Spiritual Meaning of Forgetting Dreams

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Dreams never cease to fascinate us and are always shrouded in mystery; for all of us, regardless of the fact, we believe that they carry something more or they do not.

In any case, as scientists say, the dream world is certainly closely connected with memory, whether they help to rearrange the memories from the past day or to forget unimportant and unwanted events so that our brain would not become overloaded with data.

Scientists speculate that while a person sleeps, the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for converting short-term to long-term memory, goes to sleep last.

Since the latter falls asleep, this part of the brain wakes up last.

Dream symbolism books say that the dream world is not explored enough and that it carries numerous symbolical meanings that we can use to understand our life better and resolve some issues that we may have.

But the question arises what happens when we are not able to remember our dreams?

Why do we forget our dreams, when we for a fact, know that they are incredibly vivid and exciting?

There are several reasons why this is the case.

Meaning and Symbolism

Sometimes forgetting dreams is a kind of preparation for the emergence of a dream with a powerful message that will soon appear – our soul says that it is truly necessary to start clean so that you can correctly receive a certain message from the dream world.

This means that currently, the soul makes all existing forces to “create a dream scenario” and psychologically prepares the dreamer to accept these contents.

From which Source this intention comes in another question – it could be God; it could be some outer force, a common conscious, etc. But in any case, it is what is beyond…

In a spiritual sense, when we override the physiological reason of forgetting dreams, such an event, in some cases, suggests failure.

The message from that Source is that you are dealing with fears of how you will not do what is expected out of you.

Such a dream shows that you care about something so much that you are afraid that you will miss out on the chance to do it.

In some cases, when you cannot remember the dream you had, but you are pretty sure you had one, such an event, from the spiritual sense, may show that you have neglected some critical parts of your life, like your soul.

It shows that you have been truly busy and no time to dedicate yourself for what truly matters – the blockage of a dream, and therefore the message it brings is blamed for that.

Decoding Spiritual Meaning of Forgetting Dreams 

Since it is known that information from the unconscious penetrates into our conscious part of the personality through dreams, and that this information often does not correspond to our conscious attitudes, and that it is often almost unacceptable for our personality at that moment in life, it is understandable that forgetting dreams can arise.

It comes, as it is explained in numerous texts, as a consequence of the resistance that our conscious has against accepting these unconscious contents.

This is what science says, but what do our feeling and our subconscious mind tells you, that spiritual center – why do we forget dreams?

People who are not truly connected to their spiritual self, do not dream (or do not remember dreams) as much as those who are more connected to their spiritual self.

In this sense, some people find it hard to accept the contents of their unconscious part of their being, and they have no habit of communicating with their unconscious but a wiser part of the character.

But, if you are connected to your spiritual self, in that case, you are very well connected to the part from which you obtain valuable information that will correct many wrong conscious attitudes.

Remembering what dreams wanted to tell you can help you make the right decision at the right time.

Now, what does our spiritual self has to tell us when we cannot remember the dream we had?

This also has its purpose – at the basic level, such dreams are preparing you to increase the responsibility in real life, probably the tension to which you are exposed in reality.

Such a lack of memory means that you are overworked; you may even feel that a certain task is beyond your capabilities and that others will perceive you as incompetent.

Then your spiritual self turns off and let you become clear once again so that you can restore energy and start over.

On another level, these dreams (which we do not remember; it is not the question of we have them or not, we always dream, we just do not remember them) symbolize an unconscious desire to leave something behind.

Your spiritual self is making you forget because subconsciously, you do not want to return home/to the place of your origin, to the place you are right now, at the moment when you are dreaming.

The alternative reason why you forget dreams lies in the fact that you are overburdened with changes and plans, and you are not letting yourself go with the Universal flow, but you are pushing in the opposite direction.

In that process, you are becoming tired of constantly taking care and being worried.

Such a forgotten dream comes as a representation of all those things and people that depend on us, or we think this is the case.

This dream expresses anxiety, but at the same time, it increases the awareness of the person who dreamed. It shows a lot of responsibility and caring.

In the end, the spiritual meaning of forgetting dreams has its purpose – such intention of a spiritual origin, of the Source, is making you feel clean, clear, and refreshing, almost like re-born, all of the purpose moving you in some other direction, far from home.

The return to the right place, where your spiritual self can grow, is really close, and then you know that such a dream brings you happiness and relaxation. You will be so relieved when you know that there is a good reason why you have forgotten about the dream you had.

The message behind this dream and advice

One of the common problems people face who pay attention to their dreams and would like to make their inquiry is forgetting dreams – we know that dreams are telling us something, and we want to know what it is.

In any case, we know, somewhere on a deeper level, that dreams are our path or passage to the spiritual self that is not material.

It is what is beyond – and in this sense, forgetting dreams can be observed on several levels.

There are numerous reasons – one of them, is as we have said, that it is quite possible to completely forget dreams when you have the impression that you are “not dreaming” at all, and that can happen to those who ignore dreams, thinking that they have no meaning or value.

One message that comes from this idea is not to ignore the words and inputs that are coming from the Source, be open to it, and you will see how that world becomes more communicative and lively.

Another possibility is that you have remembered dreams earlier, but then there was a period that can last for a very long time without any dreams (when the brain is not recalling dreams).

Here, too, forgetting can be complete, so you have the impression that you have not to dream anything, or the dream quickly “flies away” after waking up, and often you cannot even guess what contents appeared in the dream.

And, there is a third option, that is, as numerous spiritual teachings are claiming is the most plausible – you forget dreams in certain times of your life because your spiritual self must be re-born.

It is like someone, or something, a greater force than we are is cleaning what was before and making room for something better to come.

On rare occasions, forgetting dreams suggest that there is some failure in our lives, minds, and souls, but most likely, it is the matter of a dis-balance that is solved by re-wiring the spiritual self to accept/receive something more important than usual.