14:14 – Meaning

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Have you ever wondered what those doubled digits on your mobile screen mean? Surely, you have seen those and you very likely simply took it as a coincidence.

Well, mirror hours are not such a rare phenomenon, considering we have been obsessing ourselves with time counting, but there could be something more to it. Numbers and time have always had specific meanings to humans, besides their practical purpose.

We have been counting time since…well, the beginning of it. We still have all sorts of theories on how it all started in the first place. Time is an abstract, numbers are perhaps more understandable, but together they make it as simple, just as they make it all complicated.

People have been counting time since long ago; this ‘habit’ led us to development of civilization.

We have somehow managed to ‘leash’ time and control it, in a way. At least, we have an impression of controlling our own earthly time. Counting time is what gives us sense of our own reality.

To count time, we use numbers, of course. Numbers are a story of its own. In all cultures around the world, almost all numbers have specific meanings, more or less.

The idea of mirror numbers combines the ‘magic’ of time and symbolism and spiritual meaning of numbers per se. It is believed that seeing mirror numbers mean we have been sent a message by protective spirits or guardian angels. Meanings of these messages lie in symbolic and spiritual meanings of numbers featured in the sequence and their correlation.

Measuring Time

The road from some of the clock prototypes to our fancy smart digital clocks and gadgets has been long and rich in all kinds of inventions. In the earliest days, people did not even have calendars; the division of tie into hours of day came much later.

Some of the clock prototypes come from ancient chine, while the first astronomical clock that resembles 24-hour pattern originates from Ancient Egypt.

There were all types of clocks in the past. We have travelled long road from Chinese oil lamps and candle clocks that could only mark a ‘piece’ of time, allowing people to get an idea about the amount of the time passed, over clepsydra and other water clocks, astronomical clocks to mechanical and digital clocks.

However, we have never lost our touch with mysterious and ethereal, even if we might think so.

Mirror Hours

Digital displays are all around and most of them show time, even if it was not their original purpose. You could see mirror hours all around, but it has to be accidental. The come in sequences such as 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 and so on.

Mirror hours are often explained as messages that come to us from other realms, sent to us by guardian angels or spirits of the protective deceased people. They are mostly interpreted as guidelines.

One explanation is the idea of synchronicity, based upon the idea of collective unconscious and archetypes. This idea claims simultaneous events that seemingly cannot be associated actually resemble the part of the patterns from collective unconscious and make perfect sense.

Mirror hours would be a fitting example, since they embody the synchronicity idea in their repeating digits and correspond with meanings you might find appealing.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

However, there is a more spiritual touch to mirror hours and numerical sequences as they are, especially repetitive one. Seeing mirror numbers is often associated with interference of some invisible energy people are mostly unaware of.

Spiritualists believe it could be guardian angels sending you a message.

Each number, as seen in angelic numerology, carries specific meaning and resonates with certain energy. Guardian angels send them for a reason.

They would choose numbers as a perfect channel, since those ascribed meanings are the true essence of those numbers. Numbers are what easily draws our attention, since we have organized our world in, well, numbers.

Having in mind how time-focused modern people are, mirror hours represent perfect channel for angels to send us a message.

Mirror hours are guidelines; they are not any rules. Those could help us better to understand ourselves and see if there was something we would like to change and work on.

For some part, those numbers often reflect our personality and give us an insight in how it manifest in reality. Mirror numbers offer us an in-depth view on the world and our current situation in life.

14:14 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Okay, so now you know more about the possible origin of mirror numbers occurring in your life, but do they exactly mean? More precisely, what does mirror number 14:14 mean and what angels or whatever force was sending them to you wanted to tell you?

According to some the interpreters, mirror number 14:14 tells about self-efficiency and memory. It often happens our thoughts are being scattered all around, so we lose our productivity.

It is closely related with our ability to memorize things. Did you notice how forgetful you became lately? Maybe you do not lack memory, but still feel a bit unfocused, because of hundreds of inconsistent thoughts.

You have great potentials and a drive to achieve things, but you are perhaps in self-doubt or simply cannot choose one specific goal that would make you focused at least for some time.

Mirror number 14:14 comes as a reminder to gather yourself together and start working on plans. It is great that you have many ideas and are driven by inspiration. However, those all need some sort of organization, unless they are only for fun.

Even so, it is better to have at least a sketch of what you like would to become of that. Now, it may sound limiting and pressing, while the truth is different.

Number 14:14 is consisted of numbers 1 and 4 and we will go into details of their meaning and correlation further ahead. The essential message is that of self-acceptance, self-value, ambition, drive, but also about focus, organization, good memory, structure and practical thinking.

Mirror number is a sign you should take a deep breath and think about where you are.

See if there are things that stop you from progress; those that are in your reach, such as your personal organization, memorizing tactics, plans, focus and, of course, motivation.

Many times, it happens we have an idea of being great at something, but we easily lose motivation simply because of the lack of patience and organization that comes along.

Being chaotic is easy and sometimes does feel good. However, being organized and driven is completely a different thing.

What Does 14*14 Mean Spiritually?

Let us now focus on spiritual meaning of number sequence 14*14. This sequence is consisted of digits 1 and 4, repeated. Naturally, its vibration comes from both of these numbers and from their correlation.

Since here we have double 14, which resonates with energies of 1 and 4, the whole effect is stronger. What the sequence means spiritually and what is its energetic potential? The first digit is number 1.

The meanings are best understood through angelic numerology prism. Number 1 is an extremely powerful source of energy, focused primarily on an individual and their potentials.

Number one represents full achievement, but also a very fresh start that eventually leads to the achievement.

Number 1 means creation, beginning, drive, ambition, motivation, potential for success. Number 1 stands for an individual, self-value, self-confidence, leadership skills, authoritarian attitude, courage and bravery.

It of course has its downsides, which are, in fact, all the potentials brought to extreme. A ‘wild’ number 1 becomes arrogant, self-centered, even cruel and merciless, blinded by the vision of their own success.

Self-importance is the best thing one could develop, but only if kept in moderation. The excess of its energy exactly leads to chaotic we were talking about. Fortunately, here we also have stable and somewhat conventional number 4.

Number 4 resonates with energies of stability, tradition, balance, down-to-earth attitude, practical thinking, simplicity, self-control and discipline, especially self-discipline. Number 4 is constructive, devoted, focused, driven, but patient and collected.

The downsides of number 4 vibrations could show up as lack for willingness to change, inability of adaptation, dullness and sometimes even laziness. Number 4 supports comfort zone and you should be very careful about it.

It seems as if this sequence represents how you currently are and what you should do. It is expressed in extremes, because the point is to find balance between the two and channel your energies the best way.

This is exactly the spiritual message of number 14*14. Nurture your drive and do believe in yourself, but do not let tons of brilliant ideas distract you all the time.

Stay focused on the one you have chosen. Exercise your organizational skills and memorizing tactics.

1414 in Astrology and Numerology

Besides already mentioned meanings of numbers 1 and 4, this sequence also resonates with energies of number 5 and 10.

While 10, being the sum of all digits, still strongly resonates with amplified energy of number 1, number five is a bit different. Once you sum up 1 and 4 you get 5.

Number 5 represents individualism, self-development, creative potential, the unconventional, learning through action and experience, visionary thinking, invention.

It also resonates with openness of mind, with personal freedom, with curiosity, cleverness and brilliant intelligence. In this sequence, it drives one’s imagination, offering exactly those amazing ideas that could have your mind scattered all around.

It does also have to do with emotions; number 5 is passionate, full of life. However, this number is also associated with making decisions, especially big ones. Along with other numbers of the sequence, it could in fact help you choose your focus and stick to it.

From the karmic point of view, number 14 is one of so-called karmic numbers (13, 14, and 19). It is thought that people who were born under these would somehow get an opportunity to ‘repair’ something from their past lives.

More likely, they will have a chance to achieve something they missed out the last time there. Number 14 has an additional symbolical meaning related to religious beliefs.

It is seen in Jesus Christ’s fourteen stations on the road to cross. In that sense, number 14 definitely carries extremely strong significance.

The stations represent Christ’s journey before the crucifixion, which could be understood as every ones personal road to redemption and enlightenment.

The number 14 is associated with our never-ending pursuit of inner peace, happiness and equilibrium. Number 14 represents love, passion and compassion; its downside is also the extreme of these feelings and traits. Nurture love, friendship and kindness, but be self-aware.

What to Do If You See 14:14?

If you happen to see mirror number 14:14 ask yourself about your goals and current ways you are undertaking. See if you find yourself unfocused and chaotic.

If this mirror hour appears in your life, you must be a person of great potentials, intelligent, creative and with a rich imagination.

The thing that you probably lack is focus. You keep forgetting things, because you have no plans and no organization.

People tend to run away from schedules and plans with an excuse that those were too restrictive and limiting. The point is to make your own plans that would only support your activities and actually help you widen up your horizons and enrich your ideas.

Nurture your creative potentials, but be ready to experience setbacks; the only things that could help you endure are focus and organization.

Quick Summary

First, seeing mirror hours or repetitive numerical sequences all around, even in your dreams, is definitely not a reason to worry. Although it might appear odd, these numbers come to you for a reason.

Namely, mirror hour 14:14 comes as a reminder of your qualities and offers the possible way to exercise them the best.

As we have seen, mirror hour 14:14 or 14*14 and 1414 sequence embodies two extremes, one of the total self-centrism and over-ambition and the other of too much convention and limitations.

The moral of this number is that you should always nurture your talents and skills and believe in your causes, but you should never let your passion and enthusiasm take you over at the cost of your reasonable thinking and organization.

There is a difference between creative chaos and chaotic attitude towards life.

The key is to nurture both sides; be creative, do not limit your imagination, but also be organized and collected when the situation requires so.