What Does the Number 27 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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One of the subjects that most intrigues humanity will always be death. Especially when some coincidences seem to indicate that there is some bizarre pattern behind the end of life.

In the musical environment, some notable artists of their times died at the age of 27, which created a superstition about that number. Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse are some of those artists who passed away at that age.

It is certain that many other artists die at different ages, but, due to the fame of the case of those cited, the number 27 still frightens some people.

But, according to numerology, does this really make any sense?

What Does 27 Mean in the Bible?

“The Hebrew language is the only language in which each letter carries a threefold meaning: it is the letter, the bearer of the numerical value, and has a figurative meaning.

We read in our weekly text that Sarah turned 127. What is behind the number 127? 100 = the letter Qoph. Qoph stands for the back of the head, behind, last and what follows. 20 = coffee. Kaf in the picture language means open hand, palm = give, cover, open, allow. 7 = Zayin (cut a weapon, cut it off). 27 is written in Hebrew kaph-zayin.

That means an open hand in the service of spiritual warfare. 27 stands for the ministry of salvation. 27 = 10 and 17. 17 is the number for victory and 10 for the divine law. 27 is thus the ministry of salvation with the revelation of the law (teachings) as part of the word YHWH. ”

Meaning and Symbolism

The number 27 is oriented to spirituality and combines a great imagination with creative capacity. This vibration creates a great interest in what is unknown. It is a composite number, so thanks to its root number 9, these vibrations have great energy and strength.

The vibrations are related to good health and medical knowledge, both with alternative therapies and formal methods.

There are other details that should be taken into account, they can also be very sensitive people.

This number is symbolized as “the center” and also represents power, authority and command. The rewards come from the productive intelligence, in addition to the fact that the creative faculties have the power to harvest great things for the future.

People who have this vibration have everything they need to carry out their own ideas and plans. In numerology the lucky numbers when it appears related to future events.

These vibrations have the power to ennoble, inspire and elevate all those who want to share their wisdom and the love they feel for other people. People who are under this number can only feel accomplished and happy when they help others while meeting their goals.

In certain occasions the vibrations can become negative, especially when a Table very affected by the radical and materialistic vibrations present themselves, the humanitarian qualities become superficial and only fulfill the objective of giving a good image.

By not having control, the vibrations can become impulsive, impatient and arrogant, being able to trigger very aggressive reactions that, in some occasions, end in confrontations with important people.

They give much importance to the failings of others, becoming fatalistic and intolerant.

This type of behavior causes the person to always be on the defensive, considering himself or herself the victim and trying to make others bear their guilt.

When people who are under the vibrations of the number 25 give in to this selfish posture, they end up paying with a great moral pain that end in an emotional and nervous imbalance.

It is important not to forget that, being such an evolved number and with so many vibrations, the highest ideals have to be assembled and not cede before the negative and inferior nature.

Number 27 in Love

These people are not afraid to go against conventions and are not scared to take time to make important decisions, however committed they may be.

By accepting your nature and its vibrations, they are very bohemian and extroverted people, people who have a code of conduct and a way of life that many qualify as peculiar or original. Most people are attracted to their enthusiasm and sympathy.

Although these people are happy and communicative with other people, they have no problems being alone. They are dreamers, idealists and committed. Some of its distinctive qualities include intuition, love and compassion, but also a mentality with a lot of faith.

They can be very philosophical and mystical, showing that they have a great psychic awareness and a renewing energy that invades those people around them.

Facts about Number 27

We just found out that a horrifying black legend accompanies the number 27 and turns it into a total number: have you heard about the club of 27?

Well it seems that there is a large group of musicians who died at that age, which is attributed a kind of bad luck: the most recent loss attributed to this kind of curse would be that of Amy Winehouse in 2011, but before they were Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix or longed for Cecilia.

They are not the only ones, we have made you a summary of such an augury list. It is an odd number, the cube of 3 and the number of letters of our alphabet (the Latin has 26 and we add the very Spanish Ñ).

As for his nicknames and nicknames, in Spanish we have found a lot like “the aviary” or “bow-tie” and “the comb”. It has cost us to find explanations, it seems that for the nickname of “the comb” you have to try to see a head with its neck and shoulders in the form of number 2 and a comb in the number 7.

For others we do not have any clarification , only that they are two variants of the same nickname that is usually used in the Spanish east coast (between the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia more or less these denominations predominate).

In English when they hear “twenty seven” they answer “duck and a crutch” and we come across nicknames based on the shape of the numbers since duck is the duckling we see in the two and crutch means crutch, also recognizable in the form of number seven.

If you are a fan of Stephen King, and we know that there are legions; You will know that in his novel “It” the evil and supernatural spirit reappears every 27 years to the terror of the inhabitants of the city of Derry, in Maine. By the way, this year there is an adaptation to the cinema … 27 years after the adaptation to television: what a coincidence!

The number 27 is also the atomic number of cobalt. And from natural sciences we turn to occult sciences and we tell you that, for numerologists, number 27 is the number of solidarity and compassion. They are people who perform by listening and helping others.

For the Egyptian tarot however it is the number of the unexpected and is represented by the figure of an archer. It is a prediction of a bad decision or a surprise: maybe it will make you win a bingo!


In Western astrology, one usually adds the digits of the numeral until it reduces to only one number, in case of 27, the sum would be: 2 + 7 = 9.

Nine is a number that indicates the end of a cycle, which in some cases may be associated with death, but it would be a mistake to think that all 9 numbers lead to this interpretation.

If we take into account the numbers before the sum, the 2 symbolizes the connection from one point to another, the connection to any point you want. And 7 is a number attached to the emotions.

In this way, we can also interpret as 2 + 7 symbolizing the traffic and the connection between different emotional worlds.

In the case of artists, the emotional flow is constant, which can lead them to feel emotions and feelings from the most pleasurable to the most destructive, which can lead to depression and melancholy.