Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Have you ever wondered about how well your partner and you fit? Of course you did, but have you ever asked about your zodiac compatibility?

While people tend to be very suspicious when it comes to astrological predictions and horoscopes, we definitely support the idea of following common sense.

However, astrology could give us many answers and it is not an aspect we should neglect, especially when it comes to love matching. Why is it so?

General characteristics of each zodiac signs cannot, of course, be literally and in its full form applied to each person born under that sign.

However, signs do share many things in common; it only depends which way such traits and characteristics would develop.

There are many factors to consider when speaking about compatibility of zodiac signs.

General compatibility could be a useful guideline to tell you how well you fit with someone on a basic astrological level. It could be interesting, amusing and very useful thing to consider.

Certain zodiac couples are a top match, while others seem hardly to get along. Before you start exploring the magical world of zodiac and begin matching zodiacs (or analyzing your connection with someone, your partner or a possible date, in particular), have in mind that there are no ultimately non-matching signs.

It only depends how difficult it would be for them to find a common tongue. All signs go with all others, that is for sure. Many other factors would decide if a relationship would be fulfilling, harmonious, peaceful, long lasting or the opposite.

Each planet in personal birth charts plays an important role; each individual’s personal and intimate life experience also has a significant effect.  Zodiac compatibility is a base, the first step that it would be good to consider.

Today we are matching a Taurus man with a Capricorn woman. Let us find out how well they fit!

Taurus man

Taurus men are known to be tough, persistent, determined and strong. They do not do things in rush and haste; all Taurus men have enough patience and stamina to endure long periods of working hard and/or waiting for the right opportunity.

A Taurus man is tactful and organized; he knows everything in life needs time to grow and develop.

While people wrongly accuse a Taurus for being lazy or indifferent, the truth is, he is methodical and does things systematically, without bragging around. Ultimate goal of a Taurus are security, stability, steadiness and comfort, all in one. He will work hard, until he achieves that.

A Taurus man could be quite stubborn in his intentions, so you would have hard time trying to persuade him to change his mind o direction of acting.

If he believes certain investment will pay off, he is ready to pull his sleeves up, dedicate his time, passion and effort to such a mission. Taurus men are known for their politeness, kindness, almost indefinite tolerance and patience.

However, do not try to test his limits and provoke him. If you hurt his feelings, it is very unlikely he would trust you ever again. Once a Taurus decides to turn his back on you and leave, consider it forever.

A Taurus would always carefully examine all sides of certain situation; he will not rush in making the final decision.

However, once he has finished analyzing the thing, it is done; what he has said he will do, he definitely will do. A Taurus man is practical, constructive and methodical. He is very strong, usually both physically and mentally and he is aware of that.

Taurus men are classy, well mannered and they know how to win ladies’ hearts. A Taurus is thoughtful and tactful; he carefully chooses words, but his intentions are honest, direct and clear. Taurus men possess a kind of old style charm.

They are commonly a bit conservative and would always act like gentlemen. They are simple and open, easy to approach and talk to.

He understands what women want and like, because his ruling planet is Venus. He is not a dreamer, so he would never promise to get you gilded chambers and castles; he firmly stands with both feet on the ground.

Taurus men, however, love money and expensive, but simple and classy things. A Taurus man would choose sturdy, quality cars, all sorts of technical equipment and else, over fashionable, flashy and trendy ones.

He is totally old school guy. Taurus also enjoy food; they are true gourmands. He is not much dynamic, but he does sports, physical strength is what matters to a Taurus, so he will rather go to a gym than for running, hiking or else.

He is realistic, not much imaginative and creative, but positive minded, open, sensitive, emotional and loyal.

When a Taurus falls in love, he treats his woman like a lady. He loves spending hours cuddling in bed and is pretty much inclined towards settling down with someone, starting a family and having children.

However, he is unlikely to take any of this into consideration, before he has accomplished professional success and financial stability.

Capricorn woman

Women born under the sign of Capricorn are unfaltering, decisive and bold. A Capricorn woman does not need others to tell her what to do and how to do it; she is self-reliant for the most part.

She could be really successful, especially in leading positions. They prefer to be their own bosses and work alone.

Every Capricorn woman possesses certain flexibility and the power of transformation, which helps her adapt to various circumstances, even the toughest ones.

Capricorns are generally not prone to self-pity and worrying for long periods, although they could be quite self-critical and self-demanding. However, a Capricorn woman is adaptable and flexible, especially if she sees the situation could work in her favor.

She is versatile; she could find herself comfortable in various types of professions, from artistic and creative jobs to law and finances.

A Capricorn lady is courageous; she would climb any mountain and pass every river in order to reach her goal and fulfill her dreams. She is considered one of the most energetic zodiac signs; she finds motivation easily and keeps her spirits up.

You should beware of a determined Capricorn woman who has set her mind onto something; she will not hesitate running over you. While Capricorns are generally communicative, energetic, friendly and playful, you should not try to provoke a Capricorn woman.

She can get furious and you do not want to see that. Capricorn women could become vengeful, especially if disappointed and hurt.

Capricorn women fall for men that could amuse them and make them laugh; they fall for intelligent, witty and charming guys. They are not overly demanding, but you should have that sparkle to impress a Capricorn girl.

A Capricorn woman would rarely fall in love at the first sign; she needs time truly to meet a person, to ‘scan’ him and analyze the odds.

She loves small gestures of attention and values good manners, gentlemen approach and seduction, but is not into long term flirting. She believes in true love.

Nevertheless, she would not wait for destiny to send her prince charming. It could make her constantly doubt her current relationship.

However, once she gets to know her partner, she starts falling in love deeper and deeper, despite all differences and all the flaws she recognizes in her man. In a relationship, she appears tamed and obedient, but her inborn stubbornness would never leave her.

A Capricorn woman loves her man to be firm and ‘manly’, but she would never let him fully control her or anyone else manipulate her decisions.

Love Compatibility

Now this is an interesting combination. Here, we have these two ‘horned’ signs, both stubborn and firm in their specific manner. Could you imagine them together? Let us find out how a Taurus man matches a Capricorn woman.

These signs are quite compatible!

They match on all levels and have all pre-conditions to develop a stable, harmonious and happy relationship that could definitely lead to getting married and starting a family.

Both of these signs are earth, which is amazing, because it makes them share essential points of view. They perceive life the same way; both are realistic, grounded and inclined towards finding balance within themselves, the world and amongst each other.

Capricorns and Taurus share goals; both of them strongly believe material stability is one of the most important factor to take other steps. Both are pleased by the idea of a cozy, warm and safe home.

Both Taurus and Capricorn are diligent, persistent and hard working. They would put all of their efforts into providing the best for themselves and their loved ones. Their dynamics and rhythm are of the similar energy and pace, so they can easily harmonize their spiritual vibes, as well as their habits and routines.

Both Taurus and Capricorn love peace, they are not in constant need of excitement, they prefer routine over change and they value traditional concepts.

Eros is not particularly strong and fiery, considering both are Earth element. Mere physical attraction and chemistry are not enough for them; both need emotions invested into their sex life.

However, they do not put sex over other things. Their intimacy is rather achieved through other things and it flourishes through family life, common responsibilities, shared activities and joys. They rather see sex just as another of relationship or marriage ‘duties’.

However, they simply enjoy it that way.

They both need to chase away all reasons for suspicion into one another’s devotion and loyalty; they could talk about it plainly, which often results in building their mutual trust greater and stronger. They do not keep things from one another.

Loyalty, devotion, responsibility and openness are the most important ‘set’ in this relationship.

A relationship between a Taurus man and a Capricorn woman is a type of connection that develops with time.

They would consciously enter a relationship if there is some attraction, but not the fatal one; with time, with getting to know one another better, they start loving every aspect of their life together. They are perhaps a couple in which partners have the greatest tolerance and understanding of one another.

Marriage Compatibility

Marriage between a Taurus man and a Capricorn woman is perfection in an imperfect world.

They are a natural match. They are very realistic and do not expect their partner to be an ideal man or an ideal woman. They are capable of loving other ones flaws, because they are something special, something that, in a way, defines the other person.

A Taurus man is kind and tolerant, while a Capricorn woman is sensual and in need for a partner who understands her nature. Both are very loyal and very stubborn. They are unlikely to separate when the times get hard.

Through mutual support, understanding and goals already set, they are very likely to endure.

Such challenges make their connection even stronger. A Taurus would never turn his back on his woman if she shows her weaknesses, neither a Capricorn woman would leave her man if he proves not to be a prince charming from a fairy tale. They are very likely to become great parents.

Even if their eros cools down with time and they get a bit more distant, many shared interests would keep them together.

Well being of their children is what matters quite much to both; they would do everything in their might for their youngsters to have a happy, harmonious and joyful family home and a pleasant childhood.

They are some of the most caring, kind and understanding are not, who know where to draw limits.


A Taurus man and a Capricorn woman could be great friends, especially because their connection is primarily based on similar perception of life and natural zodiac compatibility.

They share interests and hobbies, so they could always find a theme to talk about, a place to visit, food to try, a movie to watch and so on.

Both are a ‘house party’ types and would rather visit one another’s home for a bowl of popcorn and a series of favorite movies.

Cool Facts

A Taurus and a Capricorn couple is an example of that type of couples you could meet wearing matching clothes and such things.

You know, those couples that wear the same color, the same brand sweat suits, in menswear and ladies wear edition.

While some would see that odd (not to say yuck!), they feel pretty cool that way.


Overall, a Taurus and a Capricorn match is one of the best zodiac combinations.

Their compatibility is 89% in total.

They fully understand each other and share values.

Their sexual and intimacy preferences match at 85%, communication at 85% and trust at 99%.

Emotions and values are shared at 90%!

These two have great chances for success, without much effort; they are quite a natural match.

A Taurus man and a Capricorn woman couples are probably some of the happiest ones.