19:19 – Meaning

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Time and numbers are two inseparable ideas and concepts that are tightly bound to the history of civilization. From the ancient days, we have been using both of these so to adapt to the conditions we find on Earth and to organize our lives.

We could safely say that ideas of Time and Numbers constitute a great deal of civilization.

Apart from the practical value, numbers and time resonate with spiritual energies and powers we could feel, sense, but hardly explain. In our modern, busy life, we often forget about the mysterious and spiritual. However, it is all around us.

Mirror hours are a phenomenon that testifies magic is still in the air. Let us talk a bit more on the ideas of time and numbers.

These concepts may be abstract, but they make for a great deal of our time. These two are inseparable one from another. In modern world, one could hardly imagine living without these concepts.

We tend to express and describe our world through terms related to time and space; numbers inevitably fall into these, since they make units by which we present the former.

If you think for a minute about it, you will easily notice how often you use the concept of time in common speech.

You get up at certain hour, go to catch the certain numbered vehicle of public transport or drive your car for certain number of units of length. You spend some hours at work, go home and take a nap for a half an hour.

You need, say, five minutes to cook your coffee, thirty to prepare a meal. You go to meet someone at certain hour, go to bed at, for example, midnight et cetera et cetera. See?

Everything throughout the day is labeled by hours, minutes, seconds and – numbers. There is no place to doubt the idea that all this could have a deeper and more spiritual meaning.

Any non-typical presentation of units of time and of numbers per se draws our attention, since we see numbers and time all the time, but we expect to see this or that. Once we keep seeing repetitive numerical patterns, it seems a bit odd.

It seems as if some higher force commands our time and numbers we see around; they get magically concentrated, in a way.

Journey Through Time

All this leads to a conclusion that counting time has been important ever since. It is related to civilization processes and progress, of course.

Some of the first calendars are associated with the greatest civilizations of the past. Mesopotamian cultures have left us with the rich legacy of time counting.

Civilizations such as that of the Ancient Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, China and more have invented some of the most important historical forms of calendars. Babylonian calendar is especially worth of mentioning, considering its twelve months system, each of thirty days.

Pretty similar to what we have today. It was necessary to develop a system that could help people organize life better, according, in the first place, to seasonal changes.

All else came along with it, so time counting turned into a colorful palette of all kinds of events, celebrations and so on. Numbers, as the main mean for expressing time have never lost their magic.

However, speaking about the hours of the day, the story is a bit different. The first prototypes of clocks are to be found in old China. Those were Chinese oil lamps and candle clocks.

Those earliest clocks could not exactly present us with the time of the day, but only with the certain amount of the time that has passed. It was, of course, very useful. Worth of mentioning are also sundials, water clocks and others.

The first ‘gadget’’ that could show 24 hours of day was an Egyptian one.

The first mechanical clocks come from medieval time and the most astonishing example that makes for a world heritage site is the Astronomical clock in Prague.

This beautifully designed mechanism is not only still functioning, but it makes for a wonderful sight, a true masterpiece of design. This clock has some fourteenth century parts.

Our digitalized era might seem very different from these. It got us with all sorts of digital gadgets that display time. It seems as if digital clocks and time displays are everywhere around.

You see it on your mobile phone, on your fridge display, on billboard screens and elsewhere. Although it all may seem busy and even chaotic, there is a bit of magic in here.

Mirror Hours

Here we come to mirror hours. Interestingly, but mirror hours are a modern phenomenon and they could be seen only on digital screens.

However, their closest equivalent are matching clock hands you could encounter on mechanical clocks. The meanings are very similar to one another. Mirror hours appear like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 et cetera, depending on the exact time format one uses.

Many would take it simply a coincidence, to see these matching digits, but more spiritually opened ones would suspect there must be something more in it. Mirror hours can occur at any place and in any time and those could pass on important messages, if you were willing to interpret them.

Not only that one could start seeing same mirror hours all the time, but also the same numbers could be seen in other forms, as repetitive patterns.

It may draw your attention and make you wonder why exactly this or that number. In order to understand it, you have to get familiar with numerology and angelic numerology, as well as with certain other approaches, if you are interested in it enough.

One could also dream about the same numbers, stumble upon the numbers in newspapers, on computer screen, on television and anywhere else.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

What does it actually mean to start seeing mirror hours? Well, it depends also on how open you are to different approaches. An interesting one is related to Carl Gustav Jung’s idea of synchronicity and collective unconscious.

According to this fascinating theory, all things could make perfect meanings once associated tone another.

We speak about phenomena, events, things that seem unrelated in the first place. However, if you connect them, they become meaningful.

This proposal is associated with the idea of the existence of collective unconscious and archetypical meanings we all (unconsciously) share and have in common. Mirror hours even appear synchronized in appearance.

Once you associate certain mirror hour with the situation you find yourself in during the time of its occurrence, it could all make perfect sense and help you discover things about yourself.

There are other approaches of course and those are more romantic and spiritual. Mirror hours could be seen as messages that come from some higher, unfathomable realms, those of guardian angels, in the first place.

According to this belief, angels operate through units of time and numbers in order to send us important messages that could be of great help. As it is believed, angels do not take part in our life directly; they are guardians and subtle guides.

Some people believe that mirror hours could also be messages from spirits of dear people who watch over us from beyond the borders of the real world; they play similar role to angels.

They want to protect us, guide us, make us sure that they are okay or to finally say goodbye to us.

One of the popular and the most widespread beliefs comes from folk beliefs about matching clock hands and it states that mirror hours mean that a person was thinking about you intensively.

19:19 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Let us now analyze our mirror hour 19:19. Mirror hour 19:19 calls for authenticity and individualism, but not deprived of the sense of compassion, love and mutual understanding.

This mirror hour is a powerful one and it might occur in people who are in search for their own identity or way to express their identity in a unique fashion. It is not always an easy task.

This makes a message of 19:19 a challenge, though a good one, positive and encouraging one. It is a message that says you are unique, only you are in search for your channels for expressing the uniqueness.

This mirror hour wants you to focus on your best skills, talents and traits, but not at the cost of your flaws that should be improved.

Of course, on the road of finding the best way to present yourself and to express your ideas, you should never neglects people who support you and care about you.

This will be best understood once we analyze mirror hour 19:19 from the perspective of angelic numerology and see deeper into its spiritual potential. Let us find out.

What Does 19*19 Mean Spiritually?

Mirror hour 19:19 or any other form of these digits is composed from number 1 and 9. Each one has special meaning and together they make a message.

Number one is the number of beginning, but also of the final goal. It stands for a start, but also for success. It is the number that symbolizes being new, but also being the first and the best.

Number one is the number of self-confidence, glory, success, authority, leadership and more. It seems as if it was the number of opposition, while it is the number of a development path.

However, it needs to be saturated with all that come in between the start and the goal. Number 9 fits wonderfully here.

Number 9 represents karmic path, spiritual journey and enlightenments, spirituality as it is. It is a number that inspires the artistic genius, number of compassion, passion, love and beauty.

Number 9 also inspires feelings of care, nurture and protection. It symbolizes self-sacrifice, philanthropy, humanitarian spirit.

These two numbers together make for a perfect message of authentic representation of oneself, without neglecting the needs of others and treating them with due admiration.

Just an amazing message from your guardian angels; they want you to realize your full potential, but also to understand and appreciate that of others.

1919 in Astrology and Numerology

If we take a look at this numerical sequence from the points of astrology and numerology, we could get an undertone to the message. In this case, it is the vibration of number 10 and number 1, again.

Summing up digits 1 and 9 we get 10. Summing up 1 and 0, we end up with the number 1 once again. Number 10 is an amazing one, since it embodies the ideas of all possibilities.

It stands for all the values of number 1, with zero amplifying its vibration.

However, at the same time, zero stands for infinity, for both wholeness and emptiness, which might be a good reminder of the countless options one has in life. All could be gained and lost, but it is the dynamic of life.

Number 0 is a circle, a cycle of all. Just choose carefully, be aware of your choices, but still let your intuition and inspiration guide you.

What to Do If You See 19:19?

If you see mirror hour 19.19 very often, think about your personal dreams and of your gifts. It may be that you are not particularly satisfied at this moment, but unsure of why it was so.

This mirror hour suggest you are in search for personal expression or, better to say, an authentic way to express your ideas. It will come in time.

Number 1919 teaches you what is important to know about yourself and the world. The best thing to do if you keep seeing this mirror hour or these numbers is to focus on finding the most creative and inventive way to present your ideas first to yourself and then to others.

It teaches ultimate love and understanding towards others that is essential for getting the same in return.

You should work on polishing your ideas, even if you might feel confused about them at the moment.

Do not reject support and help from others and offer the same to those who deeply care about you. Sometimes, doing a thing unrelated to your own ideas might open new doors.

Quick Summary

This mirror hour and the numerical sequence remind you of your authentic qualities, but also remind you to admire others’ qualities.

This number creates a balance between the inner and the outer, private and social, self-oriented and extroverted.

Number 1919 or any the form of this sequence comes to remind you of your own value, inspiring you to find the best way to express yourself, by letting you know it is the things you are searching for at the time.