Uranus Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Uranium in the natal map embodies its own nature, does not overwhelm anything, non-standard thinking, extraordinary events and extreme situations.

The plan indicates unexpected changes, illumination, activation of internal forces, Manages Aquarius.

The value of Uranium in the natal card This plan is accosted with a change of paradigm, hacking of devices, software, power, power, connection In the intellectual plan, Uranium influences the inventiveness, the discovery, the content, the image, the inconsistency, the anomalies, the logic.

Uranus – Meaning and Info

At the physical level, it affects the legs and ankles, nerves, convulsions, tension, danger of electric shock, epilepsy. Associated with an unstable state and unexpected misfortunes. Delivers a creative, original and not stamped mind.

Coordinates all unexpected and unforeseen problems. Everywhere near, when there is a flash and sudden changes. Strive to new, update. The plan is the patron saint of all inventors, researchers and reformers, and governs Aquarius.

It is inclined to break traditions and stereotypes. Its operation envelops science and magic. In the plan of reason there is a distance, bordering on originality and insensitivity.

Next to Uranus, there are always breakthroughs, discoveries, perceptions and anomalous events.

Such people are prone to self-will, neglectful attitude, eccentric behavior, different strains and increased unbearable condition.

They can suffer from physical injuries, problems in the ankles and shins. There are convulsions and convulsions. Possibility of epilepsy and uncommon cases with electricity.

North Node – Meaning and Info

The fact that the planet is on the throne, super exalted Uranus from the VIII House has already activated the ASC area of ​​the initial motivating impulse for a long time, and the point of concentration of psychic energies, which has a connection with ASC, which is expressed by Eris.

For example, the conjunction of transiting Pluto with natal Neptune will be observed in all who were born within a 12-month period. Caecilian was created by Raphael in accordance with the inclusion of Venus by the directional squares of Mars and Neptune.

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Aspects with the South Node mean that the person already has a sufficient stock of knowledge that he will have to learn to live not by the head, but by the heart, for example.

With contacts other than connection, the person feels that the environment or the way of his reaction to the environment is under pressure, pushing for change.

Any person is a child of his time and social stratum, and abandoning this means leaving an airless space, where it is very difficult to adapt.

She identifies with feelings, with the understanding created with help. From the previous text of the article, we remember that international ideas, this point is strongly emphasized by both Francis.

Transits are probably the most frequently discussed and used form of modern dynamic predictive astrology, and in principle they are very simple. The squares of the lunar nodes to the radix Private questions Forum.

The opposition to the permanent cross gives very heavy scales, they go there slowly the northern fleet in and with difficulty, and the imbalance is experienced hard, but it is realized poorly and slowly.

Therefore, if we include our predictive work at home, we can identify areas of concern for the client, as well as areas affected by the aftermath of the event. This is that he has tricksters, confused relationships with women will be.

Uranus Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Strong affected Nodes give a person who finds it difficult to look at the development of the surrounding society, the traditions of the past do not suit him, seem stupid, dogmatic, long outdated or unnecessary.

The partner, whose Neptune is expected by Venus of another, may seem to the latter attractive, surprisingly and charming, although it is very possible that this is just an illusion.

If between the planets of the two horoscopes there are aspects of a more harmonious Moon and Venus, for example, or Venerus and Jupiter, then the aspect of Mars and Uranus will most likely refer only to the physical side of the relationship of these partners. You may feel pressured to make an irreversible decision.

It’s good for you with Uranus on your head and Uranus under your feet, but what is it like for me? A person is burdened by this and it is difficult to experience such situations, especially if Mars or Chiron VIII is House.

The very fact of the outbreak was witnessed by eyewitnesses of the accident, but their testimony was not accepted by the investigation. A tendency to vagrancy, unexpected trips that bring only losses.

The movement of the Lunar Nodes in the zodiac is retrograde, they move about 2 degrees a month, about 3 minutes a day. Irresponsibility, a sincere conviction that everyone around is to blame, except me, very good, one might even say, ideal.

This aspect gives a boring and pedantic adherence to your favorite rituals and traditions, a constructive version of their study and collection, as a result of which the tradition gets a new life and sound.

At the same time, sympathy for the sorrows of others, loyalty to their family, but difficulties in adapting to the team. It is obvious that through his programs the final result of the execution of the fatal decision should be manifested.

The conditions of the period affect not only the biological square of the child’s growth, but also the harmonization of his basal instincts. The axis of nodes is associated with people or events that seem to be predetermined.

At this level, the need for internal work for the success of external is obvious, just as the relationship between internal and social problems, moreover, the latter can sometimes be solved by successfully working through the former. The Transiting Sun is squared with the natal North Node and squared with the natal South Node.

My distant relative on my father’s side, has been working in the aviation industry for many years. He instinctively does good as he understands it, but does not notice that it often indulges the lower instincts of people, and then he is very surprised and upset that they pay him with evil and black ingratitude.

Take a look at the nearest transits through the Moon to determine how this will affect your I and your self-esteem. You are given the opportunity to translate your individual goals into a language understandable to the world and begin to achieve them.

Astronomical parameters that explode all the usual ideas – rotation around the Sun on its side, and even in the opposite direction – determined the astrological symbolism of Uranus.

Uranus embodies everything unusual, destroying familiar structures, tremendous foundations. Uranus is a symbol of originality, the desire for freedom and the manifestation of independence of thought, the ability to express oneself.

This extraordinary and unique planet, according to astrologers, is able to manage situations that are characterized by sudden changes, unexpected unpredictable circumstances, and extraordinary events: no breakthrough beyond the generally accepted limited framework can do without the participation of Uranus.

The planet Uranus in astrology is considered the planet of scientists, inventors and reformers.

In this sphere of its influence, Uranus is connected with science and technology, means of communication so much that it can be argued that it controls the activities of scientific and industrial organizations. Uranus patronizes the sign of Aquarius.

Uranus is the seventh planet in the solar system, following Uranus. The planet was discovered in 1781 by an English music teacher, until then completely unknown to the astronomical world, William Herschel. She was dedicated to the Greek god of the sky, the spouse of Gaia, the goddess of the Earth.

The original symbol for Uranus was too similar to the sign for Mars, so it had to be replaced. The current planet symbol means “Herschel’s planet”, in fact, the sign unites two letters “H” (the first letter of Herschel’s name in English).

The god of heaven Uranus took the blessed Gaia, the goddess of the Earth, as his wife. Gaia turned out to be unusually prolific – she gave birth to Uranus powerful and formidable handsome titans and charming graceful nymphs.

In addition to titans and nymphs, the great Gaia gave birth to three one-eyed cyclops monsters and three huge fifty-headed and one hundred-handed giants, hecatoncheires.

Titan Kronos emasculated his father in the struggle for the Olympic throne. And then the god of the sky continued his race, dropping from the heavenly heights into the bosom of his wife, the goddess of the Earth Gaia, drops of his blood.

So from the blood of Uranus shed on the earth, giants were born.

Uranus continued to tenderly love his wife, and the warm feelings embedded in the drops of his blood that reached the ground showed the world the goddess of love Aphrodite.

The thirst for revenge on his emasculated son, overflowing with the blood of Uranus, gave life to the goddesses of vengeance Erinyes.

But they turned out to be not strong enough to cope with the titan Kron, and all their destructive energy of revenge Erinia directed against mortals.


From antiquity to the 18th century, Uranus was considered the boundary of the solar system.

But in March 1781, William Herschel discovered a light disk moving across the sky and mistook it for a comet.

But the scientist’s astronomers of Greenwich, to whom Herschel informed about his find, quickly determined that this is a new planet.

This was unexpected, since the boundaries of the solar system were considered definite for too long, and this discovery suddenly violated the established ideas.

In addition, it was the first planet discovered in modern times with a telescope.

Apparently, Uranus was observed in the sky before, but thanks to its dim light and too slow, almost imperceptible, movement in orbit, it never even occurred to anyone that it could be a planet.