Pillow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Pillows represent support for the body during rest or sleeping. They could also be used for decorating purposes.

Pillows used for sleeping are made to support our head and neck during night.

Some pillows are used to support our body during sitting. There are special pillows we use to ease our sitting on a plane during long hours of flight.

There are many varieties of pillows made of different materials and sizes. The history of pillows is long and dates back to ancient times.

Use of pillows is not just a human habit; animals rest their heads on their arms if they cannot find a suitable object to lean their head on.

The earliest evidence of using pillows dates back to the ancient Mesopotamia in 7,000 BC. In the beginning, pillows were a commodity of the rich and it symbolized status.

Also, the quantity of pillows was considered a status symbol and proof of someone’s wealth and influence.

In time, pillows were recognized as a necessity for protecting the neck and the rest of our body and their mass production began.

The ancient Greeks and Romans stuffed their pillows with feathers, straw and similar materials to make them softer and comfortable. Naturally, only the rich could afford having a soft pillow at first.

In Europe of the middle ages, people used pillows to ease the pressure while kneeling at church while praying. In ancient China, pillows were made from different materials, such as bamboo, jade, wood, bronze, and porcelain.

Today, pillows are made of a wide range of materials, especially synthetic ones such as memory foam and polyester.

Pillows from natural materials, such as cotton, down and feathers are much more expensive and still reserved for people with deeper pockets.

Pillows are inseparable part of our lives today. It is safe to say that almost every human being on earth today owns at least one pillow.

Being such important for our everyday living it is no wonder why they often appear in our dreams as well.

Dreams about pillows usually don’t have a special significance simply because they represent a reflection of our daily events.

In some cases, though, pillows have a very special meaning and these are the dreams we should pay attention to.

In dreams, pillows could symbolize different things. Dreams about pillow could reveal how comfortable we currently feel in our lives, and that answer depends on the cosines of the pillow in the dream and the overall atmosphere and circumstances in the dream.

Dreams where we see or use pillows usually indicate feelings of comfort and conviction that we are safe and protected. Such dreams could be a sign that we are doing the right moves in life and that things are unfolding perfectly.

They could also indicate our desire to feel comfortable. Sometimes they could reveal our desire to be passive in some situation and do nothing.

Pillows in dreams also represent support and comfort as they do in real life. Symbolically in a dream, they could indicate some person you want to be close to or you rely on.

They could also represent someone or something we hold onto and hide behind while we refuse to confront some situation in our lives.

It is wise to try to discover the message and the point the dream is giving you; for example, you might be holding onto a job that isn’t fulfilling and potentially health detrimental because you fear that you are not good enough or that you won’t be able to find another job as paid as that one, or, you might be staying in a toxic relationship deceiving yourself that things aren’t that bad or that the person you are with will someday change because you have fears that you won’t be able to find another partner or that by ending that relationship you will lose some conveniences you are now using as a crutch and justification for still being in that relationship.

Dreams about pillows could reveal your weakness or your strength, it all depends whether the pillow or pillows you dreamed about were sturdy or soft. Soft pillows often depict a weak character, while hard ones describe you as having a strong personality.

In some interpretations pillows symbolize money, and sometimes our spouse or children.

They could also be a sign of home and family safety, harmony and stability. Nice and comfortable pillow usually reveals that you are satisfied with your life and you wouldn’t change anything about it.

If, on the other hand, the pillow in your dream was very uncomfortable and prevented you from sleeping, the dream usually represents a sign of your dissatisfaction and disappointment with your life at this moment.

Such a dream reveals your desire to change a lot of things in your life.

In some cases, dreams about pillows could indicate that you are overly confident and careless which isn’t always a desirable attitude.

These dreams could also indicate receiving help from friends in the right moment.

Pillow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of a flat pillow – If you dreamed of having a flat pillow or sleeping on a flat pillow, that dream is usually a warning about being short with cash in the upcoming days.

Dreaming of hugging a pillow – If you dreamed about hugging a pillow, that dream usually reveals your current emotional state; you are most likely feeling alone and desire to have someone by your side, or you might feel needy and dependent on some person.

Dreaming of a big pillow – If you dreamed of seeing or sleeping on a big pillow, that dream is a very good sign, and often indicates good luck related to financial affairs.

Dreaming of a small pillow – If you dreamed of seeing or sleeping on a small pillow, that dream is a good sign, possibly indicating that some friend who lives far from you will soon come to visit you.

Dreaming of seeing a pillow – If you dreamed of only seeing a pillow, that could mean receiving some money or going on a short trip.

Dreaming of filling a pillow with feathers or some other material – If you dreamed of filling a pillow with feathers, cotton, straw, or some other material, that dream is a good sign, indicating that you will be in a position to save some money which you might later need for some important cause.

Dreaming of a stained pillow – If you dreamed of a stained pillow, that dream could be a warning about your thoughtless behavior which could bring you in a lot of trouble. In some cases, a dream of a stained pillow could indicate being able to get back a part of the loan you gave to someone.

Dreaming of a clean pillow – If you dreamed of a clean pillow, that dream could indicate being able to get back the loan you gave to someone.

Dreaming of a pillowcase – If you dreamed of a pillowcase, that dream is a good sign, usually indicating a journey you might undertake soon. If the pillowcase was clean, the journey will be pleasant, and if it was dirty, the dream could mean spending a lot of money on the trip.

Dreaming of a soft pillow – If you dreamed of a soft pillow that dream could indicate having a pleasant experience visiting someone.

Dreaming of a thorn pillow – If you dreamed of a thorn pillow, that dream is not a good sign. A thorn pillow in a dream could possibly indicate being worried and jeopardizing your health due to money issues.

Dreaming of throwing a pillow – If you dreamed of throwing a pillow that dream is not a good sign and it usually indicates missing some important opportunities, especially if the pillow was new. If the pillow was old, the dream doesn’t have such a bad meaning because it could also mean avoiding a bad opportunity.

Dreaming of playing with a pillow – If you dreamed of playing with a pillow or hitting someone with a pillow, that dream is a good sign, usually indicating pleasurable moments at your work place.