Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Has it ever happened that you meet somebody and feel it is something really special, as if it there is much more than a coincidence? Many people feel so. Why such things happen? Is there some higher force that decides when we would meet the person of our life?

Perhaps answers to such questions are hidden in our birth charts, also known as individual horoscopes.

Some people think there is no such thing as astrological matching between two people and they try to explain everything in a rational manner, including romantic relationships. However, there are those who truly believe love is something you can never explain by logic and reason.

Astrology claims planets and stars actually affect our lives to that degree that we meet certain people for certain astrological, we daresay ‘higher’ reasons.

Everything is written in the stars above, astrologers claim. Well, astronomy and astrology were once the same and many notable astronomers of the day were astrologers, at the same time. While astronomy is qualified as an exact science, astrology remains a bit of mystery.

However, it could give us many interesting answers and guidelines.

Most of us, non-experts in matters of heavenly bodies influence over our lives, are interested in natal astrology, which is a branch of astrology that deals with individual people’s lifelines and can tell about an individual’s destiny.

It uses birth charts, which are essentially schemes of sky at the time of someone’s birth. Birth chart is what you know as a horoscope.

Individual horoscope represents exact positions of planets and stars at the time you were born. It shows zodiac constellations, astrological houses and all other elements important to an astrologer.

By analyzing such a diagram, he or she could tell you more about your life and future. It is very important to emphasize that birth chart will not give you exact answers.

It offers you possibilities to shape up your life the best way you can. For example, it could tell you that you are about to meet someone important in your near future. You could try to recognize that one and see where it leads.

It could also tell you you are about to fall in love, but it will not tell you with whom exactly or so. Therefore, personal horoscope could be used as a precious guidebook.

Speaking about love life and astrological predictions, many people turn to astrology, anxious to know if someone they are in love with is the right one. Horoscopes could tell you if the two of you are a good match.

An astrologer could interpret both of horoscopes and tell are planets in your favor or not. Of course, it should not discourage you from your feelings.

Before you get your birth charts compared and analyzed you could find out if your zodiac signs are in good relations. Compatibility of zodiac signs is one of the most interesting parts of astrology. It is a basic guideline for understanding people’s relations in real life, since there are no ideal representatives in reality.

However, it is inspiring, interesting and possibly very helpful to know.

Aquarius Man

If you are interested into what kind of a relationship could develop between Aquarius man and Pisces woman, stay with us. They are our lovely zodiac couple for today. While there are no ‘perfect’ Aquarius or Pisces people in reality, but all of us carry certain traits of our zodiac signs, combined with other aspects, basics remain.

Astrological compatibility of Aquarius man and Pisces woman could give us a good idea on how this connection could look like.

Aquarius man is the fist we would talk about more. He is inventive, daring, creative and honest personality. Aquarius man values his freedoms and his talents, but has great understanding and appreciation for other people.

He is emotional and he does not try to hide his true feelings, even if it could make him appear fragile and weak in eyes of others. Actually, his ability freely to show his emotions makes him a person of great inner strength and self-respect. Aquarius man is often described as exactly the opposite; many would say he pretends a lot and plays games.

He does so, but the truth is, his feelings are real. Aquarius man loves to be surrounded by people. There are two types of Aquarius men, the open one and the shy one. Both of them enjoy company; it matters only which one would openly share his ideas and which one needs some time to do so.

Regardless of the ‘type’, Aquarius men are all creative, inventive and talented for arts.

They love to be successful, but that is not the main purpose of an Aquarius man’s life. He needs to see the world, to explore it and to feel it to the fullest. Some would say Aquarius man is the gentlest of all zodiac men and that is, indeed, true.

That does not mean he is fragile or weak, but warm hearted, caring and understanding.

Aquarius man does not lose temper easily and he is a pacifist by nature. He is optimistic and positive minded. Aquarius man would never stop believing this world is a wonderful place.

Aquarius man is a likeably personality others love to have around. However, his eccentric comments could shock people. His mind is completely unconventional and he is always open to new daring ideas.

He is not particularly into risks, but intellectual controversies. Many people have confronting opinions on Aquarius man, in terms of devotion and love. He is definitely a passionate and caring lover. However, his nature could appear mutable.

Aquarius men are usually restless in younger age, but they would like to settle down and have a long relationship that leads to something bigger.

However, a relationship with an Aquarius would be all but traditional. You can expect a lot of excitement and adventure with charismatic Aquarius. Even the way he might approach to a woman could be something astounding. Aquarius loves to be unique and original.

He is romantic and passionate, so he would definitely flirt and show amazing gestures of love and affection. His ideal woman is a courageous, intellectual lady who can understand his nature and who would share his goals in life, which are typically unconventional.

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is one of the most flexible and changeable characters in zodiac. Her dual nature makes her unpredictable and difficult to understand. Pisces women are spiritual, interested in things out of this word, intellectually and emotionally and mentally very deep. They are some of the most mysterious zodiac representatives, as well.

Pisces are dreamy, imaginative and highly intuitive. They have amazing insight into everything around them. She seeks for deeper meanings in everything. Pisces are known to get lost in their thoughts, dreams and fantasies.

They dwell somewhere between reality and imagination and it is as good as it is bad for them.

Other people find them intriguing, mystique and enigmatically attractive. Pisces woman is calm, patient, peaceful and very emotional. She is incredibly adjustable. Pisces woman is capable of recognizing potentials in things other people would never imagine there are. She can get something out of every situation and she could be really successful in life.

Pisces woman usually opt for a profession in which her creativity and imagination could be channeled. She is one of less materially oriented signs. Spiritual and intellectual self-development is much more important than financial success.

She is neither the strongest nor the weakest of zodiac woman. She is aware of her flaws and of her qualities.

Although she appears benevolent and peaceful, do not push her over her limits, even when it seems there is none. Pisces woman is capable of understanding others and she is a type of friend you can always turn to for comfort and advice.

However, sometimes she get so lost in her thoughts that she barely notices anyone around.

Pisces woman is kind, selfless and gentle. She is generous and easygoing. She could be a great friend and a devoted lover. She is friendly towards everyone, but is also capable of being on her own. Her energy is mutable, dual.

Sometimes she gets confused by her own emotions, which are all deep and strong. IT seems as if she feels things hundred times stronger than other people do.

She would never opt for a corporative work. Pisces lady needs a filed in which she could express her creativity and imagination; otherwise, she would never be successful. She could find herself in various artistic calls and all sorts of jobs without fixed working hours or deadlines.

In addition, her curiosity could make her a scientist, explorer or even a detective.

In love life, Pisces woman is understanding, caring and tolerant. She would try to avoid conflict at any cost. She is imaginative and romantic in a relationship, so she really needs a partner who will make her feel safe and comfortable.

She needs someone who would treat her gently and who will inspire her dreams. Her ideal partner has to accept her changeable nature end and be there to support her.

Love Compatibility

This is a relationship that has little chance of survival. Strange, because, at the first sight, it looks like Aquarius man and Pisces woman have a lot in common.

The truth is, however, different. An Air and a Water element sign are often essentially different from one another.

Their temperament and character have very few matching points. They are not opposite, but their pace and energy is different. In the beginning, it could appear thrilling and exotic, but it usually fades away quickly.

Pisces woman is calm, introverted, tranquil and quiet. She does not rush and is very patient.

Aquarius man is more like a wind. He wants to learn and try new things, he wants to widen up his unconventional mind. Aquarius man is definitely way more extroverted, he swipes over the surface, while introverted Pisces explores endless emotional and mental depths.

Strange, mysterious and intriguing romantic relationship this is.

Their connection is unpredictable, in every sense. Their intimate life is turbulent, meaning it could be fiery and passionate in one turn and then as cold as the deepest ocean. Their emotional connection is the same. Even their intellectual and mental relationship is that unstable.

They could spend some days in very close and intimate relation and then spend longer times apart, without even knowing what the other one is doing. Their ambitions are different, as well as their interests are. In some odd way, they understand one another.

Aquarius man ideals do not bother Pisces, just is her search for deep knowledge does not bother him.

Marriage Compatibility

This relationship is not dramatic, but it does appear awkward. Here we have two people who are both unconventional, but open to very different areas of life.

All of this could last for some times and then it usually happens they simply get more and more distant and then they separate.

There are never ill intentions and hard feelings between these two, but they simply do not match well. Marriages between such characters are possible, but not stable and definite.

Aquarius man and Pisces woman could make very liberal parents.

They would find a common tongue once they have children together, if their relationship happens to survive long enough to have them planning a family. It could even happen they have children without planning the future.

Whatever the case, they are loving and supportive parents who will gladly support their kids’ ambitions, dreams and fantasies.


The same is with friendship. Initially, they could find one another inspiring and strangely interesting.

However, if there is nothing more than this, they just get distant.

Aquarius man and Pisces woman would always remain good acquaintances, but they would rarely get anything closer than that. One of the rare things they have in common is their interest in art.

Cool Facts

While relationship between Aquarius man and Pisces woman is strange and questionable, there are several good examples of this astrological connection amongst the rich and famous.

To name a few, here they are: John Warner and Elizabeth Taylor, Darren Aronofsky and Rachel Weisz, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Biel, Paul Newman and Jo Anne Woodward.


Aquarius man and Pisces woman represent an always disputable connection between an Air and a Water zodiac representative.

While they definitely have some things in common, the thing is, their minds and emotions are differently oriented.

This is not a relationship that would provoke drama and scandals, but it is not one to be destined for stable and harmonious future.

It is typical scenario for zodiac signs that stand next to one another in the zodiac circle.