Taurus Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Zodiac compatibility is an extremely intriguing and interesting part of astrological practices.

Birth charts could give us many answers and help us better to understand why we behave certain way and why are our relations with people as they are.

Compatibility of zodiac signs does not give final, answers, of course. It does not necessarily mean that your romantic relationship would only bloom and grow harmoniously, just because you two are an ideal zodiac couple.

There are many other things you should have in mind. Everything counts, when it comes to love.

Your birth charts could help clear things out. Alignment of planets and your real life background could be of much help.

Of course, you should not spend days and nights trying to find a detailed astrological plan; leave that to professionals and enjoy your life journey.

Astrology could help you better to understand yourself, which is a base for any successful relation, be it romantic, friendly, professional. Most of people intrigued by horoscopes, at least a bit.

Okay, there are skeptics who do not give a thing about celestial predictions etc. Some of us love to read daily horoscopes for fun, others go much deeper and seek an advice from a professional astrologer.

Many times, if we enter a series or a circle of unwanted, unpleasant events, astrology could help us discover why it is so.

For example, a person would often ask himself/herself why he or she always ends up with ‘a wrong person’, why his or hers relationships never work and never lead to a higher level of connection, why he or she chooses a partner that does not ‘fit’?

Birth charts and a good interpreter could help you find an answer and motivate you to change the pattern. Today, we will talk about compatibility of a Taurus man and a Virgo woman.

Let us find out what is the nature of such a connection and does it possess a good potential for success or not. This could be an interesting match; a delicate Virgo could fit perfectly with a strong Taurus.

Taurus Man

By astrological profiles ‘book’, a Taurus man has to be a strong, determined and focused personality. He is bold in things that interest him; however, he is not prone to taking too many risks or entering any uncertain and unsecure business.

Taurus men like money, luxurious lifestyle and comfort, but they are not spendthrifts.

You could rarely see a calculated, organized and modest Taurus spending more than he has. He is always aware of a number on his debut card.

A Taurus man seeks for comfortable, pleasurable and steady life. He loves his life to be harmonious, financially settled and generally calm. A Taurus man does not like surprised, but then, he is so well organized and observant that it is very unlikely anything could find him unprepared.

His priorities include well paid job, steady income, comfortable, cozy and fancy, but modest, home. He will start to take a serious romantic relationship and marriage into consideration only after he accomplishes all of these.

On that road, he would meet interesting and amazing women, be in relationships and so on, but usually without any deeper emotional connection.

That said, we have to mention Taurus men are emotional and gentle. They might appear tough on the outside, even slow and indifferent, but they are very kind, lovable and charming.

A Taurus man is caring and gentle towards people they love; polite and modest in relations with others. A Taurus man could be recognized by his somewhat old-fashioned charm, classy, simple style and positive aura.

He is neither the most beautiful nor the loudest guy in the room, but he literally shines with positivity. His attitude is always well measured; a Taurus man will know to choose perfect compliments, he is direct, but not aggressive. He knows what he wants, that is for sure.

A Taurus man has an eye for quality.

He would seek to afford himself an expensive, but not flashy watch, perfectly fitted classy suit and a sturdy, but fancy car. He operates with finances very well, is not stingy and selfish and would rarely spend money in vain. He is determined, focused, and never easily discouraged.

A Taurus man is stubborn and capable of starting things all over again. He does not waste time whining and complaining; he acts.

When it comes to love, a Taurus man searches for a woman who is kind and caring, the one that understand his need for stability and comfortable, easygoing lifestyle. He is very physical, enjoy touches and cuddling; he could spend all day cuddling in bed with his woman.

He would never hesitate to approach a woman he likes and will most likely do it in an old fashioned, charming and classy manner. He is a bit conservative, intelligent and generally steady paced man.

Taurus men are not afraid of hard work. If they set mind onto something, they will make a draw of a plan and act according to it.

They are flexible enough, if things go wrong; they have a spare plan. A Taurus man will never give up, but he has to see a goal and a reward at the end of the road, no matter how long it is.

Financial success and a harmonious family life are the best motivation for any Taurus men.

Virgo Woman

Ladies born under the sign of Virgo are delicate women who know what they want from life.

They are quite perfectionists and would never accept some semi-answers or halfway solutions.

A Virgo woman is determined to get what she wants, but is very intolerant of failure; she could spend days and night mourning over her misfortunate destiny, before she gathers herself up and moves on.

A Virgo would always waste time in despair and self-pity, if he or she fails. A Virgo woman afraid of not succeeding in what she has set her mind onto.

However, she has an inventive, sophisticated and genuinely creative mind. She could prevent that unpleasant taste of failure by creating numerous other solutions, so she does not experience a fall in its totality.

Only a Virgo could develop that amazing self-defense mechanism. Virgo women are masters in that; they are idealistic and very sensible. Virgo ladies never lose their faith in humanity and light at the end of the tunnel, despite all that dramatic despair.

The thing is, they are more sensitive to failure and disappointment than other people.

However, a Virgo woman possess certain kind of very delicate, soft strength; her aura is light, positive and shiny. People around her could definitely feel her energy.

Others could rarely hurt a Virgo woman; she does it herself, because of her own inflexibility with failed expectations. Virgo woman are feminine, understanding and charming ladies.

It is always a great pleasure to talk with them. Virgo women have their own demons, which are hidden in their idealistic expectations of life; however, they could give great advices to others. Virgo woman are great in offering understanding and emotional support to others.

They could be amazing in working with children and also in fields of psychology and psychiatry.

Interestingly, a Virgo woman could be an amazing astrologer, as well. She is quiet, organized, with a good taste, classy and sophisticated. Virgo women are elegant, polite and kind towards people.

They are commonly interested in art and sports that are associated with art, such as ballet, dance or so.

They are very tidy, they love bright colors and put much effort into their natural beauty. You could rarely see a Virgo woman with tons of makeup and in flashy, uncomfortable clothes. A

Virgo woman is usually quiet in company; she enters intellectual debates with passion, but she loves talking about fashion, style, beauty and health routines etc.

In love, she is soft, tender, she loves details and you should try hard to please her. Her perfectionism could be quite annoying when it comes to sex life, especially if she is insecure about herself, if she lacks self- esteem for any reason and such.

Her partner has to be fully understanding of her personality.

Love Compatibility

Delicate, idealistic and intelligent Virgo woman fits great with a steady, family oriented, well-organized Taurus. These two could be a dream couple, if they manage harmonizing some of their differences, which are not in dramatic contrast.

Love compatibility of a Taurus man and a Virgo woman is pretty high; they have good chances to establish a connection on all levels.

This connection is based on deep understanding of one another’s needs, which is a great basis for a successful relationship. If both of them have enough of understanding and tolerance during phase of getting to know each other, all paths will open to them.

The problem is that they could fail to present themselves the way they indeed are, out of need to make the best impression.

This especially applies to Virgo women; they are perfectionists and, trying too hard to impress a Taurus, a Virgo woman could make herself appear unreachable and arrogant in his eyes. Taurus men do not like that; they search for women that are warm, understanding and emotional.

Virgos are like that, but it could happen they present themselves differently, out of fear of rejection, which is exactly where such approach leads to.

However, if this is not the situation, these two could develop a beautiful, deep and very emotional relationship. A Virgo woman would easily fall in love with a kind and caring Taurus, who will act like a true gentleman towards her.

She will enjoy Taurus’ attention and care and, in return, he will be pleased with Virgo’s gentleness, sophisticated taste and understanding nature.

They could build up a relationship based on trust and loyalty; a Taurus would rarely have any reason to doubt Virgo’s affection and loyalty and vice versa. When they love, both love to the fullest and do not accept love compromises, such as pauses or whatsoever.

These two could really have quality time together.

Intellectual Virgo enlightens Taurus and Taurus will teach her develop her tender side the best way. They are a natural match; Taurus and Virgo would enjoy spending a lot of time together in talk and in bed, as well.

Their sexual preferences matches great, because a Virgo woman is all about details and Taurus is gentle, caring, tender and he just loves to please a partner. Virgo does not stay behind, either.

Marriage Compatibility

This is a promising combination, so we could say, with an honest heart, this marriage could really work out. A Taurus man and a Virgo woman are earth and air; soft Virgo breeze caresses smooth Taurus earth. Taurus grounds Virgo, Virgo inspires Taurus.

They share interests and, commonly, goals in life. What is very important, these two could really understand and tolerate each other. They would rarely fight over small things or drive one another crazy.

This relationship is based on mutual understanding, trust and deeply emotional love. Both are passionate and neither Taurus nor Virgo neglects their partners.

It is also good that stubborn and not easily discouraged Taurus could offer an amazing support to a despair prone Virgo, who deals with failure the hardest way possible.

They could build up a harmonious relationship, in which both partners correspond efficiently to needs of one another.


If these two are not married and if there is no physical attraction between them, they could become great friends.

Just as we have said, these two could build up an amazing relation on any level.

They could become friends for life and spend quality time together. You could meet them at a gallery, in a restaurant, traveling together or else.

Their connection is always clear of all assumptions; if they are friends, there is nothing more behind it.

Cool Facts

A Taurus and a Virgo combination is totally easy going and smooth, because both of these people have delicate taste for quality things.

They match emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Their nature is different in a perfect amount, so they cannot get tired or bored of one another.

You could imagine them traveling together to a city rich in history and art, visiting historical sites, museums, trying local food and visiting good restaurants. A trip to, say, Paris or Rome, could suit them perfect.


Taurus and Virgo match quite greatly. They could really answer to one another’s needs and manage their differences.

Their sexual compatibility is 85%, they understand each other and match at intellectual level for 90% and their trust compatibility is 75%.

On emotional level, their compatibility is 85%. Overall, this is a connection that could lead to a successful, long-term relationship, crowned with happy marriage.