Itchy Nose – Meaning and Superstition

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Numerous of physical phenomena and, to be honest, all sorts of symptoms of various health conditions have always been associated with spiritual meanings and all sorts of folk beliefs.

Why is that so? Well, our physical body is what makes us feel and sense the world around us. It is a channel for all sorts of thoughts, feelings and else. Our physical body is full of receptors that make us feel alive. It is not only flesh and bones; a human organism is a complex machine.

We are different from other living beings, because we have an especially developed brain. Well, the truth is we do not even know enough about it. Our understanding of our own thinking mechanism is poor, according to many scientists.

One thing that makes us so special is our emotional nature, besides our intelligent mind. Our body and our emotions and thoughts are a complicated system.

It is still unclear whether some animals are also sentinels. Recent studies try to prove animals have feelings, as well. It is still under research, but it is an interesting suggestion.

Everything about living life is complex and amazing, at the same time. Humans are definitely extraordinary examples of living life and nature. We, humans, have also develop all sorts of ways to explain the inexplicable.

There comes spirituality and superstitions. All sorts of things people could not explain by science, they have ascribed to mystical forces and mysterious phenomena.

The more technologically advanced we become, the more ‘reasonable’ explanations we offer.

However, all sorts of superstitions still live on. Science cannot answer to many things.

If you think about simple body reactions and phenomena that are not of a big concern, meaning, they are not dangerous and do not require any medical attention, you will find all sorts of ‘old wives tales’ upon it.

You know, an itchy palm, a tingling eyelid or so. Anything that is intermittent counts, of course. If it goes for too long, you should definitely check it up.

Body reactions spiritual meaning

Why we tend to ascribe so many things to all sorts of body phenomena? If you look back into the past, even some actual medical conditions were considered a sign from mystical forces, either good or bad ones.

One of the most drastic examples is porphyry, a condition that was strongly associated with vampirism.

We will not talk about such scary phenomena here, but it is only an exemplary illustration on how we perceive body phenomena in light of mysticism, superstitions and secret signs.

All sorts of minor inconveniences often make us think about if it is ‘a sign’. You know, intermittent itches and similar things. Why do we think so? It is not very clear how it all started.

However, our body reacts to the world around. Possibly, it reacts to invisible mysterious energies around us. Our bodies are, in a way, a channel. Everything that comes out of the ordinary is often considered a sign.

If it involves body parts that we are very aware of, that are full of receptors that directly respond to the outside world, the more likely we would ascribe it certain symbolical meaning.

The meaning depends on the part of the body involved and also symbolical meanings of that body part. The symbolical meaning of certain body part is derived from an actual ‘purpose’ of that body part.

You see? It is a very complex subject, but we will try to unravel it. There are all sorts of body parts involved in such superstitions, but, most commonly, they include all facial features, ears, palms, hands and feet.

Feeling itch or a mild pain, tingling, burning or chills are the most common sensations that we connect with special meanings, old wives tales and all sorts of mysterious signs.

We are more likely to consider an itch or a painful sensation symbolical and spiritually meaningful if it was sudden and intermittent. It is all more suspicious f it comes out of nowhere.

Today we will focus on itchy sensations; particularly, nose itching. It is a very common phenomenon that has all sorts of superstitions ascribes all around the world.

Itch superstitions

What is the spiritual meaning about itchy sensations? Why we think itch should suggest us something other than a common skin irritation? How come that we think it has deeper meaning?

Itching is described as an irritable feeling on your skin, the one that makes you want to scratch the itchy spot. Itching has many logical and explicable causes.

Most commonly, it simply comes from a mild irritation that comes from touching the skin. A flee landing on your arm, touching a curtain while passing by or any other soft touch easily activates the nerves in the skin and provokes an itchy feeling.

Of course, all sorts of allergic reactions cause skin itch, but it is usually accompanied by rush, so there is an obvious cause.

However, it happens that you get an itchy sensation all of a sudden, without being touched or touching anything, without any rash or something else. It is usually a strange sudden itch that lasts shortly.

You cannot explain it by any logical source. Such itches are commonly associated with all sorts of superstitions.

Inexplicable sudden body sensations are considered some sort of special messages. We could perhaps think of it as being touched by some other force. An itch in particular body part is associated with symbolism of that body part, although some superstitions origins are long lost.

Let us analyze nose symbolism, before we move onto an itchy nose meanings.

Nose meaning in physiognomy

Nose is the most prominent feature of peoples’ faces. In physiognomy, which is the practice of interpreting peoples’ characters by analyzing their facial features, nose is a very important element.

It could tell a lot about one’s personality. Physiognomy is the practice of face reading. In this practice, nose is considered an indicator for personal potential for wealth.

Face reading is an ancient practice; we find it in Ancient Greece, India and China. According to physiognomy, one’s nose in his or hers middle age the best shows how much luck they would have in terms of luck and fortune.

The most ‘fortunate’ type of nose has hidden nostrils, wings are raised and the tip of the nose is fleshy.

It is very interesting to think about your nose as an indicator of wealth. Let us see what different parts of the nose mean. Look at the tip of your nose; it represents self. By observing someone’s nose tip, you could tell what type of attitude the person has.

For example, those with big tip are considered imposing and arrogant.

However, people with rounded, fleshy tips are considered kind and soft ones, whilst people with pointy small tips are vicious and cruel ones. If a person has a mole on their nose tip, it is not a good sign, according to physiognomy.

It is an unfortunate sign in terms of finances and fortune. It suggests the person will lose their fortune easily, being tricked and deceived.

If a woman has wings and the tip of the same size it is a bad sign; it indicates unhappy marriage and non-supportive partner. People with a hump on their nose bridge are believed to be impulsive and quick tempered.

A straight nose bridge is considered noble and fortunate.

Moles on the bridge are generally a bad omen; they indicate poor health, family arguments and difficulties in achieving success.

Sunken nose bridge is a bad omen, especially for men. It means he is indecisive and easily manipulated, especially in matters of married life. His wife is likely to control him. If a person has rounded nose wings, it means they have good social skills and that they easily maintain good relations with people.

They are easygoing and nice to talk to. They know with money and do not stress about it.

For those with thin wings it is all the way around. They have problems managing financial issues. Moles on wings are also a bad omen for your finances. When it comes to nostrils, it is not good that they are narrow.

Narrowness of nostrils allegorically means narrowness of someone’s pint of view and mind in general. They are stiff and have fewer chances to succeed.

Those with wide nostrils are open to new opportunities, courageous and with wide palette of interests. Those whose nostrils are prominent and visible lose money easily, but also get it back easily. Those with invisible nostrils could be stingy, but they generally know how to save and distribute money reasonably.

Now when we learned something about nose features and their meaning, let us see what happens when the nose itches!

Itchy nose meaning

Regardless of the type, everyone’s nose itches at times. We talk about those inexplicable sudden itches that make you quickly scratch your nose, sniff or shake your head in order to make it go away, like cats do. What does it mean?

There are all sorts of superstitions about nose types and nose related phenomena. Itchy nose is usually associated with some type of encounter with another person.

We have seen that the nose in physiognomy represents some personality traits, but also has something to do with one’s potential for wealth and fortune.

Interpreting itches is a very complex field of study, because there are so many different sources and meanings differ from culture to culture, tradition to tradition.

The most popular superstitions about itchy nose

There are many different superstitions about what it means when your nose is itchy. Let us summarize the most widespread ones. These are superstitions you can find all around the world.

One of the most popular and all-present belief is that if your nose itches, it means someone will soon be visiting you. It could be an unexpected guest.

Interestingly, there is even more detailed superstition that could even tell whether you will have a male or a female visitor! It depends on the itchy side of your nose.

Well, if your left side is itchy, you will be visited by a man and the opposite.

This is a common folk belief in South America.  This superstition is widespread around the globe.

Another popular superstition says that if your nose itches, it means you will get into a fiery argument with another person. It could even mean that the conflict would escalate into a real fight!

Another negative superstition is related to this one. It says that someone talks behind your back or lies about you, if your nose itches. Both of these beliefs come from Ireland.

If only your nostril is itchy, it could be an interesting sign. It means someone will kiss you! It would most likely be a person whom you would never expect to kiss you. Itchy nose is commonly associated with romantic matters.

There is a popular belief that an itchy nose means someone is in love with you or that your lover is coming back to you.

An itchy nose is also associated with strange or unfortunate encounters. It could mean you are about to meet a foolish person or maybe someone who is a trickster and a deceiver.

One common and popular superstition is that nose itch means you are about to receive some news. It is most likely about new you never expected.

Itchy nose specific meanings

World folklore is full of all sorts of beliefs and explanations about all sorts of physical phenomena and sensations. Itchy nose could mean all sorts of things, if we focus on details.

Let us see what does it means when a particular part of your nose itches. Itchy tip of the nose is associated with the most common superstition; someone is coming to visit you.

The meaning is all the same if the groove between your upper lip and nose itches. If the bottom of your nose itches (Columella nasal), it is a good sign. It connects nose physiognomy meaning with an itchy nose meaning; it suggest a fortunate financial situation.

Itchy nose columella means money. If your nose bridge is itchy, it is associated with the superstition about receiving news.

If your nose wings are itchy, it means someone you love will soon talk to you. Maybe it is someone who is not present in your environment, but whom you long for. Itchy nostrils, as we said, mean someone will miss you.

It could also suggest a change in your current situation.

We have already mentioned that a left hand nose side itch suggest a male visitor and the right side a female.

A note on itchy nose

Although itchy nose is associated with many fold beliefs, sometimes it is only due to a medical reason.

An itchy nose could simply be a symptom of an allergic reaction, a viral infection or something else.

Some agents from our surrounding easily irritate our delicate noses, even certain smells. If your nose itches too often, it would be good to check it out. Just in case.