00:00 – Meaning

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Almost everyone has experienced things and events that they weren’t able to explain with reasoning and compare it to something from our visible world. These events could be called otherworldly, and hard to explain without the knowledge of certain facts.

That is why many of us when they first start experiencing such events become frightened and worried about their meaning and significance for their lives.

At first, most of us don’t recognize the signs and rule them out as insignificant or coincidental.

After some time, when the same event continues to happen day after day and that lasts weeks, months and sometimes longer, we are forced to acknowledge that something important is happening and we need to pay attention to it.

If you are on this page now and reading this text that is exactly what you are experiencing and you are in a quest for some answers. First, you don’t need to be worried and have any fears. What you are experiencing is the attempt of your guardian angels to contact you.

Maybe you don’t believe in the existence of such entities and that is perfectly normal. We are all instructed to believe only in the visible world and reject the possibility of a non-visible reality or some kind of parallel reality/realities.

If after what you are experiencing you still find that hard to believe, the explanations given in this text won’t mean much to you or they won’t mean anything at all.

Whether you trust that or not, we are accompanied by our guardian angels who are by our side watching over us and guiding our path. Whenever they consider necessary they intervene in our lives to help us overcome our current struggles or do what is best for us.

They usually don’t appear in person because they are not an acknowledged fact in our human world so they don’t want to cause shock and fear instead of helping the person, which is their main goal.

That is why they rather choose to communicate to us through signs and symbols. The signs they choose have a meaning that can be applied to our lives and current circumstances and when we decipher their message we often find out that it matches exactly our current needs.

Our guardian angels often communicate through numbers. Numbers have specific energy and meaning and through the combination of their meanings the angels convey their messages to us.

They create situations where we constantly see the same number or number pattern or we look at our watch at exactly the same time. After some time of experiencing the same thing and seeing the same numbers or hours, we realize that something lies behind these events.

It is important not to ignore the messages the Universe and our guardian angels try to send us. They do it to help us and missing the opportunity to receive this help could only harm us and make us regret later.

The messages they are sending us can have different content. They could represent a warning about some situation or behavior. They could also be an advice or encouragement to proceed in some situation.

Whatever it is, the message is designed to help us with our current issues and dilemmas. We only need to decipher it and apply it to our life.

To do that, we need to discover the meaning of the numbers involved in our message. 

00:00 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

One of the signs our guardian angels choose to send us are mirror hours. Mirror hours are hours where the hours and the minutes mirror each other. One of the most powerful mirror hour, is the mirror hour 00:00.

If you happen to regularly look at a clock at exactly 00:00, these events are a sure sign that you have been contacted by your guardian angels or your spiritual guide.

The number 0 is a number with a very powerful spiritual energy. It is connected with the Divine.

This number symbolizes beginnings and endings. This number contains all other numbers which is why its energy is so powerful.

It merges within itself all there is in the Universe. By sending you the mirror hour 00:00, the Universe is sending you a powerful message regarding your spirituality and life path.

Zero is considered the number of God and the Universe. Its power amplifies the energy of all other numbers. The mirror hour 00:00 contains 4 times the strength and energy of this number.

Because 0 amplifies the strength of other numbers that means that this energy is also doubled. This number and mirror hour could be in your life to bring you closer to God and your spirituality.

It could be asking you to get rid of attachments to the material world and embrace the world of spirituality and other realms. It makes you aware of the limitations and negativity of the material world and makes you aware of the freedom you will gain when you release yourself from earthly restrictions and attachments.

The number 0 carries the energy of freedom, infinity, eternity, Universe, oneness, wholeness, ever-changing and continuous cycles, the beginning point and the end, etc. It also represents potential and choices.

In the combination of the mirror hour 00:00 this number could be an invitation to begin a spiritual journey with the aim of reaching spiritual enlightenment. You will be asked to listen to your inner guidance and intuition. It represents all existing potential in the Universe and confirms that all is possible.

When this mirror hour begins appearing in your life it could be an announcement of some major changes occurring soon in your life. Maybe it is a sign of some major endings that need to happen to create space for new beginnings.

Whatever needs to happen will happen and it is essential not to fight against it but trust that what is happening is for your own good. Whoever and whatever needs to leave your life will do so for the highest benefit of all concerned.

What Does 00:00 Mean Spiritually?

The number zero is the most spiritual of all numbers. This number is a sign of endless cycles, endings and new beginnings, clearing the path for a new start, starting a spiritual journey, removing yourself from the pressures of material world and embracing the spiritual world.

With the mirror number 00:00 the angels are giving you a sign that you are reaching the end of some important life cycle, learning a major lesson, and you are ready for a new start and to incorporate what you have learned into your reality.

This new beginning could be a start of a spiritual journey without turning back.

It is a sign of your life completely changing. It could be a sign of a new cycle starting after the previous ended. It could be a phase related to your spirituality and its development.

This could seriously mean the beginning of your studies of some spiritual discipline or the awakening of some dormant psychic gifts and abilities.

You might realize things about yourself you weren’t aware of at all. You could start meditating and experiencing some otherworldly experiences.

When the mirror hour 00:00 begins appearing in your life often, that appearance is a sign that some powerful forces are in your vicinity. Maybe you feel that some things in your life are changing fast and that you are not able to control the things that are happening, but that should not frighten you. Everything is as it supposed to be.

Trust the Universe and your spirit guides to have your best interest in mind. If something bad is happening or you are experiencing some negativity, have trust that things will work out.

These things happen to clear the space for the right things to enter your life. Maybe you will be forced to give up on something you believed was very important for you and you wouldn’t be able to live without but you will soon realize that it was for the best.

If you feel insecure and frightened, ask your guardian angels to give you some support and encouragement.

Sometimes, this mirror hour appears to announce the need to sacrifice something in your life for the sake of a greater good.

You should also beware of false friends and people who pretend to have your best interest in mind. You should also be watchful of people trying to use you or taking advantage of you already.

This number is asking you to focus on yourself and your needs first. Protect yourself and your energy field from energy draining people and users.

The mirror number 00:00 resonates with the guardian angel Mumiah, who rules the time between 23:40 to 00:00. This guardian angel gives you a clear mind. He symbolizes the revealing of secrets and gives you insight into the sacred world.

This is the 72 angel and the last of them, which is why he is a symbol of the end but also the new beginning, just like the number 0. He carries a potential for rebirth and creation.

The mirror hour 00:00 is also guided by the Archangels. Every day of the week from 00:00 till 01:00 after midnight is ruled by a different Archangel.

On Monday this mirror hour is ruled by the Archangel Gabriel, on Tuesday it is ruled by the Archangel Camael, on Wednesday it is ruled by the Archangel Michael, on Thursday it is ruled by the Archangel Zadkiel, on Friday it is ruled by the Archangel Haniel, on Saturday it is ruled by the Archangel Zaphkiel, and on Sunday it is ruled by the Archangel Raphael.

00:00 in Astrology and Numerology

Both in numerology and astrology the number 0 is a very powerful number. In astrology it is the ruler of the planet Pluto, planet of nuclear energy and destruction.

This planet rules the sign of Mars, also the warrior planet. This in a way reveals the powerful nature of the number 0 just like the planet and sign it rules.

This number in numerology symbolizes all, everything, nothing, the absolute. It symbolizes the period before our creation. Zero symbolizes infinity, eternity, God, the Universe, potential and opportunities, choices, the beginning and the end, changing cycles, change, wholeness, etc.

This is a mystical number and gives a dose of secrecy and mystery to people who are under its influence. This is the number of unity and the possibility of all. This number encourages you to trust that everything is possible.

When it begins appearing in your life it could be a sign from your guides to follow your dreams regardless of how impossible they might seem to everyone and even to yourself. Dare to dream big and follow your heart.

When the number 0 appears 4 times in a sequence like in the mirror hour 00:00, the power of this number is extreme. The sum of these digits is also 0. This combination is the symbol of eternity, creation, the Universe and the end. It symbolizes a major change within and in the outside world.

Maybe this influence will reflect itself as a need to make changes within you. Maybe the time has come to start following your intuition and gut feelings and pursue your heart’s desires. Maybe your desire is to pursue a spiritual path and you didn’t have the courage and determination to start until now.

The mirror hour 00:00 is an encouragement for you to start and have faith in yourself. You have all it takes to succeed. This number ensures the support of the Universe and your guardian angels.

What to Do If You See 00:00?

When the Universe starts making you see the mirror hour 00:00 time and time again, you should know that the time has come for some major changes in your life.

You can experience some major shifts and endings of cycles, relationships, some of which might come as a shock and surprise for you. Maybe you are not yet aware of the size of changes that await you.

It might be difficult for you to accept the changed circumstances, especially if they involve someone leaving your life for good, but you will soon become aware that it was for your benefit.

This mirror hour is a powerful sign sent to you by the Universe and your guardian angels. They want you to embrace your individuality and start following your dreams. Now is the time to begin pursuing some desires regardless of how impossible they might seem.

This mirror hour is a confirmation that everything is possible, you only need to be persistent and have faith in the success of your actions.

Sometimes this mirror hour is an announcement of some new opportunities coming before you that will change your life if you use them properly. It is important not to ignore the message of this mirror hour but become aware of its importance. This could be a calling from the Universe to begin working on your spirituality or start a spiritual path.

Maybe it is a sign to remove yourself from the strains of material world and embrace spirituality.

It might be a time when you will start realizing that some special spiritual gifts are developing our you can discover that you’ve had them all along, and only not being aware of them.

Whatever the message of this number is in your life, feel blessed. It is a special sign from the Universe. Trust that you are following the right path, protected and guided by the Universe and your guardian angels. 

Quick Summary

The mirror hour 00:00 is one of the most powerful signs from the Universe. It announces major changes that will bring good into your life.

Don’t be afraid when it becomes appearing in your life, but embrace its gifts with joy.