North Node in Aries

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You have always wondered whether our life is predetermined. The answer to that is yes – at least according to karma astrology. There the lunar nodal axis stands for our life path and, as moon points, reflects our future and past.

The points where the orbits of the sun and moon intersect are known as moon points. The southern and northern knots are exactly opposite each other and, from an astrological point of view, are to be understood as a pair that together with their complementary properties form the axis. The lunar knot is calculated using the birth horoscope.

At the southern lunar node, the moon changes from the north to the south side of the solar orbit and is therefore also known as the descending lunar node.

It stands for the past and symbolizes our origins and habits from our childhood. We perceive them unconsciously and also in later life we ​​tend to hold on to them and orient ourselves to them.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

In the past, influences of the Jovian and Saturnine type were attributed to the lunar nodes: expansive and evolutionary for the north lunar node, constricting and evolutionary for the south lunar node.

Now we tend to consider the north lunar node as an indicator of the qualities that lead the person to evolve and free himself from the past while the legacy of inheritance and faculties already acquired corresponds to the southern lunar node.

The same applies to the influences of the lunar nodes in relationships: they are indicators of links that project us towards the future (north lunar node) or that indicate a legacy from the past (south lunar node).

The axis formed by the nodes is also popularly called the “axis of desires” and represents the satisfied and unsatisfied desires of the person as well as the line on which his evolution takes place.

In Karmic astrology the lunar nodes are called directions of the soul: the North Node is considered the direction on which the soul proceeds to evolve and is analogous to the direction of the future, the southern lunar node is the point that represents the realization of experiences, the past and therefore, from a karmic point of view, also previous lives.

By examining the knots it would thus be possible to know the origin of the soul and above all the direction in which it is proceeding.

Medical astrology also takes the lunar nodes into great consideration: they would be valuable indicators of possible hereditary disorders and diseases and future trends. For example: the North Lunar node in Aries can be considered as a challenge to the person in order to conquer the right assertiveness and the power he needs to assert himself in the world.

The person may have a tendency to be indecisive and to consider first of all the needs and requirements of others (South Lunar Node in Libra) while in order to complete and evolve one’s character, “argentine” qualities are required, such as being able to discover one’s true identity and pursue one’s own purposes with courage and firmness or start with confidence and one’s own projects.

For example: the Lunar Node in the IX house indicates that the person to complete and evolve needs to develop the superior qualities of the mind, to be open-minded and not to have preconceptions or prejudices or to develop the experiences related to that particular field.

The way in which they will be developed is indicated by the sign in which the north lunar node is located. The northern – or ascending – lunar node is formed when the moon changes from the southern to the northern side of the solar orbit.

It shows us the greatest possible potential of our development and symbolizes the life’s task as well as energies and properties that are to be developed.

With Aries in the ascending lunar node, you will be asked to develop your own identity more strongly and to approach the world actively. Aries gives you strength and courage for this.

With the scales in the descending lunar node, you bring the necessary harmonious and balancing properties with you to diplomatically master conflicts that you encounter on this path.

Aries – Meaning and Symbolism

Spring begins on March 21, and with it also begins the period of the year that corresponds to the sign of Aries: in fact, in the constellation of Aries the Sun rose more than 2000 years ago (approximately from 2100 BC to 100 BC), when the zodiac signs and their reference periods were coded.

Today, even if on March 21 the Sun rises in the constellation of Pisces, for Western astrology the sign of Aries continues to begin, and in fact spring begins on Earth.

The light returns, the days get longer, the Sun gets warmer, and you want to do many things: Aries brings with it the moment and the energy of awakening, the birth, the beginning, the beginning.

Aries is the sprout that sprouts, the birth of an idea, a feeling, the initiation of an action and everything related to the ” before ” phase.

Aries moments are the cutting of the umbilical cord, starting an engine, waking up in the morning and dawn, the first step, the laying of the first stone, the inauguration, the debut, the debut, and the start of an engine (which Aries like so much).

From an astrological point of view, Aries is ruled by Mars and Pluto, and the Sun is in exaltation: they are the three male planets, it is evident how much the symbolism of virility, strength, heroic enterprise, the struggle for the Conquer. In particular Mars, the god of war and the arts of struggle.

The Aries never backs down in the face of a challenge or a proposal, they throw themselves in, jump in, take the risk.

The graphic symbol of Aries represents the horns of the animal, but is also associated with the sprout that emerges from the ground, with the volcanic eruption, with ejaculation, with the gush of spring water.

In the ancient books of the Vedas, Aries (Masha, in Vedic astrology) is connected with Agni, who is the god of Fire: heavenly fire, purifier, fire for sacrifice to the gods.

The theme of sacrifice is present in the sign, in fact Aries was sacrificed to the gods to propitiate their benevolence and the fecundity of nature. Even today in the symbolism of spring, Rebirth and Passover (“passage”, in Hebrew), we find the lamb.

The oldest Western myth that is connected to Aries is that of Jason and the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece: the Fleece belonged to Crisomallo, a golden ram, capable of flying and understanding human language. It had been generated by Poseidon, and then given by Hermes to Nephele, the goddess of the clouds.

The latter sent him to earth to save his own son Phrysus, whom his father Atamante was about to sacrifice under the deception of his new wife Ino; Having reached safety in Colchis, Frisso sacrifices the animal to Zeus, and gives the precious fleece to King Aetas, who will jealously guard it thanks to the guard of a snake / dragon.

It will not be easy for Jason to appropriate the Fleece: he will succeed thanks to the help of Medea, daughter of Aetas who betrays her father for the crazy and blind love she felt for Jason, prototype of the Hero, handsome, strong, kind, cunning and valiant.

It was even more difficult for Jason to return to his homeland: the Argonauts face an eventful and dangerous journey, an adventure, the classic heroic myth of the nòstos, the Return.

The Myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece contains the symbols of Aries: sacrifice, challenge, impossible enterprise, vital and enterprising momentum, virility, courage, honor.

In relationships, if he does not prefer the blissful solitude that allows him freedom of action and change, Aries thrives on strong and all-encompassing passions, and is able to give themselves a lot.

With the northern lunar node in Taurus or in the 2nd house, you should deal with your self-worth, your values ​​and your comfort zones. Try to feel which talents and resources are worth using.

The southern knot in Scorpio or in the 8th house is characterized by a longing for profound, intensive relationships, which can lead to mutual dependency. The problem with this is that it is easy to confuse the values ​​and preferences of the other person with your own.

However, this longing for fulfilling deep relationships can only be satisfied if you begin to rely on your own strengths, values, and priorities. If you do so, according to the law of resonance, people will come into your life to help you get closer to your goals.

If your northern or ascending lunar node is in Gemini or in the 3rd house, it is your job to wander from flower to flower like a butterfly and to forge diverse relationships with a wide variety of individuals.

The southern knot in the Sagittarius resp. In the 9th house you feel a great longing to have all the answers, to spread truth and wisdom and to stick to your point of view. This is where it is important, in Gemini fashion, to be open to the opinions of others, otherwise your Sagittarius optimism could easily slip away.

You are very well able to share your knowledge and your visions with others and thereby enter into interesting, tolerant connections. Get used to listening to your counterpart, then you can help others on their way through life and also allow you to be helped.

North Node in Aries – Meaning and Symbolism

Coming from an easy life, respecting institutions, a life where material goods, harmonious or calculated relationships, pleasures, marriage have been favored, this person must pass from collective to individual implication. Her life will therefore lead her to face conflicts, to expose herself personally, to take risks, to cope with aggression by trying not to respond with aggression.

Born in the Fire element, action will be the engine of her existence, nor will she lack energy and courage to carry it out.

However, he will live in regret of previous facilities, and may show some impatience if events do not respond quickly enough to his needs.

Born in a protected environment, this person does not have a sufficient background, sufficient psychological knowledge to control situations well, and life will guide him to learn patience and discernment.

He easily enters into competition, and this can sometimes lead to difficulties in collaborations, and in sport in team play, where Aries still tends to excel.

The head is connected to the sign of Aries, in particular the forehead and the nasal septum, which Aries often stretches out as a sign of impetus or challenge.

Suffering can derive from migraines or in general from inflammatory processes, which Mars on the one hand and the Fire element on the other favor.

Mars rules the muscles, and this gives Aries a good physical shape, an innate athletic prowess, which however will be the very difficult (for Aries) constant training to bring to full potential; Aries must pay attention in this sense to trauma, especially resulting from efforts, and in particular in sports or speed.

In nutrition, the tendency to eat quickly the first thing that happens (especially if it is meat or foods rich in iron) can lead to gastritis and intestinal heaviness.

Aries tends to neglect themselves and underestimate symptoms and weaknesses: staying still in bed is torture for Aries, but sometimes there is no other solution to the state of psycho-physical wear to which it is reduced.

Aries is connected to the Warrior archetype, which in the signs show themselves as a modality of expression of the different planets or of the different spheres of life given by the Houses: a planet in Aries will therefore assume a behavior and a modality of a Warrior, that is it will tend manifest with great strength, determination, aggression, firmness and tenacity.

Aries gets along very well with Leo and Sagittarius, or the other Fire signs (trine), but the most interesting aspect for Aries is its opposition to Libra: where Aries places itself as the center of the world, of action, of relationship, Libra sets the other, sets the pact, the rules, the relationship itself.

Aries needs the balance and altruism of Libra, and Libra needs the healthy selfishness and recognition of Aries.

Aries (in Latin Aries) is not a figure that stands out well in the sky; it is easily identified just west of the Pleiades and north of the great constellation of the Whale. Its most evident feature is a curved line of three stars, which marks the point of the head: Hamal (which means lamb), Sheratan (which in Arabic means “two” of something) and Mesarthim.


I addressed this question in the last article, Meaning of the Moon Nodes. In the following article you will learn more about the meaning of the lunar knot in the signs from Aries to Gemini, respectively the houses 1-3.

As I have already explained, the greatest development of an individual lies in progressing more and more towards the northern lunar nodes in the course of life

Since the relationship with our fellow human beings clearly reflects the state of our development, I have explained the role of the lunar nodes from the perspective of interpersonal connections.

The northern or ascending lunar node in Aries or in the 1st house would like to challenge you to develop your own identity strongly in this life, to make decisions independently of others and to make sure that you live your life according to your standards.

The southern lunar node in Libra or in the 7th house suggests that there is a huge longing for partnership here.

This longing is so strong and intense that the typical Libra pattern is often set in motion in relationships: You try to be the person you think our partner wants. Unfortunately, this is always a wrong calculation.

You will not be able to live fulfilling relationships until you become clear about your own needs and take the risk of being an independent person with impulses of your own (Aries). Only then will you be able to have a really good relationship.