10:01 – Meaning

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There is something mystical and otherworldly about looking at a clock at exactly the same time repeatedly, especially if it happens to be a mirror hour, like the hour 10:01.

It might also be disturbing if you don’t know what that means and that is why it is good for you to be on this page, if this is what you are currently experiencing, to clarify your doubts.

It is important not to ignore these occurrences because they have a great significance for our lives, carrying an important message from the Universe and our guardian angels.

Even if we are not aware of that fact, and honestly speaking, most of us aren’t aware, the Universe and our guardian angels are always present in our lives guarding us and watching over our actions.

They always try to prevent us from making mistakes, sending us various signs (usually symbolic ones), but our unawareness or refusal to acknowledge them, often cause us to rush into things or make the wrong decisions we are sure to soon regret of making.

For obvious reasons, the Universe, and our guardian angels use symbolic signs as their way of communicating because they carry a hidden message we need to decipher. They repeatedly make us see these signs and symbols until we realize their importance and start wondering what they mean.

The message is usually related to some issues we are experiencing at the moment, or doubts we have in some situation, or represents an advice about the decision we need to make, etc.

Sometimes the message represents a warning to stay away from something, or some other important information which is relevant for our current life.

Numbers are the Universe’s and the angels’ favorite way of communication with humans, mostly because each number has an embedded symbolic meaning which serves as a message.

Through combining different number sequences, the angels convey their messages to us.

They do the same through hour numbers, especially through drawing our attention to seeing mirroring numbers, which are numbers where the hour number mirrors the minutes’ numbers.

It is very important to be receptive and take these events seriously. If you ignore the messages your guardian angels are trying to send you, you risk making some huge mistake in life or missing on something that will later be a cause of regret. Be open to the guidance from the Universe and your guardian angels, and you will only benefit from that.

10:01 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

As we mentioned previously, mirror hours are those that mirror each other. Seeing the mirror number 10:01 often is a sure sign that your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you.

They feel you need help because of some issues you are currently having.

It could be that you need some sign or advice on how to continue your life or what to do in some situation. This sign could also be a warning from them to prevent you from doing something potentially harmful to your wellbeing.

This could also be a sign of their support and approval that you are doing the right things and you have chosen the right path.

This mirror hour is asking you to be mindful about potential weaknesses you have. Maybe you are feeling upset, or you might experience something like that in the future. This hour could be a sign of betrayal or challenges on the way of accomplishing your goals.

The mirror hour 10:01 is usually not a good sign, and represents a warning of something potentially bad happening to you in the upcoming days or in the near future.

This mirror number is often a sign of misfortune, stagnation, loss of self-confidence, problems with prioritizing, making wrong and rash decisions, etc.

In some cases, this dream could mean a loss of your job or experiencing some other losses of important things in life.

This mirror hour is a sign from the Universe and the angels that you need to reprioritize and discover your true priorities.

If you don’t do that, you risk continuing to make mistakes and experience bad things which will only be an obstacle to your progress towards things you really desire in life.

What Does 10:01 Mean Spiritually?

The mirror hour 10:01 has a strong spiritual energy. This mirror hour is related to the guardian angel Lecabel, which is the angel of enlightenment and glory. He is helping you receive good fortune and receive the well-earned rewards.

This guardian angel appears in your life to help you deal with the issues you are currently experiencing in life. It helps you resolve your problems and clear your judgment so you make the best decisions and make the most of your actions.

If your desire is to study something practical, like business management or some exact science, this guardian angel will help you in meeting all the requirements.

This guardian angel gives you the gift of precision and sometimes perfectionism. He will help you do things the best possible way and in all areas of your life.

Lecabel helps you develop your creativity and aid you in making decisions and plans for your future. If you are used to having a poverty and lack mindset, Lecabel will help you completely change it and turn it into a mindset of abundance and best possible outcomes.

This guardian angel helps you develop a sense of reason and practical approach to problems. He won’t allow you react overly emotional in situations where you need to keep calm so you can resolve the issues you have.

He gives you good judgment and clear head when things are difficult and seem unsolvable. He also helps you rely on your intuitive insights and base your decisions on your gut feelings. 

10:01 in Astrology and Numerology

Numerology is very helpful in deciphering the messages of mirror numbers because it deciphers the meanings and significance of every number in particular.

Astrology combines the energy and meaning of planets with the numbers they rule and also gives an insight about the meaning of each number.

Numerology and astrology use the symbolic meaning of numbers and planetary influences to give us a glance into our future.

The numbers 1 and 0 carry a strong energy in numerology. The mirror hour number 10:01 is a combination of these two numbers, and therefore carries the energy of the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 11.

In this case, the energy of the number 1 and 11 are amplified, because they stand next to the number 0 which has an ability to increase the energy and influence of the number it stands beside.

In numerology, the number 1 symbolizes leadership, achievement, ambition, goals, power, determination, energy, individuality, independence, strength, confidence, creativity, passion, freedom, initiative, control, etc.

Those influenced by the number 1 are born leaders, very energetic and passionate people, and often self-centered and need attention. They can also be egotistical and impulsive.

The influence of the number 1 drives people into action and gives them strength to overcome the obstacles along the way. They have a gift of seizing an opportunity the moment they see it.

They can also be stubborn and inflexible and have a problem apologizing to others and admitting their mistakes.

The number 0 is a number which contains everything that exists. All numbers are incorporated within this number which represents everything and nothing.

It is the beginning and the end, but it also symbolizes continuous cycles. It is a number of eternity and infinity. It symbolizes God and the Universe.

This number contains all the opportunities which exist in the Universe. It symbolizes the person’s spiritual journey aiming towards spiritual enlightenment.

Number 0 is a very powerful number and also has the ability to amplify the energy and influence of other number. It symbolizes wholeness, oneness, and nothingness. It symbolizes the freedom of an individual from the restraints of our material existence.

People under its influence are very spiritual and are not bound by the limitations of this world.

These people often have trouble adapting to the requirements of life on earth and are very sensitive. This number possesses the energy of potential, opportunities, and choices. It symbolizes infinite potential.

In astrology, the number 1 is the number of the Sun and the sign of Leo, and the number 0 is the number of the planet Pluto which rules the sign of Scorpio.

The sum of the digits in this mirror hour is 2, which adds this hour the energy of the number 2. Contrary to number 1, the number 2 is the number of partnerships, relationships, cooperation, service, help, diplomacy, communication, harmony, balance, stability, sociability, duality, emotions, love, etc.

People who are influenced by the number 2 are usually kind and helpful beings. They enjoy serving and helping others. They also need balance and stability in their lives and they would to anything to establish and maintain harmony. They are not loners and they prefer company.

They value the importance of relationships for their life and are usually dependent on others. The number 2 is the number of Moon which rules the sign of Cancer.

The number 11, similarly to number 1 possesses great energy and power. This power needs to be controlled and used properly, otherwise it can be destructive.

This number is often related to anxiety and stress, but it also symbolizes balance and harmony. It symbolizes the creation of something new.

If you begin seeing the mirror hour 10:01, that can often be a sign to focus on your desires and release all fears regarding the outcome of your actions.

Even if you have been struggling lately with the manifestation of your desires, this hour in your life is a guarantee that the angels have your back. It is important to keep an optimistic outlook on the outcome and you will eventually succeed in your endeavors.

Listen to your inner guidance every time you need to make some decisions or take action because your guardian angels could also speak through your intuition. 

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What to Do If You See 10:01?

If you have been seeing the mirror hour 10:01 continuously lately, you must feel confused or even frightened about the meaning of these events. You are wondering if there is something you should do and what is the message behind this hour number.

First of all what is happening to you is nothing to be worried or disturbed about.

You should, in fact, be grateful that your attention has been averted and you are now searching for its meaning. You have been contacted by the Universe and your guardian angels who want to tell you something important.

When you begin seeing this mirror hour regularly, it is important to ask yourself is there something you would want to change in your life.

This hour usually appears during or after some struggles the person has been experiencing or has experienced and it is first asking you to understand whether the reasons for your difficulties had to do something with your own actions and behavior.

This mirror hour is asking you to face your fears, especially the ones related to your personal life and relationships.

Also, you could also have problems with confidence and self-esteem and fears related to these areas. In any case, you should do some soul-searching for some repressed feelings, fears and emotions, and release them so you can be free.

Whatever issues you are experiencing, it is important to have faith that they will be resolved. Have faith in your abilities and also trust that your guardian angels and the Universe will support you in these actions. Work on developing your self-esteem, confidence, and self-love. That will also help you.

Quick Summary

Seeing the mirror hour 10:01 can be a warning sign, because it usually appears during time of trouble and difficulties.

However, it is a sign that things will soon improve with the help and support of your guardian angels.