Hand – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Hands are such a potent symbol, not only in a dream world – they often appear in a dream world, most commonly as an additional motive in dreams and sometimes as the main symbol.

When you look around you or take a look at any culture around the world, you will see that a lot of communication is done by using “hands” for nonverbal communication and other ways.

For example, when we say that someone is “empty-handed,” it means that he did not get anything.

To hold someone in one’s hand means to keep someone in power.

“Giving with a fist and a hat” means generosity and kindness.

“Passing someone through the fists” means beating someone, beating them, physically hurting them.

You will find similar meanings in some other symbolical systems.

Anyway, dreams that have the primary motive hands most commonly symbolizes relationships with those around the person who has this dream.

On another, more profound level, hands are the way you are connected to the world. You may need to help someone. Or you are the one who needs help.

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Meaning and Symbolism

From the way we dreamed the hand, we interpret the meaning of the dream.

If you dreamed that someone was pointing at you, it could mean that you will soon be betrayed by someone from whom you least expected it.

Try to stay calm and try to forgive because that person will be pressed against the wall and will have to do it.

If you have dreamed of washing your hands and you cannot remove the dirt from them, this could be interpreted, or you will soon be forced to do something that is not in your nature.

Something that could tarnish your reputation in society even though it becomes known.

Hands that shine mean that your superiors at your job will see your qualities, and it is very likely that you will be rewarded with an increase in salary or promotion.

If you dream of shaking hands with someone, it means that you are a person who has a strong desire to prove yourself.

You are not one of those who like to lose, and sometimes you overdo it.

These days, just that trait of yours will be put to a serious test, so be alert.

If you dreamed that your arm was taken away, you are currently, or you will soon be in a situation where you will see someone doing something bad to someone, and you will not be able to help them.

Also, this kind of dream can have a different connotation, and that is that someone will harm you, and you will not be able to do anything about it.

The dream of a golden or gilded hand means that you will do something that your whole environment will admire.

It can be related to sporting success or a new record in a discipline you are involved in, or you will be able to solve a big problem at work that no one before you have managed to regulate.

If you dreamed of a hand with a ring on it, it could mean that you overthink about money and your material status in general.

And it can also happen that your current material security is shaken due to some obstacles you will encounter.

A hand soiled with feces means that you will soon receive news of some unexpected inheritance from a person you did not even know existed.

You may also win at one of the games of chance.

If you dreamed that your hand was bloody, it is possible that you have or will do something that you will regret.

Take care that your actions do not turn out to be someone else.

A dream in which you shake hands with someone can indicate a new acquaintance or even a new deal.

Decoding the Dream about Hand

As you could have seen, there are numerous ways you can dream hands, and the preponderance of them is connected to the metaphorical meaning of giving a hand, as in helping others.

If someone gives you a helping hand, then it implies your need for someone to help you.

Don’t be afraid to look for the hand, as it is the way you show that you have trust in other human beings…

One more interesting aspect must be noticed here – did you know that when you had a dream specifically about the left hand, in that case, such a dream is the symbol of your grace and your feminine side, while the male hand in a dream signifies attractive attributes (if you have seen a hand from a man).

The right hand that appears as a motive in a dream can be understood as thinking of some decisions.

This dream often comes to those people who are in the process of making some decisions. They do not have to be important or life-changing, but they are something you are thinking about.

One more thing is worth mentioning, and it is the connection of a dream about hands with love, emotional connection, feelings in general.

For example, in a version of a dream where you see yourself holding hands with someone, probably such a dream comes as a reflection of your love with someone (in some cases with something). And in an alternate version, such a dream could be a sign of a great fear that you will lose that thing or a person you love and hold very much.

In a version of a dream where your hand is hurt, in that case, such a dream is the symbol that your ego has been under the major attack and that you are still struggling with it. If you see blood on your hands, it means you are facing some kind of guilt.

The appearance of the hands in dreams can speak a lot of its meaning – for example, beautiful hands are a sign that you will achieve a lot in your work, and if they were ugly, it is a sign of poverty.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

As we have said, hands are such a powerful symbolical tool, including the dream symbols.

Just to mention, for example, in the Western tradition, all parts of the hand have different symbolism.

For example, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand. The middle finger is symbolically associated with the genitals, as it was in Roman times.

Still, to this day, some of these beliefs have remained – and also this one when the palm of your hand itches you. In that case, it suggests that you will receive cash.

The left palm predicts that the money will arrive, and the right palm that you will give some money.

Having said all of this, you can see how hands are relevant looking at them from a symbolical point of view.

Now, we would like to return to the beginning of this story – speaking of tied hands, in a dream, it is a suggestion that a problem is on the rise and that you will have to face it very soon.

Some say that it is bad luck to have a dream about the left hand since it is most commonly associated with misfortune, weakness, and, most clearly, with evil.

The left hand is not extended as a sign of greeting, nor is it saluted to show honor to someone.

On the contrary, it is a dream about the right hand.

In the end, this dream certainly suggests that you should pay attention to the signs that are presented in front of you, and it can be associated with any part of your life – love (in a version of a dream where you are holding hands with someone, it reflects your love for someone in real life).

The same dream can also signify the fear of losing touch with that person.

Injured hands are associated with your ego – for example, if your hands are injured, it indicates that someone has attacked your ego in real life.

If your hands itch in your sleep, it reflects your money problem. If it is a question of the left, it means money, and the right means a lost job.

If you constantly wash your hands, you do not want to accept responsibility for something you have done, or you feel guilty about something. Think of what it could be.