What Does the Number 20 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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In the science of Numerology the number 20 is considered the twin number of 10, in dómde it is also its complement. It is the symbol of the union of the beyond and the reality.

We have already seen in other articles the relationship of the number 10 with the tree of creation (reality), called in the tree Cabala of Sefirot.

The number 20 is the complement to the reality of number 10, its invisible parallel world, the other reality that is always behind reality.

What Does 20 Mean in the Bible?

Formerly the 20 was one of the basic numbers to count, because people had 10 fingers of the hands and 10 fingers of the feet. The 20th was a very widespread and common unit of measurement. The Mayas and other American peoples performed the mathematical calculations, based on the vigesimal and duodecimal systems.

The importance of 20 throughout history has been reflected in languages ​​such as French and Danish, where the number 80 (quatre-vingts) is formed by multiplying the 4 by 20 Charlemagne imposed a monetary division related to the 20, which lasted for centuries, when 1 pound went to be worth 20 solidi or shilings.

In Great Britain this system was not replaced by the decimal until 1971 and is that the English are very English. The temple of Solomon had a length of 20 varas and an amplitude of another 20 varas. The entire interior of the temple was also related to the number 20.

The Tarot card with the number 20 corresponds to the letter of “The Judgment”. This letter represents indulgence and salvation. In the scene we are shown the triple spiritual nature of the man who frees himself from the bonds of the grave as he rises and abandons the world of matter.

The archangel Gabriel is blowing a trumpet flagged with a cross and announces that the time of Quaresma has ended and that the time of salvation has arrived. The trumpet touch represents the creative word that liberates man when he utters it, ceasing to be a slave to earthly limitations.

Many are the experts who affirm that the three coffins were added later and that in the first versions of this letter there was only a sepulcher. In fact in the Egyptian version appear three mummies from the same sarcophagus, in a clear allusion that every human being is made up of three parts that cohabit in the same body.

The twentieth century was the end of the second millennium since we counted the years since the birth of Christ. Undoubtedly it will be remembered as the century of great discoveries and technological advances.

But not all the improvements have been shared with the rest of humanity. Many patents of excellent inventions did not come to see the light in a crazy consumerist and materialist world. In the 20th century a few men played at being gods and over the years those men left believing themselves to be the kings of the mambo. And that’s how it went.

Meaning and Symbolism

Do you know the true meaning of number 20? Twenty represents naturalness. It also represents the delivery or seeking of spiritual, psychological or mental support or assistance. The 20 tells us clearly, based on experience, that it is more important everything that can bring us the spiritual than everything material.

This sensitivity becomes apparent when things happen to those around him as he suffers for them. The humility that comes from number two and his ability to see events from various points of life makes him very pacified and understandable in the problems of others.

The twenties are considered leaders, able to face any problem or to lead large teams of people in the workplace.

While there are good results or awards, instead of celebrating it, they already think about what they can do to improve or keep growing. They are good friends and you can always count on them for anything.

Another negative point of the 20 is that it is often focused, sometimes, much more on the problems of others than their own. He is vain but he makes up for it with his great humility.

Number 20 in Love

The number twenty in love is a very attentive, sincere and close person in the couple. The sensitivity that characterizes it together the emotionality that they demonstrate is postulated as a perfect couple as it happens with the number 2.

They are affectionate people and are usually understanding with their partners especially in the problems.

The big problem of the twentieth is that they never become happy at all. Being sensitive people, they are always attentive to all the problems that surround them with their worries and other things that do not allow them to rest or disconnect.

Their great ability to find answers or solutions to their own problems and that of others, sometimes does not directly help others because they prefer that they themselves realize or find the solution to the problems.

Facts about Number 20

Would you like to know the meaning of number 20? The number 20 is associated with naturalness and represents the search or delivery of energies, in addition to the search for spiritual support, as well as the need for support in mental issues or psychological issues.

It also represents the naturalness and support for esotericism and the different mancias. The 20 tells us clearly, based on experience, that it is more important everything that can bring us the spiritual than everything material.

It is composed of the digits 2 and 0, which give it the following value:

0 – The 0 is associated with sensitivity and its ability to see any aspect through different points of view, making the individual in question is much more empathetic, being able to put himself in the skin of the other person. They are also characterized by being very sensitive people.

2 – The meaning of number 2, meanwhile, brings a great imagination, the ability to see the different problems in perspective (both their own, and those of others).

What does the number 20 mean in numerology?

In numerology, when the two figures that make up the number 20 are composed, we find a wise person, who learns from mistakes and who quickly makes them part of his experience. A very sensitive personality with a lot of experience behind him, very easy to understand and learn.

We also have sensitive people, who feel the problems of others as if they were themselves and who always have a ready solution or a plan B, in case they may need it. A suffering person who suffers for others and worries about the state of the people around him.

The number two is perfectly related to a humble person with multiple points of view, a lot of ability to empathize with others and understand the problems of the people around them.

The people identified by number 20 are born leaders, able to take charge of any company and direct it towards financial success.

People with great ability to motivate others and form a team that is destined for success.

At the moment when everyone is celebrating the triumphs, they are thinking about the project they are going to do tomorrow, as well as all the problems that can threaten what they have achieved up to that moment. They are friends of their friends, being able to trust them when it is most needed.

The problem with these individuals is that they will never be completely happy. The fact that your mind is in motion at all times, preventing problems that may arise, sooner or later will end up taking their toll.


Although it is true that the people associated with the number 20 have a solution at all times, sometimes they sin of vanity and do not propose them to the people who need them, at least not spontaneously.

That is, they wait until they are the ones who come to offer it.

They may also commit the problem of focusing too much on others’ problems, rather than on their own.

However, these little flaws in their vanity are nothing compared to everything they can offer to humanity.