Venus Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Venus is the planet of love and pleasure. It controls your ability to express feelings of love and enjoy beauty. In addition, Venus gives you charm and attractiveness, suggests the nature of your sex appeal.

Having determined the position of Venus in your birth chart, you can answer the following questions: What potential lovers do you attract?

Are you prone to flirting? Do you find happiness in novels, or do they often disappoint you? What are your creative talents?

Venus – Meaning and Info

Since ancient times, Venus has been considered a goddess whose sphere of influence is love and emotion. It was Venus who taught mortal men and women the art of seduction. Her power over hearts has become legendary, she “takes away the mind even of a sage.”

This goddess was famous for her beauty; where she passed, flowers grew. She is also known for outbursts of anger and self-indulgence; Venus can sometimes be devious and vicious.

In astrology, Venus patronizes love, art and beauty, jewelry, secular talents, cordiality, harmony and friendship.

This planet is ruled by sublime emotions; her most precious gift is happiness. We can say that Venus makes life beautiful.

The position of Venus in your birth chart determines how you feel about the opposite sex, how popular you are, whether you make friends easily, what are your artistic inclinations.

It controls your ability to love and share with another person, as well as your preferences for gifts, cosmetics, flowers, and art.

Being the planet of pleasure, it indicates your favorite pastimes and how you spend your money.

If Venus has a strong position in your horoscope, you tend to be a delightful buddy that is easy to get along with.

Venus also empowers her subjects with the ability to perceive beauty, dress elegantly, and show themselves at their best.

The other side of the influence of Venus makes a person attach more importance to pleasures, bliss and luxury, rather than self-discipline. Pronounced narcissism and weak-wiltedness indicate that Venus is in decline.

Venus never moves away from the Sun. In your birth chart, it is either in the same sign as the Sun, or at a distance of one or two constellations from it.

Venus, the second planet from the Sun (the distance to the star is more than 67 million miles), is sometimes called the “sister” of the Earth.

It is very similar to the Earth in size, mass and density, its orbit, which is an almost perfect circle, lies closer to us than the orbits of other planets, and is located between us and the Sun.

Venus makes its journey around the Sun in 225 days. Like Mercury, it appears as a morning and evening star. Ancient astronomers believed that these are two different stars – one heralding the onset of morning, and the second about the end of twilight.

Although Venus is close to us, its surface has long remained unexplored due to the dense veil of clouds. Recent probe studies have shown that Venus, like the Earth, has a hard crust with a smooth and rocky surface. Thick clouds contain carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid.

Sunlight reflects off this shell, causing Venus to shine brightly in the firmament. Its gentle and beautiful glow has always fascinated earthlings.

North Node – Meaning and Info

He will also have to learn to find harmony in everything that surrounds him, and we understand that this will be the most difficult thing to do.

Sometimes this is the only way to push a person to look for meanings outside of material reality and give something to.

Houses that impede fertility 6 and 12, houses where the wreckers Mars, Saturn rejoice. When two Suns are in opposition, this indicates a strong attraction or dislike of partners for each other, while their sextile and trine speak of a harmonious and balanced relationship.

The square of Venus and Saturn in the woman’s birth chart. Learn to stoically experience troubles and appreciate what you have – this is the best way for you to atone for karmic sins. The same places, the same meetings with the same people, the same problems, the state of déjà vu.

The Decembrist movement is promoting the happiness of marriage, the historiography of the question of property, and good health. Relationships may lack depth of feeling or sustainability of interest. The Lunar Node conjunction with Neptune allows the individual to abandon their personality, go beyond it and play several roles in this life.

Due to these aspects, it can be considered that the discovery of the mysterious planet X Pluto, 12 House by Clyde Tombaugh asteroid Tombaugh and its name Pluto itself Pluto Venice Bernie asteroids Veia and Burney dealt a painful blow to the Earth asteroid. Aspects of the Progressive Moon to Natal Venus.

These aspects also indicate the area in which the ability or difficulty to enter into a close relationship is manifested. If the partner does not fit the Martian aspect, then there will be no relationship with him.

And the two main complementary elements in the interaction of Spirit and matter, between which there is a change in all world states, and which correspond to the symbolism of duality up and down are evolution and involution.

Unfortunately, they simply forgot about the Churchill noble family of 8 letters, that in addition to money, there are also spiritual values.

A spiritual person, with good, is a conductor through which revelations go through his words – the highest innermost thought.

Almost unanimously, with the support of voices from various authoritative sources, do we take Mars as the main sex planet? If Mercury of the two horoscopes are in a square, especially being with these fixed signs, then partners are unlikely to ever come to a compromise.

Let in the process of discarding everything that is not working and far-fetched from the astrology of the Macedonian border under Philip 2, only twenty percent will remain, but these will be working provisions.

It also enhances the need to lead a material life of a high standard. He became president – and this suggests that he used the solar potential to the maximum. You have the ability to constructively use the moral and social customs of your culture by taking the lead.

The nodes in transit on the map say with which area of ​​life the work is currently going on to integrate all this experience and human reactions to various influences.

Probably not as much as for Venus for Libra, or maybe just here everything turned out to be less successful, therefore I am not focusing on this.

Venus Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

People with the South Node at the top of the natal chart usually have a sadder appearance than people with the North Node in this position, which are different. Venus hangs square on the Lunar Nodes in the synastry.

One of my acquaintances has an Ascending node in Scorpio, respectively, a descending Taurus. Taking advantage of women, he created a totalitarian sect, whose members committed a number of brutal murders.

A girl with a square Venus Uranus falls in love with eccentrics, inventors and artists of the original genre.

The conjunction of Chiron with Venus The conjunction of Chiron with Venus in the natal chart indicates dissatisfaction with love life, excessive shyness in expressing feelings, or, conversely, swagger and aggressiveness, masking inner uncertainty.

It can also manifest itself as strong emotional pressure on people, or sexually insatiable. Signals the need to reevaluate the appropriateness of irritation or conflict in certain situations, where they may actually be completely useless. Either he chooses a time when others are busy, or his proposal does not match their current mood.

This aspect is similar to the expectation that the square of Venus is the north node in the natal chart until the churned silt settles in a pond. As you behaved with your close relatives in previous incarnations, so now your household is treating you.

Criminal inclinations, groupies, herd behavior, ultimate suppression of the individual, denial of individual rights before the will of the majority. This is not a very good epithet, since, as was shown earlier, the entire horoscope reflects the accumulated karma.

Problems in family life mean conflicts with a partner up to and including divorce as a permanent trend. They know firsthand what charity and selfless service are.

The difference between the North and South Lunar Nodes, methods of correction of lesions, features of maps at birth in an eclipse. Transits through the fourth house highlight the problems of parents and home, and they can also be associated with deep psychological shifts.

As for quadrature, a person is blocked from expressing ideas, and actions are suppressed by society as a whole. This conversation reminded my friend of one critical period very early in her adult life, when she faced major troubles with problems with credit and money, as well as close relationships.

Unfortunately, such people burn out rather quickly, so they rarely manage to maintain a high potency for a long time. North Node in Aries South Node in Libra Astrologer Dmitry. Descending Lunar Node the South Node is connected to Venus and possibly also the Moon.

This position of the Nodes requires the elimination of distortions in the perception of the current state of psychic reality and reconciliation with oneself in the current version or the formation of a sufficiently high, but really achievable ideal or, at least, specific stages of development. Lunar nodes Entries in the heading Lunar nodes under happy.

I don’t see anything particularly difficult and easy either. Learn to forgive calculating and greedy people, and develop the ability to empathize and compassion for yourself – then your karma will be cleared much faster.

Throughout lifetimes, you have misused your energies, urges and desires, feeling lonely in the midst of all the oppression and adversity that affects humanity.

They are altruistic and idealistic, have great abilities for musical and pictorial creativity. It may seem to others that your life is full of benefits or that your path is strewn with roses, but you deserve it.

If Mercury in both partners has badly combined signs or unfavorable aspects with each other, then this indicates not only that they think differently, but also that they perceive the world in completely different ways, and therefore their relationship can be very, very difficult.

If this house is accentuated with predictive work, it indicates that there are no surprises that the events relate, so to speak, to “your backyard”.


It is unique to each person and describes what your Soul wants to know and experience in this life.

It is interesting that such a planetary imitation is not the first for the family of Venice Bernie, her grandfather’s brother, astronomer Henry Maiden Henry Madan, his time.

In a sense, work and family life interfere with such a person, since they complicate the process of satisfying his erotic and aesthetic needs. With accentuated IV, the field is flat ho for the parents, even worse for their own home, their own family.