00:07 – Meaning

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Each day more people are becoming connected with the spiritual side of their personality and start believing that there is more to this world than our tree dimensional reality visible with naked eyes.

We are taught to believe in things we cannot see and everything beyond that visible realm is dismissed as impossible and non-existent. That is why it is still hard for many people to accept the fact that there are some other realities and planes of existence existing parallel to our reality.

Even though it is difficult for many people to accept, we are daily contacted by beings from these realities, but we are not aware of it. These beings are our guardian angels. They watch over us and give us guidance about our lives. They are always present in our life, but never interfere unless the present situation requires their action.

The main role of our guardian angels is to help us with some important decisions, dilemmas, problems, etc. They warn us when we are in some kind of danger, and they give us encouragement and support when we need it to continue on the chosen path.

Because they mostly contact us through different signs and symbols, we usually have a problem noticing their sign and deciphering it after we have noticed it.

For obvious reasons the angels rarely contact us in person, and use signs and symbols instead. They usually need to repeat them more than once for the person to realize that what they are experiencing is not by chance.

When someone realizes that the event repeating in their life is some kind of message for them, they begin looking for its meaning. It is most likely how you came to this page.

The angels’ favorite signs are repeating numbers and hours, mostly because every number has a specific numerological meaning which they can use to convey their messages. They choose a number or a sequence of numbers or hour with numbers that have a meaning which can deliver our message to us.

When that begins happening we suddenly start seeing the same number or hour everywhere. Our angels often use hours and in these cases we begin to notice that we have the need to look at a clock at exactly the same time every day. That cannot be a coincidence if it happens constantly.

These signs can appear for days, and sometimes months. They usually last as long as it takes us to notice them, or, if we choose to ignore them, until we take some action that makes the message useless.

Because of that, it is important not to ignore them and try to understand what they want to tell us. It is often amazing how accurate these messages can be and right what we need in a certain situation. 

00:07 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

When our angels are contacting us they often use so-called mirror hours, or hours where the hours mirror the minutes.

There are also triple mirror hours or hours where the one number appears three times in the hour.

A triple mirror hour is the hour 00:07 which is probably why you are on this page. You could be seeing a lot of this number lately, on your phone, clocks around the house and in the office, your computer, etc.

This is a sure sign that your guardian angels are sending you a message which has to do something with your life and current life’s situation.

The message behind this hour is related to the meaning of the digits which compose it. This number has an important meaning regarding your spirituality and its development.

It is often a message about the state of your spiritual path and confirms that you are making the right choices.

It symbolizes spiritual awakening, development of your intuition and inner wisdom, rise of your psychic abilities, connecting to the higher realms of existence and discovering some truths about our existence.

What Does 00:07 Mean Spiritually?

The triple mirror hour 00:07 has a very spiritual meaning because both 0 and 7 are very spiritual numbers.

The number 0 is the most spiritual of all, and 7 is also related to the person’s spirituality and development of spiritual and psychic powers.

This mirror hour could be an announcement of a new phase starting in the person’s life where they would devote their lives to seeking some spiritual truths and spiritual enlightenment.

This triple mirror hour is related to the guardian angel Veuhiah, who is the angel of transformation and change. When this hour appears regularly in your life it is a sure sign that you are ready for some changes and transformation of your personality.

He is confirming that you will have his support and help while going through this transformation and encourages you to be brave and willingly accept the new circumstances because they will be for your good.

If you have some plans to make changes in your life, this mirror hour is a sign that it is time to start taking action to make them. It is a guarantee that your actions will be a success.

This mirror hour could also be a sign that you will be in a position to be an inspiration to other people who will use your example to apply it on their situation.

The guardian angel Veuhiah wants you to know that whatever the circumstances you’re in right now you don’t need to worried. He will help you to find practical solutions to your problems and get out of the complicated situation as soon as possible.

Maybe you are stuck in a cycle of bad events repeating and he will help you get out of that cycle and begin a new one under your conditions.

Sometimes the triple mirror hour 00:07 is a sign that you will soon begin to develop or awaken some healing powers, to help yourself and others. It could even be a sign of starting a new career as a healer and people’s helper.

This is often true if you are feeling unhappy with your choice of career or your current life circumstances. This might be the sign that you were waiting for some time.

Veuhiah will give you his help and support to go through this change and be successful in your new life calling.

The triple mirror hour 00:07 could be a sign of congratulations from the Universe and your guardian angels for all the achievements you have, and the progress you have already achieved on your life path, especially in regards to your spirituality.

00:07 in Astrology and Numerology

In astrology, the number 7 is related to the planet Neptune and the sign of Pisces which Neptune rules.

In numerology the numbers 0 and 7 have a powerful meaning. The number 0 is the number of Divinity, eternity, oneness, infinity, everything and nothing, beginning and the end, God, Universe, endless cycles, phases, changes, potential, choices, intuition, etc.

The number 7 symbolizes spiritual evolving, spiritual awakening, spiritual path, inner wisdom, psychic abilities, intuition, healing, study, endurance, persistence, wit, understanding, thoughtfulness, education, good fortune, etc.

The number 0 is known as an amplifier of other numbers. It contains all other numbers within. In this case, its own power is amplified because it appears three times in this mirror hour, and it also increases the power of the number 7.

The combination of these two numbers is a sign from the Universe and your guardian angels to connect closely to your inner being and start listening to the voice of your intuition. Within yourself you hold the answers to all your dilemmas and questions.

This mirror hour is a sign of major changes in your life, and could be a sign of the beginning of a spiritual journey you will decide to undertake. That decision will have a transformative impact on your entire life and it could lead it in a completely new direction.

Also, you can decide to stay on your current life path but you will completely change some views and parts of your personality as a result of your transformative spiritual experience.  Whatever happens, know that you will have the support and guidance of your spiritual guides.

The mirror hour 00:07 could be a sign of expansion of your knowledge, especially your spiritual knowledge. Your quest for the truth will bring you to some major discoveries and expand your consciousness further. 

What to Do If You See 00:07?

If you started seeing the mirror hour 00:07 way too often to be a coincidence, than you should know that you have been and you are contacted by your guardian angels.

They have a message for you regarding something that you are experiencing right now or you are about to experience and you are not even aware of.

With this triple mirror hour, the message you will receive will be a message of change, transformation, spiritual development, education, growth, and gaining a higher understanding of things.

It is a message that you are about to change your views on important matters asking you to be open and receptive.

There is nothing to be afraid of and you should not ignore this message. Let it guide you towards fulfilling your true soul’s purpose.

Quick Summary

Seeing the triple mirror hour 00:07 is a powerful message and sign from the Universe and your guardian angels and make sure you let it get through to you.