Rice – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Rice is a seed which belongs to the grass species called Oryza sativa – Asian rice or Oryza glaberrima – African rice.

Rice is consumed worldwide, and for a majority of the world’s population it is the most widely consumed food. It is an important good because of its nutritional value.

Because it is such a common food, rice tends to find its way into our dreams as well. In dreams, it could be mere reflection of reality, but it could also be a sign that shouldn’t be neglected.

Rice in a dream is usually a sign of optimism and increase, especially in terms of your finances and material assets.

It could also be a sign of receiving a promotion soon or success in your business. It also symbolizes fortunate changes in your love and family life.

According to some interpretations, rice could be a sign that you might soon receive some small gift which will make you happy. In general, rice is considered a good dream omen.

It usually indicates the success of your actions and planned endeavors. It could be a sign of unexpected luck following you in the upcoming period.

The luck might refer both to your professional and private life. If you were planning on making some major decisions or taking some actions in these areas, it could be a good moment to do so.

Dreaming about rice often indicates increase in finances and often a bonus at work. Maybe the dream is a sign that you will finally receive the well-earned reward for your work efforts.

According to some interpretations, dreams about rice for people who have some health issues or bad health, represents a great sign, and often indicates their quick recovery or at least improvement of their overall health condition.

A dream about rice could represent your feelings about some choices that are not risky at all. It reveals your relaxed and laid back attitude.

This dream is often a sign of your belief that you are making the right decisions in certain situations. It is a sign of reliable and logical behavior.

You are following the routes that are already established and play it safe. You feel confident in your abilities and are not prone to taking any risks.

In some cases, a dream about rice could reveal your dissatisfaction because you must follow the established routes and play it safe instead of taking a more adventurous approach. It could also depict you as overly confident.

Sometimes a dream about rice could indicate wasting some excellent opportunities because you are afraid to take risks and you always play it safe. It could also indicate maintaining some relationships because you are afraid of ending them.

Dreaming about rice often symbolizes good relationships with others, especially your romantic partner. In some cases, a dream about rice indicates meeting someone who could potentially become your romantic partner.

In some interpretations, dreams about rice warn us to be very cautious when making some decisions and suggest considering all available facts to prevent us from making mistakes.

Rice – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about rice in general – If you dreamed about seeing rice or rice appearing in your dream in some other context, that dream usually has a good meaning.

It is usually a sign of favorable circumstances you could soon experience in different areas of your life. It is a sign of stable relationships with the people from your surroundings.

Dreaming about cooking rice – If you dreamed about cooking rice so you could eat it the dream could indicate some new responsibilities you will be undertaking. The new responsibilities will help you improve the quality of your life. Cooking dishes from rice in a dream is a very good sign, indicating financial wellbeing and material gains.

It is a sign of overall improvement of your life conditions and sometimes a change of lifestyle for the better. Expect comfort and satisfaction with your life like you have never experienced it before.

Sometimes this dream could indicate increase of income or pay raise of some close family members.

Cooking rice in a dream could also indicate entering a new phase of commitment in the relationship with your partner, such as, getting engaged, or married.

This dream could also be a favorable omen for starting some new projects and endeavors confirming that they will be successful.

Dreaming about steamed rice – If you dreamed about preparing or consuming steamed rice, that dream could be considered a warning sing. The dream might be warning you to be cautious about the way you spend your money, especially when it comes spending money on food.

Maybe you tend to unnecessary overspend on food items and jeopardize your financial security.

If you don’t start cutting your food expenses, you might find out that you won’t be able to pay for some other necessary things.

Dreaming about buying rice – If you dreamed that you were buying rice, that dream is usually a good sign, and indicates acquiring some property in the upcoming days. This dream is often a sign of abundance and increase in your finances.

It is often a sign of gaining material assets. This dream could also mean buying a new house or apartment for your needs.

Dreaming about a big pile of rice – If you dreamed about seeing a big pile of rice, that dream is usually a good sign. A big pile of rice in your dream indicates good energy and fortune awaiting you.

This dream scenario is often a sign of happiness and satisfaction because of something you will experience soon.

It could also be a sign of happiness regarding your family and some fortunate events happening in regards to some family members which will make you very happy.

This dream is a sign of being relaxed and having no worries.

Dreaming about eating rice – If you dreamed about eating rice, that usually represents a beneficial dream omen. This dream usually reveals your satisfaction and happiness with your family and relationships with family members.

It is often a confirmation of the strong bonds that exist between you and your family members and the love you feel for each other.

A dream in which you were eating rice could be a sign of some new responsibilities and commitments you are about to undertake, but they will be beneficial for your life in general.

Eating rice is a sign of happiness and satisfaction you feel in your current life circumstances.

Dreaming about white rice – If you dreamed about seeing, eating, or preparing white rice, that is a good sign in general. It indicates being surrounded with people who share your good energy.

Sometimes it could be a sign of a small present you could soon receive.

Dreaming about rice on the ground – If you dreamed about spilling rice on the ground or seeing rice spilled on the ground, that dream is not a good sign, and often has an ominous meaning.

This dream could be a sign of unexpected obstacles and difficulties which might prevent you from achieving your goals.

Dreaming about unpeeled rice grains – If you dreamed about unpeeled rice, the dream could represent a subconscious warning and preparing you for some future obstacles and difficulties that you are about to experience.

It might indicate some situation that will represent an obstacle to your success in some endeavors or some circumstances that might be threatening to your well-being.

In some cases the dream is a sign of conflicts and disagreements you could experience in contact with close friends which could jeopardize your relationship with them, and in certain cases, be the cause of ending of your relationships.

Dreaming about filthy rice – If you dreamed about seeing or cleaning rice which was full of impurities, that dream is not a good sign. This dream could be a warning about your health and reminding you to take better care of yourself.

In some cases, a dream about rice that was filthy is a sign of conflicts with the people from your surroundings.

This dream often announces some problems you could soon encounter in life and warns you to be prepared to try to prevent them or at least diminish their effects.

It could be a sign of loss and difficulties you will need to overcome so that you can be satisfied and happy.

Sometimes this dream indicates being abandoned by some good friends, or some good friends ending their communication with you.

Dreaming about a large bag of rice – If you dreamed of seeing a large bag full of raw rice, that dream could indicate your patience and tendency to make long-term plans for the future.

Dreaming about spoiled rice – If you dreamed about rice that was spoiled, the dream could indicate your inability to follow some good advice or idea.

Dreaming about cereal rice – If you dreamed about seeing or eating cereal rice, that dream is usually a good sign. Cereal rice in a dream is a sign of good fortune and favorable circumstances that you are experiencing.

It is a sign of being surrounded by people who are ready to help you whenever you need their help. It often indicates being surrounded by people who are optimists and help you go through the difficulties you encounter with ease.

Dreaming about finding dirty rice – If you dreamed about finding dirty rice somewhere, that dream should be considered a disturbing and warning sign. It could indicate experiencing some unpleasant moments and potentially being hurt by some close people.

Maybe someone you trust might try to harm you in some way. In some cases this dream could indicate becoming ill, or some close family member becoming ill.