Oak Tree – Meaning and Symbolism

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There are around 600 species of oaks today. These trees are widespread throughout the world, with North America containing the largest number of oak tree species. The second large center of oak species is China.

Oak wood is very dense which gives it great hardness and strength. This wood is also resistant to fungi and insects due to high tannin content.

Because of these characteristics, oaks were used since ancient times for different purposes, such as making buildings, ships, etc. Even today, oak wood is used to produce buildings, flooring, furniture, etc.

For an oak tree to begin producing acorns, it will take around 80 years. 80 years is still a young age for a tree such as oak. With age, it increases its density.

Today, many oak species are under threat of extinction due to different factors.

The oak is a symbol of endurance and strength since antiquity. Many countries have used it as their national tree, such as the United States of America, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Jordan, etc. It is also used as a symbol of many political parties.

In Slavic and Baltic mythology, the oak was considered a sacred tree of the most important deities in their pantheon. In Greek mythology, this tree is considered the sacred tree related to the king god, Zeus.

Oaks were also sacred for the Celts and their priests, the Druids. Oak was the sacred tree of the thunder god Thor in the Norse mythology. Oak was also important for the Germanic tribes.

The oak tree is mentioned in the Bible on many occasions. In the Serbian Orthodox Christian tradition, the oak tree branches are burned during Christmas celebrations early on the morning on Christmas Eve.

In ancient times, people used to make wands from oak trees that had been struck by lightning. They believed in the saying that “lighting never strikes in the same place twice” and used these wands as talismans for protection from any kinds of disasters.

Throughout history, there were many oak trees with great importance, like the Charter Oak in the United States and the Royal Oak in Britain.

Large groups of old oak trees are rare to find, and one of the oldest existing is in Poland. The trees are estimated to be around 480 years old.

One of the largest oak trees in Europe is in Germany, and is estimated to be around 800 years old. One of the oldest known oak tree is in Lincolnshire, England, and is considered 1,000 years old.

It is believed that carrying an oak tree leaf or any other part of the tree will bring the person luck and protection.

In some cultures, people believe that carrying a piece of oak will increase the fertility of the person.

Oak Tree – Meaning and Symbolism

The oak tree is one of the widespread and honored trees in the world. These trees are spread all over with their around 600 species.

They have accompanied humans since ancient times, and many of them are the only witness of the events happened long time ago, considering the fact that some of them have been around for more than 1,000 years ago.

This tree is an important factor in many mythologies all over the world. It was chosen for a reason and has strong symbolism attached to it.

Its strength, longevity, and durability are only some of its exquisite traits which make this tree a symbol of moral, wisdom, and knowledge. It also symbolizes persistence, resistance, endurance, and strength.

Due to its longevity, the oak tree is considered storage of ancient wisdom, the wisdom which is gained through centuries of seeking and gaining knowledge.

People, especially the warriors of the ancient times, identified themselves with the powers and the traits of these magnificent trees, trying to embody them in their actions.

The oak tree symbolizes the ancient wisdom and knowledge people have accumulated through ages.

It also symbolizes the person’s own wisdom and knowledge accumulated during their lifetime.

It symbolizes using one’s wisdom and knowledge to make wise decisions which will benefit the person’s life, but also the lives of others. It symbolizes being morally right and being of help to other people.

These trees are very resistant and possess great strength. They are used in the building industry since ancient times due to their excellent qualities and ability to resist detrimental influences, especially fungi and insect infestations.

The strength and durability of these trees makes them an excellent material for making buildings, ships and furniture that will last through generations. Symbolically the oak inspires these traits in us.

It encourages us to embody these traits and resist all challenges and obstacles with strength and conviction. It helps us overcome the doubts we have in our abilities to succeed.

The oak helps us build our endurance and encourages us to persist on our way to success regardless of the possible obstacles we might encounter.

The oak is also a symbol of nobility, honesty, and honor. Oak trees often live to be over 300 years old, and they symbolize longevity, life, survival, and will for life.

This tree is also the symbol of stability, groundedness, and power.

Oaks are a symbol of honor and nobility since ancient times. Kings used oak trees and leaves on their emblems and as symbols of their rulership. The oak tree is a reminder to respect yourself and don’t allow anyone put you down.

Know your value and don’t let anyone to undermine your confidence.

The oak tree can live to be a thousand and more years. Some of these trees have witnessed and remembered many important events throughout history.

They are not easily destroyed and in time their strength only grows. They have the capacity to survive tough times.

Because of that, these trees symbolize longevity and survival. They inspire a will for life and overcoming of obstacles in order to survive and live.

The oak tree teaches you to embody its traits and inspires your will to live and take care of yourself.

This tree is a symbol of power and stability. It takes a lot to take this tree down because it has strong and powerful roots buried deep beneath the ground.

Because of that, the oak inspires you to become stable and balanced, and to ground yourself if you feel that you are out of balance.

Find an oak tree and just be in its presence to absorb its power that will help you regain your balance and ground yourself.

These trees were often used as symbols of royalty and rulership due to their admirable traits. They are also the symbol of protection, hospitality, selflessness, generosity, justice, courage, and faith.

The oak tree symbolizes hospitality and generosity. It inspires these traits in you. It encourages you to be generous and help other people regardless if you have some use of that or not.

It inspires the selflessness and generosity in you. Be generous and share the blessings you have with the ones who are less blessed than you are; everything will come back in multiple beneficial ways.

This tree is the sign of protection and courage. It inspires these traits in you. It helps you embody these traits so you can be brave enough to protect yourself and the ones you care about.

It also gives you the faith to trust in your abilities to succeed in whatever you put your mind. The willow also symbolizes justice and inspires you to seek it as well as to practice it.

The oak’s inflexible branches cause this tree to sometimes lose them during strong winds and storms. That is why it also symbolizes inflexibility and stubbornness.

This tree teaches us not to succumb to traits such as stubbornness and inflexibility because they are only causing us harm.

If you often catch yourself feeling stubborn or inflexible, try to overcome these feelings by repeating to yourself that they are no good to you.

Try to always find a compromising solution to any situation you come across and resolve every issue through conversation.

The oak tree symbolism helps us increase our energy levels and faith in our ability to achieve our goals. This tree symbolizes the endurance and courage to face our desires and take actions to accomplish them.

It also helps us to maintain our faith and persistence while we are on the path of accomplishment.

Just spending some time sitting next to an oak tree is beneficiary for your nervous system. It will certainly calm your nervousness and create the balance and stability necessary to resolve all your problems.

It will instill you with calmness and an inner knowing that everything will be alright. It will renew your belief in your powers and abilities.

For those who are experiencing health issues the oak will give them the energy to proceed fighting for their wellbeing.

The oak will renew the person strength and revive their courage to confront their issues and go after their goals.

It will help people who have lost their faith in the world and in themselves to gain it back and continue where they have left of.

Sitting under an oak tree will help you reconnect with your spirituality and help you remember the ancient knowledge we all carry buried inside.

Oak Tree in Dreams

In dreams, oak trees have similar meanings.

They also symbolize our courage, strength, durability, resistance, independence, strength, wisdom, etc.

Dreaming about an oak tree or trees – If you dreamed about an oak tree or trees, this dream could indicate your desire for independence and success. It could also reveal the strength of your character and your persistence.

This dream usually indicates success of your actions due to your efforts and devotion to your goals.

Dreaming about climbing an oak tree – If you dreamed of climbing an oak tree, that dream could be a sign of some obstacles you could soon encounter. Possibly you might need to put in a lot of effort to overcome them.

Dreaming about a dried or fallen oak – The oak tree is a symbol of strength, longevity, and life. If you dreamed of a dried or fallen oak, that is usually not a good sign.

It could indicate the detriment of your health and the need to deal with issues regarding your wellbeing. It could also indicate the loss of love.

Dreaming about sleeping under an oak tree – If you dreamed about sleeping under an oak, the dream has a good meaning and usually indicates longevity and good fortune.