Biblical Meaning of a Clock In a Dream

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The science of measuring time, horology, is as old as humanity itself. We have always wanted to know what time of day it is, and various devices have served us for that throughout history.

From the shadow of a tree, through sandstone, all the way to mechanical clocks that we use today – we want to know what time it is. The fascination with devices that show what time it continues to this day and the meaning of time and the device that measures also sparks a lot of attention.

Even in a religious sense, the clock has its meaning in the Bible – most commonly, time takes center stage, in a way that the clock is used to measure the time that takes to create something.

Meaning and Symbolism

As a dominant symbol in dreams, a clock is moderately common. It can appear, which usually brings interesting meaning.

Usually, it is the part of the wider picture in a dream, just one element that can be the central one.

Yes, even the Bible recognizes such a symbolic element – it is the measure of the time.

The very symbolism of such dreams is following the connotation and situation positive or very good or negative or really bad.

Various dreams and events are interpreted and analyzed differently.

Like the Bible says – it took God six days to create the world, so it shows a creational power, while on other occasions, it took two days when Satan did…

So, it could measure good and bad things, to say it mildly.

In a case when you are standing in front of a big clock, such a dream shows your awareness that you do not have enough time to realize some of your plans and ideas, so you try to either improvise and organize yourself in a “different way.”

If you are fixing a clock in a dream, such a dream shows that you are extremely inventive and skillful, so in the future, a lot of great results and prizes are expecting you, along with the praise for how you managed and found a solution.

Suppose the clock from your dream is broken, and you are attempting to fix it, but you cannot do it. In that case, such a dream may indicate that you are surrounded by numerous false friends, who are always with you and who know all your secrets and “weaknesses.” You naively and greedily believe them while they are waiting for a favorable opportunity to completely “set you back and destroy. Be careful of who you let into life.

Also, the clock that does not show the exact time is the dream that depicts your efforts – reality shows that you don’t know how to deal with situations that are complicated and “don’t go smoothly” for you because you are used to everything being “decided by someone else,” so you will be very ashamed and lose your honor and reputation when you accept some easier but solutions.

If the clock from your dream is constantly showing the wrong time – in that case, the symbolism of this dream is that you don’t know how to deal with situations that are complicated since you love everything done as you wish.

In that case, there can be shame on the way, a loss of good reputation.

When the clock is going in reverse, in that case, the dream speaks of the past and dealing with it. It comes because you must finally solve some things from the past, it is best to face all your old secrets and problems on your own, and how they would not “find and destroy” you.

In a biblical sense, such a dream is associated with the term hope as the most important motive in it. It shows that when at least you will hope for that, and when you think that you are one step away from great successes and achievements.

You need to finally solve some things from the past, and you would like to be able to do everything differently, but it is best to face all your old secrets and problems on your own, and how they would not “find and destroy” you, when at least you will hope for that, and when you think that you are one step away from great successes and achievements.

In the version where the clock shows speed up time, in that case, such a dream is the symbol of your real ideas about plans, whether in business or private, and unfortunately, all your opportunities have been “missed” and your time has “flown by” without you even noticing.

The time for re-evaluation is in order – how to think fast and to make the right decisions, not being disappointed in yourself and God’s plan for all of us.”

Decoding Biblical Meaning of a Clock in a Dream 

As it is seen in the Holy book also, the clock in a dream can show that there are some big changes ahead of you that you did not expect, and it will only depend on you whether they will be good or completely “disastrous” for your future.

Never race against time – it will not help you in anything but will only increase the possibility of making mistakes.

And there is one notion to speak of when it comes to the Bible – the exact time when something occurs, and for that purpose, you are looking at the clock in a dream.

Such a dream shows that in reality, you may need better organization and discipline because you are a very intelligent person, but you are lazy and do not approach anything with enough will and energy, although you could achieve excellent and very profitable results.

Attempting to find out how much time you have left, not being able to find out, and looking at the clock constantly, may speak of running out of time for some things, as this symbolism is seen in the Bible.

For some decisions and goals, it is not the right time, and the message is to learn to be patient; in reality, under pressure and such circumstances that do not work in your favor, you must convince yourself that you know what you are doing. Otherwise, you will completely fail.

The clock that is ringing in a dream shows a reminder of some relevant obligations that are important not just for you but for people who are close to you.

It is the dream that comes to those that cannot relax under these circumstances, that are always in a hurry, and never have enough time for everything they want to achieve, so everything creates great tension.

One more version of the motive clock in a dream needs to be examined – when you are covering the clock with your hands, or someone else is doing it.

Such a dream shows that you cannot cope with some decisions, and you are confused with emotions in your decisions. It shows that you are constantly burdened and worried.

The message behind this dream and advice

It is clear that the clock is a device that “measures time” and shows exactly the hours, minutes, seconds, but the symbolism of the clock is primarily in the transience of life and time, as well as the need to accept some changes and avoid unwanted ones.

But that “time does its thing,” and that it is something that can never go back, so it should not be “wasted.” You are aware that you are “not moving” from one point and that you cannot succeed in any aspect of your life, but even though you blame “circumstances” and other people for all that, the essence is that only you are responsible and you will not do anything. You can change until you stop repeating the same “pattern” and make persistent mistakes “in the same places and in the same way.”

Some of those mistakes are bad people around you – they may seem very dear, but at the same time you feel sad and disappointed, because you saw support and support in them and you constantly helped them with your advice and sincere friendship, and even love.

In some versions of this dream, the motive clock shows that the person who has this dream lacks attention and tenderness, so you completely withdraw and suffer and despair for the “lost times,” which should remain in the past.

Move on to the future, and stop being dissatisfied with some of your achievements and results, being in the conflict.

Think of the moment when such a dream about clock comes to you – are you at all aware of how wrong you are to trust everyone easily and gave people chances they did not deserve, so you will repent when you realize how much you have lost, but it will be too late.

The advice is to let go, proving that you can be better, and endure their hits and stones, just like Jesus did.