03:03 – Meaning

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What is the mystery behind mirror hours and repetitive numerical patterns? What is curious about mirror hours in the first place is that they are a phenomenon of our time. Mirror hours could only be seen on digital clocks.

If you thought that mystery and magic are long lost and gone from this world, you are wrong. There is still magic in the air and forces of the universe would never abandon our realm. Well, it depends on what you believe, as well.

Mirror hours are a phenomenon associated with ideas of time and mystical powers of numbers. The concept of Time is our own invention, although time must have been existent long before we gave it a name and a structure.

We have organized time in a system so that we could organize or life on this earth. Our physical time here is limited, at last. We want to take the best out of it, so we need a bit of planning and organization.

Time and numbers seem to be even more important to a modern human being than they were before or it is only our perspective. You have certainly heard that (in)famous expression that ‘time is money’, innumerable times. You see?

We have already used so many terms related to time. We operate through terms and units of time. Units are nothing else than numbers. There has been much talk on mystical powers of numbers alone.

From the ancient civilizations to the modern day, superstitions and beliefs regarding numbers and specific numerical combinations have never left us. Even in contemporary urban environment, people commonly take the mystical power of certain numbers for granted.

Any numerical phenomenon that stands out instantly draws our attentions and makes us question the very nature of the phenomenon.

Let us give you a common example. A shamrock of four leaves; it is a rare occasion to see it, so it makes one think he or she was lucky to find it, even blessed to find it. It is an old superstition, but it survived to the modern day.

Odd and even numbers have always been attributed all kinds of special meanings, in many fold beliefs that live on. To those more spiritual, certain numbers carry specific spiritual, religious, esoteric or other meanings.

Mirror numbers are one of the interesting phenomena to observe. They easily draw one’s attention and make one wonder if there is more to it than a coincidence, especially if he or she keeps seeing the same mirror hour for a couple of days, weeks or even longer.

Numerology, astrology and especially angelic numerology could perhaps give some clues on the meaning of this phenomenon, in an individual case.

From Oil Lamps to Digital Clocks

Before we move on to interpreting today’s mirror hour, 03:03, let us travel through time.

This short excursion will help us better understand the power of time and mysterious phenomena associated with time and its expression by numbers, such as in the case of seeing mirror hours.

In ancient days, people have noticed how planetary movement and seasons of the earth are connected and how they affect one another thus affecting human life. They needed to organize what has been given, in order better to adapt to changes on the earth.

Thus, first calendars came to be. Chinese, Egyptian and Babylonian calendars were some of the first. However, calendars still could not provide us with such mysterious phenomena as mirror hours. It was a long road until we came to digital clocks.

Some of the first clocks did not present with hours of the day at all. Those were Chinese oil lamps and Chinese candle clocks; surely interesting inventions. They could show the amount of time that has passed.

Clepsydra, sundials and other types of early clocks all mark important points in the history of time measurement and management. The first astronomical clock was invented in Ancient Egypt and it was the first one to tell the exact hour of the day in the system of twenty-four hours.

The earliest mechanical clocks come from middle ages. The most splendid example is the astronomical clock in Prague, a masterpiece not only of mechanics, but also of art.

All this and more finally led us to our rapidly progressing digital era and our digital screens and clocks.

Today, you could see a time display literally everywhere, even on gadgets that are not exactly meant to inform us about time per se. We all stare at our mobile phones and computer screens, registering the hour and the minute of the day.

However, at times, it happens that we look at our screen just in time to see mirror hours.

Mirror Hours

What are those mirror hours we are talking about? They look like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 et cetera, depending on the format on your screen or the one you looked at. The thing about these mirror hours is that you see them accidentally.

You could, as well, sit there and stare at your screen, waiting for them to occur, but this is not exactly considered ‘mysterious’. If you see them accidentally and, moreover, if you keep seeing them accidentally for a longer period, there could be something more behind it.

Mirror hours are similar to matching clock hands, in their meaning. According to different opinions, mirror hours are seen as messages from some supernatural and/or immaterial forces.

Common fold belief, still widespread across the globe, says that seeing mirror hours means someone was thinking or talking about you. This belief is, in fact, a modernized version of a superstition regarding matching clock hands.

One of the interesting theories that could possibly explain mirror hours is the theory of synchronicity.

According to this theory, all events are connected and all are meaningful. It means that there are no coincidences and that each event or a phenomenon makes perfect sense once associated with another.

The associations are made based upon collective unconscious and archetypical meanings that constitute this collective unconscious.

To put it simply, when you see a mirror hours, it may only seem coincidental, but once you analyze the meaning of the numbers presented and make a connection with your current life situation (and we could firmly believe at least one association could b made), it all makes sense.

Of course, it requires deeper understanding of number meanings and your willingness to believe such things.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Seeing mirror numbers could be interpreted in many ways. Some spiritualists believe mirror hours must be angelic messages. This opinion is based upon the belief in guardian angels.

Each person, it is believed, has his or her own guardian angels. These immaterial entities watch over human world and take care about each individual.

They do not affect our life directly. They would not stop evil from happening to us nor give us super powers to overcome our difficulties.

Angels send us guidelines and support and eternal love so that we could use our own given potentials and make the best out of our own destiny. Angels operate through mysterious channels of communications; mysterious only because we would not normally consider them mediums for communication.

They choose forms we are likely to notice and recognize, though. Numbers and time units are some of those.

By sending us specific mirror hours, angels want to point out things we should pay attention or they simply want to encourage us and make us feel as if we are not alone, in times we feel down and helpless.

If you keep seeing the same mirror hour all over again, we warmly advise to search for meanings of the numbers presented, especially in terms of angelic numerology.

Let us see what it has to say about mirror hour 03:03.

03:03 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Let us talk about the basic meaning of the message behind the mirror hour 03.03. According to mirror hours’ interpretations, this one hides a message about love and relationships with people in general and in terms of romantic love.

This is a message about trust, about faith in ultimate love, about devotion and loyalty. This is also a message about parental and friendly love.

Why is it so important? Well, love is the essence of life. It is a force that could move mountains. If you think deeper about it, you will easily realize that is indeed a moving force.

Without love, the world seems grey and empty. However, people tend to identify love only with the romantic aspect of it, in terms of love between two human beings, as in a romantic relationship or amongst parents and children and that between friends.

However, love could be found elsewhere. One could be in love with nature, with art, with poetry, with beautiful landscapes, with cities of the world, with ideas, imaginations, fantasies and all of these are perfectly legitimate forms of love.

True love can never harm anyone; it enriches the soul of a lover and enriches the world. This does not mean that you have to like everything.

The core message is that you should love life as it is and that you should love yourself. Liking and disliking things and ideas and even people is completely a different thing, commonly mixed up with loving or hating something or someone.

Mirror hour 03:03 is a message of ultimate and essential love. It is a reminder of love that is all around, love we sometimes simply overlook.

What Does 03*03 Mean Spiritually?

In spiritual terms, it is the best to consult angelic numerology. Mirror hour or numerical pattern 03*03 consists of two digits, zero and three. Zero represents all and nothing, the infinity, the emptiness and the wholeness.

When standing alongside other digits, it amplifies their original energy. Zero should always remind you about ultimate concept and ideas, infinite existence of cosmic energies that set this world into motion. In this case, it is easy to associate it with the ultimate energy of Love.

Number 3 is definitely a powerful angel number. Number 3 is associated with the energies of joy, creativity enthusiasm, inspiration, art, humor, compassion, kindness, passion, sensitivity, youthfulness, spontaneity.

This vibration is strongly associated with Love. All these vibrations remind us of the state of being in love, enamored, excited about it. This best fits the idea of love as ultimate force of creation and life.

The energy of number 3 is essential in having an optimistic view on life and on people.

People with strong resonating energy of number 3 are true lovers of life. They tend to be understanding, compassionate, easy to get along with, ready to help and ready to cheer up someone.

If this mirror hour occurs in your life, it is to remind you of your own vibration, in the first place.

0303 in Astrology and Numerology

In astrology and numerology, this sequence could reveal to us an undertone. In this case, it would be the vibration of the number 6, since the sum of the digits equals six.

Number 6 offers proper and needed balance to this sequence.

Being in love, having butterflies in your belly is great, amazing, definitely a desirable feeling and state of both soul and mind, but it puts you at risk of neglecting the reality of the world around you.

Number 6 is associated with unconditional love, but also with harmony peace, balance and rationality in it. Number 6 represents honesty, truthfulness, justice and integrity.

It is still highly inspired number, in terms of energy, but it does bring one back to earth. It is the number of simplicity, modesty and reliability. It perfectly fits with enthusiastic 3 and makes its romantic energy harmonious.

What to Do If You See 03:03?

If you see mirror hour 03:03 you should probably remind yourself of the importance of ultimate energy of love, you should realize love is in all places.

This mirror hour sometimes occur in people who feel a bit down or alone, seeking comfort and love from others.

It is a humanly, natural thing to do, but the mirror hour wants to remind you exactly that love never goes away, even if you cannot see it or directly feel it.

You have to find it within your own soul and it will open the doors of perception to ultimate Love.

Quick Summary

In short, mirror hour 03=3 represents ultimate energy of love one has to recognize deep within, so that he or should be able to see that love operates through all things on this world.

This mirror hour also bring peace and balance into one’s life. It comes as a reminder and as an encouragement.

If you feel just great and you feel in love and loved, it comes to remind you to enjoy it to the fullest. Never restrict yourself from sharing love and receiving it.