Leo Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun sign represents our outer nature and our rational side of personality. The moon is our inner being and our subconscious content.

We usually openly demonstrate the qualities of our sun, but the traits of our moon are only known to us and the people we choose to share them with.

People with sun in Leo and moon in Libra are a combination of fire and air element. The combination of these two signs usually makes these people good looking and very attractive, which in this combination, also makes them vain and egocentric.

They usually have a very high opinion of themselves and demonstrate that openly through their behavior. These people usually have an excellent taste in clothing, decoration, artworks, etc.

They also have an eye for beauty as well as quality items. These people believe that they deserve only the best money can buy.

These people are often art lovers and art collectors. In some cases, their profession is somehow related to arts. They are very creative and have a great personal style which people admire and often copy.

They love to be in the center of attention and often pay a lot of attention to their personal care. They invest a lot of money and effort to stay in shape, eat healthy, nurture their body and maintain their good looks as long as possible.

Even in their old age these people (both men and women) desire to look their best and they refuse to accept their age as a reason to stop carrying for themselves.

They love comfort and luxury. They also love being surrounded with beauty. That is why they usually live in a beautifully and richly decorated house or they focus on earning money so they could provide themselves one.

They love branded clothing items and house accessories, expensive travels and all that costs a lot of money; that is why, one of their main focuses in life is to provide enough so they could have the lifestyle they desire.

They are usually ambitious and focus on success. They aim to reach high on the social scale and usually manage to do that.

People with this Sun/Moon combination often believe that they deserve best life can provide and they are often blessed with good fortune. Life usually gives them more than enough blessings without them needing to put in much effort.

That is what makes these people a bit lazy and expecting nothing but the best (which they usually receive). Their desire and need for a luxury lifestyle and items often pushes these people into overspending and jeopardizing their financial security.

They can be so consumed with buying the latest fashion items that they forget that they are in debts already.

Fortunately, not many people with this Sun/Moon placement experience such fate.

They usually have luck with money and they easily find new opportunities to increase their income. They usually don’t allow themselves to even consider the possibility of failing.

Success is a must for these people and that goes for every area of their lives. With moon in the sign of Libra, they might be prone to indecisiveness and overthinking things.

Some of these people who have strong moon influence could be prone to fear the outcome of their actions and doubt their success, but they too manage to succeed in their endeavors, only with a bit of stress and anxiety.

These people often have a need to brag about the things they have achieved or they possess.

It is in Leo’s nature to desire to be first among the rest of the people and these people are not exclusion to that fact. They are good leaders because Libra gives them the trait of diplomacy which enables them to soften their approach to people and make them want to be led by these people.

The moon in Libra also gives these people a trait of righteousness and truthfulness. In general, these people are honest and have a desire to help people.

If they are in a managerial or some other leadership position (which they often are), these people try to make sure no one was deprived of any rights by their decision.

These people have a balanced and harmonious nature and avoid conflicts (which disturb them very much) at any cost.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Leo and Moon in Libra:

– kind, gentle, honest, truthful, righteous, harmonious, balanced, diplomats, good leaders, successful, lucky, ambitious, creative, artistic, good personal style, good taste, good looking, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Sun in Leo and Moon in Libra:

– indecisive, prone to overthinking, exaggerated attention to details, prone to anxiety and stress, prone to overspending, prone to spoiling their children, prone to procrastination and laziness, etc.

‘Leo’ Sun ‘Libra’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Leo and moon in Libra naturally incline towards commitment, long-term relationships, and marriage.

The sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love and partnership, which gives these people desire to partner with someone since young age.

They love being in a relationship or married because it gives them a sense of fullness and feeling that they are complete.

They are usually devoted and faithful partners and they expect the same from their partners and spouses. They are romantic and desire a partner who won’t have a problem expressing their emotions openly.

They want attention and they need constant proof of their partner’s love for them.

These people love beauty, and that refers to their partners as well. They seek partners who are good looking, and usually end up in a relationship or marrying someone who is very attractive and physically beautiful.

These people are prone to making compromises and desire to talk about everything with their partner or spouse. They will have a desire and try to make their partner accept their opinion, but they won’t oppose if their partner refuses that.

They will make a compromise so that they both could be satisfied with the decisions which are related to their life as a couple.

They could at times be overly emotional and prone to changing their mood with no apparent reason. They could also be prone to indecisiveness and taking a lot of time to make up their mind about something.

They might need a push and support from their partner when it comes to deciding something big (and small).

They could also experience situations where they are trying to consider every detail trying to make the best possible decision and then losing themselves in all the details and making the worst decision which causes them to change it afterwards.

These people are usually tender and gentle beings, although they might not appear like that on the outside.

They need a partner or spouse who will pamper them and give them enough attention. They prefer cuddling with their partners rather than passionately making love to them.

For a partner who gives them the attention and tenderness they crave for, these people are capable of doing anything.

They prefer being at home with their partner or spouse, but in some occasions they love going out to certain events and gatherings where there are important people to mingle and create contacts which will later benefit their career or business.

They love to dress glamorous to impress others and usually succeed in that intention.

They are responsible in regards to the relationship duties and do them on time and correctly. In some cases, with some challenging aspects of their sun and moon, they could be prone to laziness and procrastination, and they could find doing their choirs boring or burdensome.

They enjoy doing things together with their partner, especially traveling with them. They usually have a talent for arts, and they would prefer if their partner or spouse shared their interests.

These people usually love children and often marry young and start their family at a young age.

As parents, these people are very tender and gentle. They desire to protect their children from all harms, and that is what makes them overprotective to the point of suffocating their children.

They are also very tolerant towards their actions and behavior, and can easily spoil them.

Another thing these people do is shower their kids with gifts, which is another way of spoiling them instead of teaching them some important life values.

Their relationships and marriages are usually long-lasting and harmonious. These people don’t like conflicts and arguments and they do all within their power to make compromises and prevent such situations from happening.

Best Match For ‘Leo’ Sun ‘Libra’ Moon

These people get along well with other fire signs.

Air sun signs could also be good choice, but they would need some fire element added to their natal charts.

Water and earth signs are not a good choice for these people (unless they have a prominent water or earth element in their chart as well). 


People with sin in Leo and moon in Libra usually have a balanced character prone to making compromises.

They don’t like quarrels and fights and they to avoid them. These people naturally incline towards partnerships and love to be in a relationship or married. They usually marry young in life.

They love beauty and are usually good looking themselves. They have a good personal style and talent to create beauty in various forms.

They could be prone to spoiling their children because they are overly protective and desire to provide them with the best. They can be indecisive and prone to making wrong decisions due to overthinking.

They love being in the center of attention and desire people to admire them for their looks and other qualities. They are usually successful and financially well off.

They love luxury and comfort and are usually able to provide it for themselves.

These people are tender and love to cuddle with their partners or spouses. They have a diplomatic nature and able to convince people in their opinion.

They love beauty in all forms, which is why they usually seek partners who are good looking and physically beautiful.