Hugging a Dead Person in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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Death is an inevitable part of our lives. Since very young age, we learn about its existence and we, usually unconsciously, spend our entire lives expecting it to come, whether in the lives of our loved ones or in our own life.

We also have encounters with death through the deaths of our loved ones, the people from our surroundings, through hearing news about famous people dying or hearing about deaths of our acquaintances or people who are complete strangers.

Every person has a different relationship to the phenomenon of death, and almost every one of us finds the thought of death or dying very unpleasant. We usually avoid hearing about it and dismiss the thoughts of it as quickly as we can.

Because it is such an inseparable part of our lives, we also tend to dream about death often.

Dreams can be induced by various things. Often they reveal some subconscious content the dreamer isn’t aware of having.

Sometimes they are a reproduction of the daily events, or the person’s conscious thoughts.

People, who are for some reason overwhelmed with thoughts of death, tend to dream about it as well. In such cases, their dreams reflect the thoughts they have during the day and don’t have special symbolic meaning.

Many times dreams about death and dead people carry a significant message for our lives.

Whether they are dreams about our deceased loved ones or people we don’t know, these dreams can have a powerful symbolism.

These dreams are very unpleasant and are usually very realistic. They leave us with a feeling of unease and fear throughout the day. We usually remember the content of these dreams for a long time.

Especially dreams about encounters with dead people tend to be the ones that are the most unpleasant and disturbing. In such dreams, we dream about seeing or talking to a dead person, or we have some other interaction with the dead person.

Possibly the most disturbing ones are the dreams when we have some kind of physical contact with the person, for example, kissing or hugging them.

Sometimes, we are not aware that the person is dead and we are interacting with them normally in the dream, and that contact doesn’t bring out any emotional reaction in us.

It is a common thing to dream about a dead person as if it was still alive, but we might or might not be aware that the person is dead during our dream.

If we are aware that the person we are dreaming of is not alive during the dream, that dream might cause a great range of different emotions, like sadness, happiness, fear, etc.

There are various reasons why we dream about people who are not alive anymore.

Such dreams can sometimes be an attempt of our subconscious to deal with some unresolved issues we still have with the deceased; these are often the issues we didn’t manage to resolve with them while they were alive; these issues could be pressuring us and making us feel as if we are haunted by that person.

Unspoken words often tend to create such feelings and cause these dreams. Things we never managed to say to the person, who is now dead, can have a very pressurizing effect on us and be the cause of our dreams about that person.

In these dreams, we usually tell the person what is on our soul and we often manage to ease some of the pressure we carry. If you feel fear during this dream, that shouldn’t worry you because it is a normal thing during such dreams.

Some people believe that our deceased loved ones appear in our dreams to show us their support and often to give us guidance.

People who believe that the soul is eternal, also believe that the spirit of their loved ones who have left this world are always somewhere close in their vicinity and they often feel their presence.

When their loved ones appear in their dreams, they consider it as a sign of their presence, and message they want to convey to them.

Depending on the current circumstances in the person’s life, the message might be one of support to go through the difficulties, guidance or confirmation that the person is going to make the right decision in some situation, or simply a confirmation of their presence and reassurance to the person that they are always watching over them.

Hugging a dead person in our dreams

One of the most unpleasant or the most emotional dreams we could have about a dead person is the one where we dream about hugging them.

The feeling we have during such a dream depends on our relationship with the dead person we are dreaming about.

If the person is someone we don’t know well, or we don’t know at all, the common reaction to the hugging could be fear or some other unpleasant emotion.

If, on the other hand, the person we were hugging in the dream is someone we know and we love very much, regardless of the fact if that person is already deceased or still alive, the emotions could be various and they reveal our current emotional state and emotions we have towards that person.

If the person is someone close to us, such as a dead parent, a spouse, child, sibling, or a dear friend, the dream could reveal our sadness and grief for this person and the fact that we still didn’t come to terms with the fact that they are no longer in our lives.

The hug we give them or receive from them could mark the moment of finally saying goodbye and accepting the fact of their death.

Sometimes our subconscious makes these people appear in our dreams hugging us to help us accept that fact.

Dreams about hugging a dead person are very common dreams, especially for people who have experienced a death of a loved one.

These dreams are usually pleasant and comforting for them and make them feel as if the person is still alive at least in their dreams. They can feel their presence and energy and these dreams can either make them happy or sad after they awake.

They could be happy because they were given the opportunity to feel the same as they did when the person was alive, and sad because of the fact that it was all a dream.

Dreams in which we dream about hugging a dead person, who is someone close to us, are usually induced by our feeling of loss and desire to see them again.

These dreams could have many different variations and could have different meanings as well, but the most important is the meaning they personally have for the person who had this dream.

Hugging a Dead Person in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of hugging a dead person who is telling us something – If you dreamed of hugging a dead person who told you something, it is important to consider the content of these words and realize their meaning and significance for your current situation.

If this dream has been recurring, it most likely has a special meaning for you and you should not overlook it.

Dreaming of hugging a dead person who is angry at you – If you dreamed of hugging a dead person who is angry at you, that dream is usually a way of your subconscious to try to apologize to the person you are hugging. You probably did something bad to them while they were still alive and never had the chance to apologize or try to amend your mistake.

This dream is an attempt of your subconscious to help you get rid of the guilt that is burdening you.

Dreaming of hugging an unknown dead person – If you dreamed of hugging some dead person you don’t know, but you are aware in the dream that they are dead, that is a good sign. It usually indicates some positive changes and events ahead.

Dreaming of hugging a dead loved one – If you dreamed of hugging someone very close who is departed, that dream is usually a sign of your grief and desire to see this person once more. It often reveals your denial of their death and refusal to accept that fact.

Dreaming of hugging a dead child – If you dreamed of hugging a dead child, there can be different interpretations of this dream, depending on whether the dead child you were hugging was your child or some other child that you know is dead.

If you dreamed of hugging your own dead child, that dream reveals your sadness and grief for your child, and the fact that you still didn’t realize and accept that it was gone.

This dream is very emotional and reflects your current state of emotions.

If you dreamed of hugging a dead child that wasn’t yours, that dream could reveal your worries about a problem that you cannot solve for a long time. It also indicates that you will somehow manage to resolve it.

Dreaming of strongly hugging a dead person – If you dreamed of strongly hugging with a dead person, that dream is usually a bad sign. It could indicate getting involved in some shady and risky business which might jeopardize you in more than one way.

Sometimes this dream indicates being surrounded by bad or troublesome people and not knowing how to get rid of their company.

Dreaming of hugging a dead person who becomes alive again – If you dreamed of hugging a dead person who then became alive again, that is not a good sign. It could be a sign of sadness needing to end something, which will be short-lived because you will realize that by ending something you create space for new things to come.

Dreaming of lying in bed and hugging a dead person – If you dreamed of lying in bed and hugging a dead person, such a dream usually is not a good sign. This dream could signify that you have given up on some dreams or goals that were very important to you.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed with the number of obstacles and difficulties you need to deal with and you realized that you don’t have any more strength to fight for what you want.

This dream could be an encouragement from your subconscious not to give up and find the strength to continue pursuing your goals.

Dreaming of hugging a dead person who smiles at you – If you dreamed of hugging a dead person who was smiling at you, that dream is a good sign. If you know the person the dream usually indicates having great memories in regards to this person and you are always happy to remember them.

If you don’t know the dead person who was smiling at you, the dream also has a good meaning, indicating a possibility of a minor success you could achieve soon.