North Node in Cancer

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His humanity makes him likeable. Cancer can be very sociable when not in a low mood. He approaches his fellow human beings in a friendly manner, is a good listener but an even better observer. Cancer usually has good advice ready for others, but not necessarily for itself.

People born in the zodiac sign Cancer often have something childlike and maternal at the same time. He is sensitive as a child and when he feels threatened he takes refuge in his hard shell, in his home. He can sometimes become a nod, cannot believe that everything should go smoothly.

There must be danger lurking somewhere. He wants to protect his loved ones from the bad and often does not even notice how much he is clutching at it. Cancer lives its real life internally and not externally.

He is one of the kindest signs of the zodiac because he is friendly, soulful and soft. He is aware of this and therefore tries to avoid the dangers. Aggressive people or bad situations are anathema to him.

Those born in the zodiac sign Cancer can change their moods very quickly. This can range from cheering up to death sadly and for many people it can be perceived as moody. But such a bad mood Cancer sometimes just wants to hear a kind word.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

But to understand the true implications of this nodal change, the first thing you should do is be very clear about what the North node are and what they represent (you can find out in this post)

The North node (aka Karma Nodes) speak of karma and dharma … Of the knowledge and gifts that you carry from past lives (South Node), of the mistakes that you have already made and that you have to overcome (also South Node) and from where you must direct your steps and what you must learn in this life (North Node)

In short, the Nodes of Karma offer a quick and simplified answer to the question “What are we here for?”, although, of course, everything would have to be qualified with the rest of the information that we can extract from the birth chart.

They speak of your life path, of the journey undertaken since the day you took your first breath of air on this planet. That’s the route… And yet you won’t always approach it the same way. Each stage has its senses and whys.

We could say that the hypothetical transit of the North Node through Cancer determines the key for collective learning and awakening of consciousness during the next 18 months…

Yes, even if your natal North Node is in Capricorn, it is time to influence the Cancer part of your letter, because I assure you that you have something to assimilate from the archetype.

The North Node in Cancer teaches us the importance of a sense of belonging. To have those people we can call “ours.”

Whether it is family, very close friends, or people who are united by a common cause. Because Cancer tells us about those who share a bond, it does not matter if it is blood or not. For this reason, it is also associated with the homeland, history and tradition…

Identifying what your tribe is, being clear to whom you feel linked, and never failing the group, will indicate that you are heading in the right direction. Getting away from yours and wandering like a lost goat on top of the mountain is NOT the answer. At least not for now.

Keep in mind that Cancer is ruled by the Moon. It is about us learning to care for, nurture and pamper other people, that we adopt a protective role, and also become aware of what it is that we need to feel safe.

People who approach motherhood / fatherhood with the North Node in Cancer will discover that it can be an especially karmic and transformative experience for them that gives meaning to their lives and opens their eyes in many aspects.

I remind you that Cancer also rules food. So it’s a great time to start consciously choosing what to put into your body.

It is not only about eating rich, it is also about learning to eat well. Consider making your transformation to healthy eating now. It’s the moment. And let’s talk now about the South Node, because many people make mistakes.

The South Node is loaded with karma… I will not deny it. But it also has all the gifts that you bring from past lives and accumulated learning.

So it is not something you should deny or despise. The South Node is very important in your life because it helps you understand who you are now and why you are like this.

That is why it is essential that you understand the nature of your native South Node and integrate it. Only then will you understand the root of many behaviors that lead you to self-sabotage … but you will also discover where you are good with hardly any effort.

If we talk about the South Node in transit, located in the sign of Capricorn, the first thing we have to do is look at its ruler. Who is she?

Cancer – Meaning and Symbolism

The north node are concepts that have been used since ancient times, however, their meanings have been synonymous with controversy since each culture has defined them according to their needs and their worldview.

In Hindu Astrology both the North Node and the South Node are still considered evil, in the West the North Node is seen in a benevolent way and the South Node as a dark part of being that must be abandoned.

In astrological symbolism, the path to the North Node has a positive and spiritual evolution factor immersed, just as the path to the South Node has an implicit factor of distance from the spirit and closer to the material world, and it makes sense, the South Node literally turns its back on the Sun, thus being under the influence and control of the energies of matter.

The nodal axis is also known as the axis of destiny and it should be avoided to consider any of the nodes as malignant or benign.

If we talk about destiny, we must talk about adaptation, the ability to apply the skills that are brought in the human input (South Node), which can be ancestral heritages -if reincarnation is believed-, and to develop new ones that are fundamental for the new proposed spiritual path (North Node), something that could be called Karma and Dharma.

Yes, you do not arrive here free of charge – not to mention good or bad, which are highly religious meanings -, you travel through the cosmos with a suitcase full of experiences and learnings from multiple lives, the work is how to integrate and recognize them, in this sense.

it is not about abandoning or demonizing the South Node or boasting the North Node, both are part of a dialectic that can easily be compared with Ying and Yang, learning to live with what is brought in order to cultivate what is that is supposed to come to get.

They were 18 months of learning to shine, of respecting one’s own light and that of others, developing leadership skills (Leo) without falling into isolation due to snobbish or rare causes (Aquarius).

They had to deal with self-centeredness and bet on leading in solidarity, feeling proud of who one is but with nobility and humility. We had to listen to what the heart said and respect the affections of each one, the unique way that each one loves. The fear of loving was lost and more than one came out on stage and showed what he had to give.

What is your clan, do you have one? Those that one calls mine are the ones that are always there naturally, they have earned a place in the heart because they have known how to be, the ones that nurture emotionally when one is hungry for a love you.

The point that one usually forgets is that receiving is closely related to giving, but not as an obligation or an equation, in order to receive love you have to enjoy giving it and that is how it comes back to you, giving it without expecting anything in exchange it exists.

The North Node in Cancer will teach to cultivate disinterested love – yes, love exists like that -, to be like that hot soup that your mother serves you after you have been on the street for three hours getting wet because it does not stop raining, that kind of love.

Cancer is governed by the Moon, it is the classic archetype of the emotional world, of nourishing, of digestive processes, of what enters the body and what leaves, those that we let in and those that we allow to leave; Cancer is associated with the herd, the blood, the friends of the soul, the family, the mother.

North Node in Cancer – Meaning and Symbolism

This is an image of a person who in previous incarnations was a “dangerous cat” in the field of work, that is, a career at all costs, and to achieve their motto was “goal” chooses no means “. These are people who were both hungry and thirsty for power!

They could also be cruel, complex, intolerant, caustic, and sarcastic – of a difficult nature. They were self-contained, rigid, cold, and strict, it was difficult for them to open up to others, and they did not even care about their feelings.

The only thing that mattered to her was how to build a career and have power. Well how much does it cost, how much does it cost. They only cared about their own interests and they were not interested in what would happen to others.

On the other hand, if the knots are well thought out, it is a person who even wanted to establish status, but fought for it by going through various obstacles, restrictions, procrastination, with a lot of toil, effort, misery…

This desired status became reached old age, but along the way forgot what emotions are, what it means to be unknown … in contrast, she was very rigid and strict. And a bit complex. Cancer is a very emotional person. Typical for cancer is the motto: “I feel!”

In cancer, protective instincts aimed at security in the material and domestic sphere are very strong. Cancer is extremely sensitive and fears ridicule. In order to protect itself from emotional injuries, cancer withdraws and seeks security in solitude.

His need for his own home and family are paramount. For the caring Cancer, the world is only perfect when it can take care of something and is needed.

The emotional life of Cancer is sometimes very changeable. Sometimes the Cancer gives the impression that it has enormous powers, other times it is weak like a child. He appears amiable and open-minded, then again he is melancholy, introverted and reserved.

Cancer-burns have mastered the art of passive resistance to perfection. This gives people with the sun in Cancer an effective weapon that keeps everything unpleasant away from them.

Cancer makes a point of building collateral. He will use his fantastic intuition both in negotiations and with colleagues. Cancers love routine work, which gives them security and sometimes the opportunity to dream away a little.

If the cancer is in a managerial position, it will want to use its innate psychological abilities. The prerequisite for a successful leadership style is that the cancer is internally solid and stable so that it can set itself apart emotionally.

Those born under the zodiac sign Cancer are affectionate and empathetic lovers. They are very sensual when their emotions are excited. Cancer is determined by a deep desire for security. Caring is everything to him. Cancer knows how to make himself indispensable for his loved ones, or he creates feelings of guilt so that his counterpart cannot leave him.

Cancer-burns are very emotional. They represent the symbol of the feminine. Cancer seeks a partner with whom he can find protection and security.

He desperately needs to feel loved and that leads him to be selflessly generous. Once the cancer has made up its mind, it will never let go.

The Cancer child needs a warm atmosphere around them. It is a very emotional, sensitive being that reacts very sensitively to changes in its environment. Any kind of criticism elicits an exaggerated reaction in children with cancer.

Cancer children are jealous of every sibling because they don’t want to share the love and affection of their caregivers with anyone.

Teasing from other children hurts the Cancer child very much. It has a great need for security and is a real cuddle child. Just as he likes to receive tenderness, he is ready to give it.


Cancer children who do not get enough affection and tenderness tend to close themselves off and not let anyone share their feelings. You love cuddly and soft toys in all variations. You are very keen to experiment and like to do handicrafts.

If the Cancer child has a pet as a roommate, they will care for the animal with care. Cancers often do not feel well, although objectively nothing can be determined. Worry and tension often have a detrimental effect on the health of Cancer people.

He either has no appetite or is cravings. Both make the cancer irritable and unstable. Symptoms that express a mental disorder are typical. Just as cancer can literally be angry with illness, it can also recover through positive thinking.