Scissor – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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There are strong superstitions about the scissor in numerous countries around the world around the globe because it is thought that they “cut” happiness or wealth.

This idea comes from the old days, ancient times, and then it was not unusual for the scissor to be held open on the wall to stop witches and any other bad forces from coming into the house.

In this sense, scissors possess special features due to the old belief that iron is a divine matter and that any sharp object can cut through good and evil.

Following this lead, a scissor can appear as a dream motive.

Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming scissor has a variety of interpretations that depends on the way we dreamed them.

If you dreamed that you cut yourself with scissors, it might mean that some decision you made is not the right one. You probably had the best of intentions, but you did more harm than good. It will take you a long time to correct that mistake.

If you dreamed that someone attacked you and cut you with scissors, it could mean that someone made a decision instead of you that will cost you dearly.

That person had the best intentions, but you were embarrassed, and the decision had to be made quickly, and that person reacted instinctively and made a mistake.

Do not blame her but with joint efforts; find a solution that will correct this mistake.

In a version of a dream where you are cutting your nails with scissors, such a dream symbolizes that you are a person who exaggerates in trimming your figure. You have to understand that forcing yourself to a certain limit has a positive effect on your health, and when we cross that limit, we disturb it. You need to give yourself at least two days off from exercise in the coming days to don’t overdo it and then take a long break to recover and go back to the beginning.

In a version of a dream, and it is not uncommon to have it, you have killed someone with scissors can mean that you have had enough of someone’s bad behavior towards you. You have been suffering for a long time and more than you thought you could, but it boiled over, and now only a small thing is enough for you to explore.

Take care not to injure someone who is neither guilty nor liable because collateral damage can cost you a friendship with that person.

Don’t allow yourself to vent your anger and frustration on one of your friends, but direct it if you have to on the person who caused it all in you.

If you dreamed that you had cut the paper with scissors, you are bored with your previous way of life.

You have fallen into a rut and are aware that something needs to change.

It is always a good option to start one of the sports to meet new people and learn something new.

To dream that you cannot get your fingers out of the scissors means that you will have to work hard to get out of the current situation as a winner.

You are to blame for the situation you are in, and only you will be able to deal with it.

Decoding the Dream about Scissor

Now, the look of scissors themselves is what counts when we are decoding this dream. For example, a dream of rusty scissors can mean that you will be dealing with negative people in the next period.

If you dreamed that someone was sticking you with scissors, it means that you will suffer some financial losses in the coming period, thanks to someone else’s mistake.

If you dreamed that you were sticking yourself with scissors, it could mean that you will be responsible for financial losses. You probably made the wrong moves because you were hasty.

If you dreamed that you had killed someone with scissors, it might mean that you were and remain indebted to that person for life.

This is the person who taught you everything you know today, and she is responsible for most of your success in life.

Now that that person is not present in your life anymore, you are the one who will inherit most of that person’s business and continue to do everything the way that person taught you.

Dreaming of sticking a dog with scissors can mean that you are buying or even getting a dog as a gift shortly.

It will be a dog that is very difficult to train due to your pace of life. You are out of the house all day, so you will have to leave him alone in the apartment.

We advise you to hire a professional who will train you to ruin your apartment while you are at work.

If you have dreamed of cutting grass with scissors, it may mean that in the coming period, you will have a job that will require maximum dedication and concentration.

Unfortunately, you are still not ready to give yourself completely to the job to have problems with your superiors in the workplace.

You have to decide and cut whether this profession is something you could pursue for the rest of your life.

You have to understand that the path to success is only and exclusively in the work that we do from the heart.

If you go to work frowning and in a bad mood, you will negatively affect your entire team, but if you go to work with a smile on your face and full of enthusiasm, success and happiness will not be lacking.

In the coming days, you have to resolve that dilemma with yourself.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Some additional versions of this dream are not so common – for example, in a version of a dream where you are digging a hole with scissors, you would need a lot of patience and time to finish the job you will start.

It is possible to work in bookkeeping or some similar job where you are overwhelmed with paperwork. You will have to correct other people’s mistakes and process the entire history to correct the data.

To dream that scissors are unsharpened means that you have worn out a lot in your life in every sense of the word. You have no will or energy for new business ventures and travel around the world, you want to stay in one place, and it is ok.

Now all you care about is getting a cottage in the woods by the lake or the river and fishing.

What you have achieved in life, you have achieved, and there is no further.

You are probably also old, so that the long-awaited retirement may be ahead of you.

Enjoy what you have created for your life, and do not regret anything.

If you have dreamed of trying to cut down a tree with scissors, it means that you have an impossible mission ahead of you soon.

It is possible that at work, to get rid of you for something, they will give you a task that no one can do.

Since they have no justification for removing you, they will have to create the conditions for that.

Seek the help of colleagues you trust and with whom you have a good relationship, and only with their help will you be able to keep your job.

Be patient and persistent, and you will succeed in that.

If you dreamed that you cut a part of your finger with scissors, it means that someone will point out a health problem of yours that you are not even aware of.

That room might save your life that way.

In any case, plan a visit to the doctor.