by long hours of practicing.

The ones who don’t play it can also dream about guitars and in these cases, the dream could carry some important message to the person who had the dream.

In dreams, guitars symbolize the emotional state of a person. The interpretation of the dream and whether it has good or bad meaning depends on the circumstances and the overall emotion in the dream.

If you felt happy and the music played by the guitar was joyful and you enjoyed it, the dream has a good meaning for you.

If the music was dissonant and you were feeling upset or sad, the dream doesn’t have a good meaning and usually represents a warning sign about some unresolved issues you need to attend to as soon as possible.

Guitars are common instruments. Many of people who play the guitar are self-thought (usually men) and don’t have any musical background, and not many instruments are like that.

The guitar often considered a symbol of the female body because of its curves.

Some of the meanings of guitar dreams:

Strength and perseverance

Dreams about guitars are often a sign of your strength and perseverance. It takes a lot of patience and endurance to learn to play the guitar, and it takes a lot of practice to continue playing it good.

Fun gatherings

When guitars appear in our dreams they could indicate fun gatherings with friends and acquaintances and spending some pleasurable moments in their presence.


Guitars are a symbol of rebellion and freedom and the dream about them often reveals the person’s desire to make some radical changes in their life.

Such a dream is often a sign of boredom and frustration with everyday routine and the person’s desire to break free from all of that and do something completely different with their lives.

Desire to change one’s life

These dreams often reveal the person’s dissatisfaction with their current life circumstances.

The life they have might be completely opposite of the life they have imagined for themselves and they feel pressured by their reality.

This dream is often a strong message from the person’s inner being that the time has come to do something about their needs and desires and stop putting others first.

Guitars in dreams are often an announcement of a change that is happening in the person’s life in the near future.

Repressed desire for physical intimacy

Guitars appearing in our dreams often reveal some strong emotions we are currently experiencing.

Playing a guitar or just seeing it in a dream could often be a sign of repressed desire for a physical intimacy.


Dreams about guitars often describe the dreamer as a person who is not afraid to speak their mind and express his opinion and feelings to other people.

Passion and creativity

Guitar in a dream is often a reflection of our desires and passions. It also represents our creative urges and could be an inspiration to begin pursuing them.

Need to relax

All instruments with strings can have a very relaxing influence on their listeners.

Dreams where string instruments appear can indicate the need for the person to rest and relax.

Maybe the dream comes to the person during times of extreme anxiety caused by stress.

It is possible that you have many obligations that you don’t know how to handle and the dream is a call for taking a break.

Guitar – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of holding or playing a guitar – If you dreamed of holding a guitar in your hands, especially if you played on the guitar that dream is usually considered a good sign.

A dream of holding or playing a guitar could indicate suddenly meeting someone who will turn out to be an excellent company to you.

In some cases, this could turn out to be someone special with whom you can establish a romantic relationship with.

Holding or playing a guitar could indicate expecting to get engaged in some interesting and fun activities.

Dreaming of a guitar with broken strings – If you dreamed about a guitar with broken strings, that dream is not a good sign and it often indicates sadness and unfortunate experiences which will be the cause for grief and tears.

Dreaming about an acoustic guitar – If you had a dream about an acoustic guitar, that dream could be a sign of you trying to appear different than you actually are.

This dream might be indicating that you desire others to find your impressive and amazing even though you are not. Maybe you desire others to find you interesting.

Dreaming of an electric guitar – If you dreamed about an electric guitar, the dream is often a result of your desire to be perceived as energetic and active by others. You want people to find you interesting and fun to be around.

Maybe you consider yourself extra-special and you desire others to perceive you like that.

In some cases, the dream about an electric guitar could reveal your tendency to try hard to impress other people or showing off to people hoping you will amaze and impress them.

An electric guitar in a dream often reveals the strong emotions the dreamer is feeling.

Dreaming of hearing guitar music – If you dreamed of hearing guitar music coming from somewhere or listening to someone play the guitar, that dream could indicate being in a romantic mood lately.

Maybe you have a crush on someone or you desire your current relationship to evolve into something more serious.

Maybe you feel passionate about someone and you want things to start developing between you two. In some cases, this dream could indicate meeting someone new and beginning to date that person.

A dream of listening to guitar music could also indicate spending time in a pleasant company of friends and acquaintances.

Dreaming of a broken guitar – If you dreamed of a broken guitar or somehow out of function, that dream is most likely a bad sign. It could reveal disappointments, usually related to the person’s love life.

Maybe you have experienced something which ruined your faith in love and you don’t know how to restore it.

A broken guitar in a dream is often a sign of a relationship breakup and the grief which follows it.

Dreaming of a guitar’s pick – If you dreamed only a pick used for playing the guitar, that dream could be a reminder from your subconscious to get back to pursuing your dreams and passions in life.

Maybe you used to play the guitar and you don’t play it anymore and the dream is asking you to get back to your love.

If you didn’t play the guitar, the dream also symbolically represents a call to return to your passions and start enjoying in them once more.

Sometimes, dreaming about a pick could indicate the need to express your feelings to others more.

Maybe you are closed off and detached and the dream is asking you to become more sociable and approachable to people.