03:33 – Meaning

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People are overly consumed with visible reality and don’t have much time nor the desire to expand their knowledge about other dimensions where other beings exist as well. For us humans, a great importance, have the angels who act as our guardians.

We have all experienced situations where we got the urge to do something completely opposite of what we have planned and it turn out as the best possible decisions, or it even saved our life.

The angels are present in our lives constantly but we are usually not aware of their presence. They appear in person in rare occasions, and only to special “chosen” people, usually ones who are meant to deliver a special message to a large group of people. These messages are not related to their lives but humanity in general.

In other cases, when angels appear in our lives, it is usually through some signs or symbols. They carefully choose a sign that has a special meaning for our lives and they repeat it until it grabs our attention.

There are different reactions from people to these signs, and unfortunately, many people choose to ignore these signs. We say unfortunately because they miss an opportunity to solve some problem or ease their life in some way.

Our guardian angels appear in our lives only when they have important things to say, or react to protect our lives. Their messages can be advice, support, encouragement, warnings, and insights about important matters, and they put them in a form of signs that carry a meaning for our specific case.

Their signs can be songs that we find meaningful, some words or sentences that have a special meaning for us, repetitive numbers, repetitive hours, seeing feathers in awkward places, etc.

They choose numbers very often because it is an easy way for them to convey their message to us. Numbers have special meanings and that meaning can be used as their message; it is the same with hours, which are consisted of numbers and the number sequence of the hour creates a specific message.

There are also mirror hours which are consisted of hour’ numbers mirroring the minutes’ numbers.

Our guardian angels often choose mirror numbers to deliver their messages, and especially powerful are triple mirror numbers where one number appears three times in an hour. That multiplies the energy of that number (and the message it’s delivering).

If you are currently seeing a lot of triple mirror hour 03:33 this is the text you should read to find out its meaning.

03:33 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Seeing mirror hours or any hours or numbers repeatedly represents a sign from the Universe.

The mirror hour 03:33 has a powerful meaning especially because the energy and power of the number 3 in this hour is so amplified.

This hour brings a message of creativity, increase, expansion, self-expression, the forces of the Universe, change of cycles, etc.; if the Universe and your guardian angels have started showing you the mirror hour 03:33 frequently, it is your responsibility to try to discover its meaning for your life, and apply the message they want to deliver to you.

What Does 03:33 Mean Spiritually?

The triple mirror hour 03:33 is closely related to the guardian angel Lauviah, who resonates with this hour as well as the number 333. He symbolizes reciprocation and premonition.

When this hour starts appearing often in your life, it could mean that your romantic feelings towards someone will soon be reciprocated. With his help you will avoid facing relationship problems and disappointments.

Sometimes this angel appears to the ones who are experiencing sleeping disorders and have problems getting a proper rest and falling to sleep. That also involves disturbing dreams.

This angel will help you find rest and fall asleep with ease without having scary dreams and nightmares.

Because this angel rules premonitions you could be starting to experience predictive dreams or experiences and start developing the ability to see in the future.

You will instinctively know things and understand people’s motives and in some cases, even read their thoughts. You could also develop telepathic abilities.

With these abilities you will develop or gain, Lauviah will help you understand that there are other realities and learn about the mysteries of the Universe and Universal Laws.

You could be receiving the most important insights during night in your sleep. You will connect with your subconscious mind and understand how it works. You will gain a lot of insights from your inner being.

The guardian angel Lauviah uses the triple mirror hour 03:33 to instill peace in you. Expect your problems to be resolved so you can find tranquility and balance in your everyday life.

If you are experiencing some hurt, sadness, or you suffer for some reason, this angel will help you overcome these destructive feelings and free the path to the fulfillment of your desires and goals.

He will instill happiness, joy, and optimism in you and which will help you overcome the feelings of negativity and defeatism. He will help you develop your spirituality or discover the beauty of following the spiritual path.

Sometimes this angel will appear in your life through the triple mirror hour 03:33 to help you fight your illusions, mistaken perceptions, ignorance, or loss faith in God.

If you are worried about your finances, he will help you overcome these worries by helping you establish financial security. He will also help you get rid of evil forces and people with bad intentions.

03:33 in Astrology and Numerology

The mirror hour 03:33 consists of the numbers 0, 3, and the number 9 as the sum of all these digits (0 + 3 + 3 + 3). The number 3 appears three times in this mirror hour and that makes its energy three times as strong.

The number 0 has a power to amplify the energy of other numbers and in this case it amplifies the influence of the number 3 even more.

Also, this number resonates with the energy of the number 36, which is the sum of the numbers in the hour and minutes part of the mirror hour 03:33.

The number 3 in astrology is the number of the planet Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius, and the number 0 is the number of Pluto and the sign of Scorpio.

In numerology these two numbers have a strong energy.

The number 0 is a symbol of the Universe, Universal Spiritual Laws, God force, infinity, eternity, oneness, spirituality and spiritual evolution, completeness, endings and beginnings, never-ending cycles, potential, phases, choices, opportunities, etc.

The number 3 is a symbol of creative abilities, self-expression, growth, expansion, optimism, talents, communication, sociability, increase, friendship, freedom, adventure, encouragement, manifestation and manifesting, joy, enthusiasm, and happiness. It is a number of the Ascended Masters.

The number 9 is a symbol of humanitarianism and humanitarians. It is a number with a highly spiritual meaning and energy. It symbolizes intuition, psychic gifts and abilities, secret knowledge, the Universal Spiritual Laws, generosity, kindness, helpfulness, unity, inner wisdom, the Laws of Karma, divine purpose, and our soul mission.

The influence of this number is often calling a person to become a servant to the humanity as a lightworker.

The number 36 is a symbol of social interactions, communication with friends and family members, as well as the members of the close community. It is a sign of the person’s creativity and ability to materialize their thoughts into material form. It is the number of originality and open-mindedness.

The combination of these numbers gives a message of spiritual evolvement, growth, both personal and spiritual, communication, change of cycles, endings of the old way of living and beginning a new path of serving people and humanity in general.

It also announces the presence of the Ascended Masters in the person’s life who are offering their help to this person to follow this path of serving a higher purpose. It indicates social success accomplished through the person’s creative energy and individuality. It is also a sign of professional accomplishments and success.

This combination of number’s energy could also be a sign of moments of doubt and uncertainty. This combination could be a sign from the Universe asking you to maintain your stability and harmony in all areas of your life, mostly relationships with your community and friends.

It is a sign to release your anxieties, fears, and worries, because they are being an obstacle to your progress. When the Universe puts this hour before you, it asks you to be optimistic and leave all negativity behind. It is a sign that you don’t need to be worried about your future, because only good things await you.

This mirror hour reminds you to respect your friends and all people you come in contact. Appreciate the kindness others show you and try to be as generous and kind yourself. The Universe will reward you for that.

Show your friends and family the love and care they deserve. Don’t ever take them and their presence in your life for granted. 

What to Do If You See 03:33?

Seeing the triple mirror hour 03:33 often is not a thing to be worried about.

It is a good message from the Universe and your guardian angels who guide you how to accomplish your desires and become a better person.

Quick Summary

The triple mirror hour 03:33 brings a message of kindness, loyalty, generosity, progress, increase, growth, optimism, joy, happiness, etc.

It is a sign that things will improve in your life if you follow the guidance of your guardian angels and the Universe. They will help you overcome all your obstacles and reach your desired goals.