05:50 – Meaning

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Most people feel uncomfortable when they begin receiving signs “from above”. By that we mean the divine intervention of the Universe and our guardian angels whenever we need help and support in our lives.

Many people don’t believe that angels exist, and that is not something hard to believe.

Most of us are brought up with beliefs that only the material or visible world exists, and these phenomena are acceptable mostly to people with a religious upbringing.

In newer times, more and more people start to believe in the existence of forces which are beyond the aims of our logic and visible world, beings from other dimensions, unseen by most of us, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they could exist.

These beings, or guardian angels, are forces which are concerned for our wellbeing and are guiding our path here on earth, usually without our awareness. In some cases, they feel the urge to communicate us through different signs and symbols.

These are situations where they need to convey some important message to us, or give us a warning, and in some cases, just a support or encouragement.

They use different signs and symbols but they make sure they show them long enough for us to notice them. They often use numbers and hours for that purpose. Especially powerful are mirror hours, which represent a combination of mirroring hour and minutes.

Looking at the clock at exactly the same time to see a specific mirror hour can become disturbing and worrying the person who experiences that. When the repetition becomes very obvious people usually begin looking for the meanings of these happenings.

It is important to know that if this is happening to you, it is nothing to worry about.

These are signs from your guardian angels, and they want you to notice their signs so you can start deciphering their message. They obviously use symbols because they cannot always appear in person because they might disturb us even more with their physical presence.

These messages usually appear in our lives when we are encountering some major issues and problems, when we have problems and dilemmas to make some decisions, when we are afraid or worried whether we are doing the right thing in some situation, or we are about to make the biggest mistake in our lives, etc.

Sometimes they send a message just to make us aware of their presence which will immediately calm us down and release our worries about the outcomes in some situation. They immediately react when we are in some danger to prevent harm from happening.

Our guardian angels are present in our lives constantly, even though we are almost never aware of their presence. When they send us messages through numbers or hours, the message is hidden in the symbolic meaning of the number or number sequence they choose to show us.

Even if you don’t believe in them, don’t ignore the message they are sending you. Give it a chance to get through to you and you will be amazed how perfectly it fits your current situation and how big of an aid it represents for your life in this moment.

The signs will appear long enough for you to notice them.

05:50 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hours are significant message carriers. These hours are combined of the hour numbers mirroring the minutes’ number. Looking at the watch at exactly the same time to see the same mirror number each day can appear miraculous.

And it is a miracle sent to you by your guardian angels. When we become acquainted with their presence in our lives we begin benefiting from their useful guidance.

The mirror hour 05:50 is a reversed mirror number and it carries an important message from your guardian angels for you. When they start showing you this hour it is a sign that you will soon have some new experiences and changes in life.

In some cases, this mirror hour is a sign of changing your life completely. The mirror hour 05:50 is a sign of love, communication, sensitivity, and above all change.

When the mirror hour 05:50 begins to appear frequently in your life, it could be an encouragement from your guardian angels to begin pursuing your long time dreams.

Something you have only dreamed about could soon come to a realization because it is the perfect moment for that.

You will feel the courage and strength to go after the things you desire and love, and no one would be able to prevent you from doing so. You will also have the backup and support from your guardian angels in your pursuits.

It is important to listen to the guidance of your intuition and what your heart is telling you because it is the best guidance you can have.

Sometimes the mirror hour 05:50 is a reminder to be more receptive to others and accept their differences. You should also accept yourself fully together with all your flaws and mistakes you have made and will certainly make in the future.

This hour is also asking you to be more open to demonstrate your emotions and affection.

It is also important to get rid of any accumulated negativity. If you don’t do that, it will cause you some damage, whether internally, through some illness, or externally, through a set of unfortunate circumstances.

Accept every situation as it is and don’t label it as good or bad per se. Just acknowledge its existence and peacefully carry on with your life.

What Does 05:50 Mean Spiritually?

The reversed mirror number 05:50 resonates with the guardian angel Caliel. Caliel is the angel ruler of truth and divine justice.

His appearance through this hour number is a confirmation of help you will be given in the process of seeking some truth to help you in proving you are innocent or help you win in some justice case.

If you are being wrongfully accused or you are a victim of some injustice Caliel will appear to help you clear out your name.

Caliel will help you to find out who your enemies are, and what is good and bad for you, and make a sound judgment of what is right and just.

He will help you discover the truth in any situation. He will aid you to discover the intentions of other people and help you get rid of doubtful, angry, worrisome feelings and fill you with love and optimism.

Caliel will help you overcome any obstacle that appears before you.

The angel Caliel will help you develop the traits of determination, perseverance, and good judgment.

He will help you fight pessimism with optimism, and give you courage when you begin feeling discouraged. You will use these traits to help yourself, but others as well.

05:50 in Astrology and Numerology

In numerology, the mirror hour 05:50 is a combination of the numbers 0, 5, 55 and 1. This is a powerful number combination.

The number 0 increases the energy of the number 5, which is already strengthened because it appears twice in this hour number sequence.

The number 0 is the number of eternity, wholeness, oneness, unity, God, everything and nothing, beginning as well the end, endless circles, infinity, spirituality, etc.

This number has in itself all other numbers and their energy and it increases the energy of every number it stands beside 0.

The number 5 is a number of major changes, decisions, and choices every person makes in life, resourcefulness, independence, individuality, adaptability, and adventure.

The number 55 has a powerful energy. It gives the person a completive energy and allows them to fight for what they want and what they believe belongs to them. This number helps the person gain control over their life.

This number also carries aggressive energy and that is why it should be used with care.

The person under its influence should be careful not to have excess actions and attitudes and control their actions. They need to learn to be patient, optimistic, wise, and change the way they deal and communicate with others.

This number symbolizes freedom and non-attachment and life’s lessons gained through experience. The number 55 is a sign from your guardian angels preparing you for massive changes, but only if you let go of your past and anything that is holding your progress.

The number 1 is in this case the sum of the digits in this mirror hour (0 + 5 + 5+ 0 =10 = 1 + 0 = 1). It is a sign of success, freedom, independence, initiative, leadership, ambition, individuality, optimism, possibilities, etc.

As a combination of all these number’s energy, the mirror hour 05:50 speaks of success and major fortunate changes.

All you need is to keep focused on your goals and maintain your optimistic attitude and success is guaranteed. 

What to Do If You See 05:50?

Seeing the mirror hour 05:50 often is a wonderful sign from the Universe and your guardian angels.

Be prepared for some valuable lessons and success of your actions. It is important to learn to control your attitude and reactions and maintain your optimism. Seeing this number is not anything to be afraid about.

You could be asked to get rid of the negativity from your past, to clear the path for new experiences, but that will only be beneficial for you, even though it might seem as a major request at first.

Giving up on something that isn’t serving you good is always a good decision. 

Quick Summary

The reverse mirror hour 05:50 is an excellent sign from the Universe.

Your guardian angels are confirming their support and encourage you to take actions towards your dreams.

Follow your intuitive guidance and you are soon about to see in person what you have only imagined for a long time.