Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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The first time you enter a relationship with someone, you probably know less about him or her than you think, except if you were friends for long. Even in that case, people often show to be more different than we expect or could imagine.

Those zodiac fanatics would instantly ask which sign is their partner; others, of course, would not believe such things matter.

Whatever your opinion might be, zodiac compatibility can reveal something more about your relationship.

Astrology could give you basic guidelines about nature of yours and your partner’s sign and show how well they fit.

On a deeper level, birth charts could tell you more, taking all of your astrological aspects into consideration.

Here, we simply talk about combining zodiac signs of men and women. While characteristics are the same for all signs, they display differentially in men and women.

Moreover, it is, of course, very important to think about your personal experience and all other factors.

Your zodiac compatibility and its percentage do not necessarily determine whether your relationship will be milk and honey or personal hell!

However, it could serve as an interesting and useful guideline, which could help you understand why you and your partner constantly argue over same things or find so much mutual interest in others.

This time we talk about a pretty rare match, of a Taurus man and an Aquarius woman.

These signs are like earth and heaven; they are so different that it is extremely rare to meet, for example, a married couple of a Taurus and Aquarius, regardless of sexes.

They are very distant, in all aspects of life. However, miracles happen. Let us learn more about each one of them and their connection. Discovering diversity of zodiac is always an inspiring task.

Taurus Man

Taurus is an earth element sign. Taurus men are usually determined and persistent; they know what they want to achieve and would stay focused on their goals.

A Taurus man often appears slow and calm, but there is fire inside. He is not easily disturbed and provoked and you would have to try really hard to annoy him. But then, why would you do so? Taurus people are generally benevolent, friendly and approachable.

They have determined, well-settled goals in life, very firm opinions (difficult to persuade otherwise and change), they are modest, simple and easygoing. A Taurus man claims material stability is a foundation stone of everything else in life.

He is unlikely to enter a marriage or even a serious relationship, not to mention starting a family, before he accomplishes something on the field of professional success.

His ambition is not to be highly praised for what he does, but that his work brings him and his future family safety, stability and security. It is his great motivation. He loves finery, but is not a spendthrift.

He is old-fashioned, a bit conservative perhaps and traditional. He is a classy gentleman who will treat his woman like a real lady. He would make sure she is pleased, but will not waste time on never ending games of flirting and seduction.

He is open, direct, but unaggressive. Taurus men love everything with firm background, everything with proven quality. For example, they do not fall for modern, fancy and unreliable products, no matter how expensive and advertised they are.

They would opt for expensive, classy watch, shoes and suit, buy sturdy and reliable car and always choose the best, aged wine.

Materiality is of a much importance to each Taurus men and, yet, they are obsessed with latest trends in this field. A Taurus man loves routine, rules and a slow pace. He is ready to work hard and fully to commit to his work.

He is sociable and benevolent, but stubborn on occasions.

A Taurus man is not overly romantic, but he does express his love and devotion in an, to say, appropriate way.

He expects his partner to be gentle, kind, to share emotions and to cuddle with him all day long. He is affectionate and very physical. He does not accept open relationships or so; either you want to be with him or you do not.

Once he decides to go, he would never return. Taurus men are tolerant, understanding and they could endure difficulties with a lot of quiet optimism.

They hardly give up. For example, if in a long relationship or a marriage, they are likely to try everything to make things work out, if there are problems.

They are capable of analyzing things with common sense; Taurus men are organized, thoughtful and tactful. They are patient and do not rush in making any decision.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women are ladies of a soft and delicate soul. They are deeply, genuinely emotional and their happiness does not hide behind material possessions. Aquarius women are spiritual, light as a spring breeze, tender and beautiful in their kind of defining fragility.

That said, we have to clear things up; Aquarius women are not cowardly and weak; they can be very determined and focused on their goals and hard to persuade to give up their cause.

An Aquarius needs are often odd to other people; there are only few other signs that could really understand an Aquarius, especially a lady Aquarius. She does not care much, because her cause is a sort of higher purpose.

An Aquarius woman dreams about harmonious and peaceful life, they usually love nature and art and do not give a thing about luxury and wealth.

They have a good taste in fashion. However, they would rarely spend more money than needed to buy fancy clothes. Aquarius women are not stingy, money saving and money grabbing; they just look at the world through other prism.

For an Aquarius lady, it is much more important to get a job she will enjoy, rather than one that brings high salary. Aquarius women enjoy helping others; they feel pure joy doing so.

That makes them great humanists, but they have love for all living things in this world. An Aquarius woman sees beauty in simple, so often overlooked things.

Only an Aquarius lady could value filigree snowflakes of winter, colors of autumn leaves, a sparrow’s call or sound of the sea with so much love and, say, understanding. She is sensual, sensitive, imaginative and creative.

Aquarius women are artistic and very ‘handy’. They have amazing power of visualization and possess great intuition. They are dreamy and gracious; an Aquarius lady would usually opt for a sport in which she could express her creativity, femininity and grace.

In love, Aquarius woman seeks for a fairy tale, a prince charming that would blow her mind away.

She loves deeply and unconditionally. Love is also a game for an Aquarius, a field to show her imagination and creativity. She is intelligent, funny and amusing and would never let her partner get bored of her.

However, an Aquarius woman does not fall in love easily and quickly; she needs time to gain trust into her future partner and commit to him.

Aquarius women are sensitive about others’ suffering; they would help without second thoughts. They are deeply compassionate. On the other hand, they possess an incredible strength, inevitable to have so much compassion.

An Aquarius woman search for a strong, independent partner who knows what he wants and who would have time and understanding for her versatility and who will be at the same intellectual level as she is.

They are full of love for the world around. Aquarius women appear to be friendly towards everyone; they are, but there are only few who can get real close to an Aquarius.

An Aquarius woman is generous, helpful, forgiving and caring, but she would not waste her energy thoughtlessly. That makes her a good doctor or pedagogue, a humanitarian, a veterinarian and so on.

Her ability to draw line between her generosity and kindness and deep compassion make her an incredible personality.

Love Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius are a difficult and not so promising match.

They are very different from one another and could have a hard time finding common tongue; in fact, it is a miracle if it happens! They do not share even a piece of a love life vision.

Taurus wants security and stability and Aquarius wants freedom. Material and physical bonds matter nothing for an Aquarius, while they are everything to a Taurus.

You have the idea; they are opposing and at completely different poles in nature and hard to get along. There is not much understanding between these two. They are so different that it rarely happens they even come closer.

A Taurus man and an Aquarius woman would most likely never attract one another; they would not think badly of one another; simply, their energies are different.

They are so contrasting that they are distant. A Taurus man and an Aquarius woman would rarely make a collision; they would rather go in totally opposite directions.

If they somehow come to be in a relationship (which would most likely happen if there is a great chemistry, strong physical attraction between them and if other aspects are inclined towards the connection), Aquarius woman would always fail to understand why her Taurus is so suspicious and so possessive.

She promises loyalty, but then, she does not even perceive the idea of it nearly as similar as Taurus.

He, patient, tolerant and generally calm Taurus, would go crazy because of his Aquarius lady’s overly free spirit, which is something a Taurus cannot imagine to be right. He wants determined roles; he is not into abstract thinking, visualizations and spirituality like an Aquarius.

Aquarius is, on the other hand, confused by Taurus need for order, organization and routine.

Their opinions on money and finances are completely different, which could be both good and bad, if they are together.

On one side, a Taurus would not have to care about if his partner spends too much money, because it is impossible for an Aquarius; on the other hand, Aquarius may want to use money for charity, humanitarian work or else and thus waste money in the eyes of a Taurus.

Their temperaments are greatly different. They do not understand each other and, usually, this relationship is doomed and quickly. Their sex life has potential to be truly interesting and exciting, if they only give in.

Since they are different, they could learn much from one another and turn their bedroom into an exploration terrain. However, they rarely get that far.

Marriage Compatibility

As we have said, these too would rarely find enough common interests even to start a relationship.

They commonly pass by one another. They could be in the same company and not even find a single subject to talk about; they could sit there talking to everybody else, except with one another.

They are just too distant in nature, in temperament in habits. If they somehow manage to get as far as marriage, it could be a turbulent journey with numerous lessons for each one.

However, chances are one to million they would ever fall in love. A romantic relationship is rare between Taurus and Aquarius, not to say a marriage.


A Taurus man and an Aquarius woman are rarely friends.

They simply have nothing to say to one another; they even rarely go to the same places. They usually become friends only if somebody else introduces them to one another.

If curiosity in each of them prevails, they could make a connection.

Their friendship is slow in development, but if they give t a try, it could be wonderful.

An Aquarius loves to learn about different people and a Taurus is sometimes intrigued by those that are completely opposite from them.

Cool Facts

There are few things Taurus and Aquarius have in common. Both are friendly, sociable and love having fun and being with people.

If they recognize they actually share the same passion, they could make an interesting bond and open eyes of one another.

For example, they could both be passionate for music, but their genres are completely different!

It is as if you pair a metal head with a pop star fan. But then, it happens, right?


Well, nothing is impossible. Even this strange connection could work.

However, it has to be something more than personal desire and curiosity of these people; it must be something in their birth charts and stars.

They usually never even notice one another.

Their total compatibility is barely above 10%. This is a good example on diversity of zodiac signs.

While some other combinations of an Earth and an Air element sign have much more potential, these two are literally like heaven and earth.