23:33 – Meaning

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One thing is certain; a human being would never stop wondering about mysterious phenomena that take place within our realm of physical and of spiritual or mental existence.

Even phenomena we deem ineffable would still intrigue us and make us come up with new and new ideas about them. The magic of symbols, to which we gave meanings ourselves, is something that seems to have outlived us.

It is a curious thing to think about the world as something self-begot and human made. One of the most interesting ideas is that numbers constitute all things that take place. It is the base idea of numerology and it is something we are to talk about.

The strange phenomenon we would like to discuss are mirror hours or, more precisely, triple mirror hours.

If you thought that our busy modern lives are deprived of mystical and magical you were wrong. Cosmic forces would always find their way, since they are all around, within and about.

How many times has it happened that you looked at your clock seeing clock hands one atop the other? It is something that would easily grab your attention.

Matching clock hands are, to say, a forerunner of mirror hours. However, meanings related to mirror hours are far richer and more complex, while matching clock hands are usually associated with common superstitions. If they match, someone was thinking or talking about you.

There are so-called love hours, a phenomenon that could also be associated with mirror hours. You know, if you clock hands matching in the midnight hour, it means this or that, usually something related to the ‘romantic’ domain.

However, mirror hours we are going to talk about hide meanings that are more complex. Let us see into it.

Mirror Hours

Mirror hours and triple mirror hours are to say a modern phenomenon, since we could see them exclusively on digital screens. If you wonder how these mirror hours appear, they look like this: 01:01, 01:02…11:11, 12:12 et cetera.

These are basic mirror hours or double mirror hours and they are pretty eye-catching, especially if you keep seeing them repeatedly.

They are just hours of the day, but there has to be a reason why you glance at your display just in time to see them. Triple mirror hours are not as easy to spot, because they are not so symmetrical.

Of course you s would see them; however, it is more likely that you would discard any potential significance to them, compared to doubled digits.

Triple mirror hours look like this: 11:12, 22:21, 23:33 et cetera. They also consist of two digits, bout one is always displayed three times in a row. What do they represent and why would you keep seeing some?

There are several potential explanations, one of which was the theory of synchronicity. If you are not particularly inclined towards mysterious and esoteric explanations, this theory might make more sense to you.

The theory of synchronicity suggests all events are meaningful, since their meaning comes from an association. All are, thus, connected. The base of this connection is collective unconscious, which stores within itself archetypical meanings, shared by all of us.

In other words, something that seems meaningless would make perfect sense in correlation with something else.

It means that our lives are wonderful, complex and colorful puzzles, mosaics made out of thousands meaningful details. Such is the case with mirror ours; their occurrence is a part of the mosaic.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

If we take up this theory as our base, it means that mirror hours come to us as an association. A plausible idea, don’t you think? Of course, there is no actual damage if one simply takes it for granted and discards its potential meaning.

However, if the same mirror hour or a numerical sequence keeps occurring. It might draw your attention, regardless of how skeptical you might be.

If it makes you wonder about the potential hidden message, you should learn about the meaning of the elements the message consist of, the numbers seen.

The meaning could be learned from numerology or angelic numerology. The difference between the two is not in meaning of the numbers, but in the ‘sender’ of the message.

Numerology, Angel Numbers and mirror Hours

Numerology is a pseudo science that sees the world as constituted of numbers. In other words, everything that takes existence could be expressed through numbers.

Numbers contain vibrations of universal energy; in fact, they are these vibrations. As everything is consisted of them, everything emits specific vibrations.

Mirror hours are this special messages that carry specific vibrations, sent to you for a reason. If you are spiritually inclined, angelic numerology could be even better way to understand these messages.

Angelic numerology shares the same meanings of numbers as basic numerology, only it is believed that celestial entities, guardian angels, are those who carry the messages.

It is believed that each human being has their guardian angels; a comforting and a pleasing thought. Now, these angelic spirits are non-physical, Ego-less, on a mission to make you use your potentials the best way you can.

They will not change your thoughts, affect your decisions directly, act in your place, prevent you from evil.

They will guide you through specific signs and messages that should help you understand your own self better and realize what you are capable of. Mirror hours are a perfect channel for angels for more than one reason.

First, mirror hours are one of the best ways to compress those magnificent celestial vibrations into a message human being would understand.

The other reason is that we, humans, live in the world we ourselves organize through and by numbers. We live numerical, to say so. Numbers are everywhere, so any repetitive pattern, any specific, symmetrical in any regard phenomena that stands out the chaos of numbers would catch our attention.

23:33 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

What if the mirror hour you keep seeing for days, weeks or months even, if not for longer, was 23.33.

At first, it appears as just an hour of the day; some minutes passed half hour to midnight, time to get to bed or do whatever you like at that time. Well, if you keep seeing this triple mirror hour all the time, it could be a message from your guardian angels, a cosmic message a matter of synchronicity.

You could take whatever approach pleases you the best. What is the meaning behind this one? Triple mirror hour 23:33 speaks about the awakening of your youthful, enthusiastic self that has been asleep for a while, for certain reasons.

This is a mirror hour that should shake you up a bit and make you once again awaken your adventurous, lively spirit in, perhaps, a new fashion.

It does not matter how old are you, what are your sensibilities or interests. It is a waking call, so there is a reason why it comes around bedtime. It does not mean you should start partying wild or doing anything that s against your nature or your sensibility.

It rather suggest to listen to your intuition, for there is surely a deep hidden feeling of some restlessness that, in fact, comes from not doing this you wish to do. Perhaps you fear of losing control or a change seems terrifying to you.

Leaving comfort zone is always a challenging thing, though it does not have to be as nearly as dramatic people love to present it.

What Does 23*33 Mean Spiritually?

Let us turn to angelic numerology, in order to get deeper into the spiritual aspect of this triple mirror hour. IT applies to the same numerical sequence seen elsewhere, of course. This sequence is consisted of numbers 2 and 3, with dominant 3, three times in a row.

Number 2 is the number of balance, understanding diplomacy, cooperation, friendliness, pairs, relationships, stability, and harmony. It is the number that connects you with other people and makes you realistic.

Number 3 is like number 2 younger sibling. It is all about enthusiasm, creativity, youthfulness, inventiveness, adventurous spirits, sometimes even recklessness and impulsiveness.

Number 3 is the number of vitality, liveliness, friendliness, openness and liberated mind. It comes here three times in a row so to make a clear message. It means you should awaken your lively spirits, a child within you.

While number 2 keeps you organized, respectful, realistic, diplomatic, kind and thoughtful, number 3 awakens your childish spirit in the most positive way.

To look through the eyes of a child and yet remain a responsible, thoughtful adult is the recipe for a happy life. This is the true meaning of this incredible message.

2333 in Astrology and Numerology

Number 2333 has an undertone, which is the number 2 again.

It is necessary, so to make the balance, since 3 is powerful and sometimes it is difficult to control its enthusiastic vibration; it could get unleashed and bring more harm than joy, if completely unrestrained.

Once you sum up the digits of 2333 you get number 11, which further summed up, gives 2, once again. The number of balance it is.

What to Do If You See 23:33?

If you keep seeing mirror hour 23:33, think about what is it that really excites you and think about why you would restrain yourself from doing it. Are there technical, physical obstacles?

If there were, think about how to overcome them. If there are, people assaying you should not be doing this or that, think about their actual motifs.

Maybe they are jealous because you have an opportunity to do what you love and they do not. Maybe there is some truth in their advices.

The point is to consider all options, but essentially to listen to your intuition. Even if you make a mistake, well, you know how they say: if you never try, you will never know.

Quick Summary

The whole purpose of this wonderful waking call message is to make you turn to your heart and ask it what is it that makes you excited, that inspires you and makes you feel alive. Many times we choose not to do what we deep down inside feel to be our call, because of many reasons.

Either it was something out of the mainstream, thus evaluated as not profitable, silly, awkward or else or it was something we choose to sacrifice, deciding on an easier path.

Things that make your heart jump, however silly they might appear to the world around or uninteresting and non-profitable, are the things you should let yourself enjoy, as long, of course, as it was something that brings no damage either to others or to you.

Listen to your heart and find the balance between what you set up as something you have to do and what you deeply wish to do.

Eventually, you might even combine them. In any case, doing what you love will only enrich your soul.