Burnt Skin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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High-temperature injuries most often occur accidentally, at the workplace, in traffic and mining accidents, fires most commonly, but they are not uncommon in the household either.

Maybe these are the ones that scare us the most.

Burns are caused by hot liquids, flames, heat radiation, electricity, chemicals, and radioactive radiation.

Damage can affect different layers of tissue, and in reality, the problem with being burned, besides the health issue, is the aesthetic aspect.

By the opinion of many, burnt skin is an injury that cannot be hidden, removed, or anything similar. It is the injury that is visible, and it can only fade away.

Therefore, all of us, especially women, dread such an event that could ruin our skin, and as such, it can appear in a dream world as not so common motive—nevertheless, an important one.

There are many reasons why you have such a dream, and we will reveal some of them. Some interpretations are very favorable, others not so much.

Some say that this dream brings unimaginable joy.

In some other cases, this dream suggests that you are just waiting for the disappointment or dissatisfaction with yourself.

Read more of this dream and its meaning.

Meaning and Symbolism

To start, we will speak of the common version of the dream about burnt skin – the one in which you have burnt skin. If you had such a dream, it could come as a deep sign of risk in reality.

Someone is causally attempting to give you some kind of trouble, and it is something that can start naively, but it will leave consequences that could not be repaired.

So a burnt skin is not a good sign. In reality, this is the dream that shows threat.

But, if you are dreaming that you are just looking at scars that are on your skins, knowing that they were made because of some burn, in that case, the symbolism of the dream is good – someone from your surroundings will offer you an honest understanding and support that you need, even if you do not show it clearly.

If you are burning your skin with the light and you can clearly smell the burnt skin, such a dream can be a forecast of severe irritation that you have deep inside.

Now, in a version of a dream where someone else skin is burnt, that case, such a dream can be the symbol of a division that you have to make inside of your rain, were to expect some problems, and where you can be calm and relaxed.

This is related to people who are close to you, who are those who can stand the fire and survive with you.

Now, if you feel a sharp pain while your skin is burning, in that case, such a dream is related to a love issue.

It says that you will be able to withstand the heat of love. It is maybe the signal of a passionate affair that you will enter very soon. You are intended to fall in love without thought, even though it will begin some difficulty.

Also, a dream of this kind says that in your life soon, new buddies and good news will enter, so there is a lot to be happy about.

If in a dream you see burnt skin that is there as a consequence of sun exposure, such a dream hints numerous problems that will pile upon another, and in the beginning, you will not be aware that they are even possible, you are enjoying the current moment.

If you and a bunch of other people have burnt skin as a consequence of some disaster, such a dream shows seek for support, and now is the time to show your strength.

Someone that is close to you is searching for a lot of support, and your task is to give it a lot of strength, as much as you can.

If your entire body is burnt as a consequence of a fire, in that case, such a dream can have a good connotation.

It can speak of hidden strength and rebirth. You will raise, and such a dream may speak of the development of individual extrasensory skills; there will also be causes to receive more of these gifts as you grow older or enhance a certain position in society.

Decoding the Dream about Burnt Skin

Also, we must add the aspect of burnt skin and the process of healing, as it is important for a deeper understanding of such a dream in the process of decoding.

So, if you are recovering your burnt skin, such a dream shows that you are healing from a traumatic event and that you can be healed in time.

But, if your skin is so burnt and the pieces of it are falling out, in that case, such a dream announces that numerous disputes will actualize, which will transmit immeasurable injury, not just in a physical sense if you dreamed that you are healing someone else and its burnt skin, such a dream shows that an astonishing event will occur, a connection that will leave a sensation of tension.

Also, it matters what part of the skin is burnt – if in a dream you see an entire skin brunt, in that case, the dream is a sign of ruined reputation. If the burnt skin is on your feet, there is a big chance that you will become famous and very rich.

If your hands are burnt, the skin on them, in that case, such a dream, shows your personality. You are a reclusive person who does not like to have people close, and you like to keep them away.

If your skin is burnt on your face, in that case, you need to accept your life as it is now, not trying to change it by all means, if it is not impossible. The time will come when it is possible.

Being burn on the skin by open flames is an interesting dream that shows you are about to be hurt by not enemies but by close friends.

But, in a version where they cannot hurt you, it shows the purity of your life and strength you do not know you carry. Some say that this is the dream that shows you as the person who is on a noble purpose.

If you are being burnt on your skin by something else, like hot coals – you are the person endowed with fearlessness, who is ready to accomplish the purpose; in extension, with good health. It will be sufficient strength for immeasurable accomplishments.

Skin that is burnt by boiling water is a dream that, in reality, shows how loneliness will come into your life. It shows that it can alter your love life and that jealousy is somewhere there.

Burning skin with the hot iron is a dream that shows a future event a lot in awareness of other people’s resolutions on whom your fate depends.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

We can say, that burns in general, can be a sign of good news when they appear in a dream, but it all depends on numerous elements that are present in a dream.

In some cases, purity, as what it comes from, burns are what this dream suggests, and a new beginning is what comes from this meaning of such a dream.

Burns on the skin of the feet, for example, has a lighter meaning – it suggests the capacity to do any work, no matter how difficult it may appear to others.

In the case that an entire skin is caught by the fire, it may indicate suffering from the betrayal of those you thought were your friends.

Burns that are caused by the explosion – as a token of an accident, from the fires of gas, for example, are depicting disappointment.

Sunburns as a specific type of burnt skin show that you may be hurt by someone, and we are talking about severe problems.

Skin burns from a hot pan show that, in reality, you may experience all the unpleasant feelings in the sense of jealousy. There is an intense excitement in anticipation of a solution to depend on all your future.

In some cases, this is the dream associated with prolonged abstinence from the intimate proximity of lovers, a burned finger – a symbol of an opportunity to have another big love in life.

In rare cases, this dream comes as a warning that you may be in some kind of danger from an accident, so be remarkably calm, particularly on the street.

In some other cases, this is the dream that speaks of some kind of challenges of the increase in a new job.

Let us end this story on a more positive note – the dream about being re-born, about fresh starts, that you may be starting right now, or you are thinking of, and you have a lot of doubts along the way.