17:17 – Meaning

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Time and counting are two so wide and rich concepts we base our lives upon. In fact, both of them help us organize our lives, especially in modern era.

However, the origin of time as defined as we know it is old; the origin of numbers necessary for all kinds of measuring and counting is probably as old, as well. Time might be infinite, but we were the ones to make it definite, by using numbers.

So many phenomena we take for granted or simply live by hide the essence of magic and mystery deep within. We may think that our contemporary fast-paced urban life has lost all the magic from the past, but this is not entirely correct.

It seems that it is in the human nature to talk with nostalgia about the past times, self-convinced that the old times have been much better, much more magical and delightful. It is in our nature to remember past times with such a good vibration, rather than to recall the negative moments.

Nevertheless, our age does not lack magic, although we might be too busy to recognize it or too enthusiastic about finding a scientific and rational explanation to everything. However, celestial, cosmic forces are on the go.

Today we will be talking about an interesting phenomenon that proves some mystery is still in the air. There have always been and, perhaps, will always be things we cannot explain by logic and reason.

Mirror hours and mysteriously repeating numerical sequences fall under the category. These both have a lot to do with the very idea of time and numbers.

Think about the time, first. Can you imagine your life without knowing at least the year you live in? Probably not. The organization of our life depends on counting time, because we know for certain that, at least, our physical time on the earth is limited.

What awaits us after it, we have no certain idea. The uncertainty of life somewhat forced us to invent ways somehow to limit it.

The definite human life calls for the structured time, in order to live our life the best we can. It probably came up naturally. In very ancient times, people started watching skies, stars and planetary movement, connecting those with the phenomena on earth, the seasonal changes and so many more.

Step by step, we came from the unstructured time to digital gadgets that do not show only hours and minutes, but much smaller particles of time.

Counting Time

Modern people are so obsessed with time and numbers, especially in material terms. We count and calculate everything, as if the time runs up so fast that we cannot manage to ‘use’ all of it. Well, we cannot.

However, we have our own time and that is all we should think about. We also think in advance and have the need to provide better times for the future generations. Some of us, at least, think about that consciously, although it is also in our nature, perhaps.

Here, we will focus on individual time and numbers. The two are inseparable one from another.

Let us begin with the brief history of counting time and inventing gadgets that help us in organizing time and recording it better. In the old days, the first calendars have been created, so that people could much more easily adjust to seasonal changes, in the first place.

Later on, it got more complex. Some of the first known and historically important calendars were Babylonian and Chinese.

Speaking about the time of the day, the first clocks originate from China. Those were prototype of clocks, in fact. These did not show the time of the day, the hour or else.

These were Chinese oil lamps and Chinese candle clocks (sometimes ascribed as an invention to Alfred the Great, the king of Wessex and Anglo-Saxons). Both could measure time and tell about the amount of the time passed, which was useful, but it did not tell about the hour of the day.

Clepsydra or water clocks were also an amazing invention. However, the first of the astronomical clocks that could show the exact time of the day, as we know it in the 24-hours model, originated from Egypt.

Much later, mechanical clocks were ‘born’. There is one you should not miss to visit, the famous astronomical clock in the old Town Prague. This wonderfully designed machine is still working. Some parts of the clock were made in the early fifteenth century!

Finally, we came up to our time. Today, we carry our time everywhere. We have our cool, fancy tablets, smart phones and all sorts of other gadgets that all have a time display. They all show hours and minutes, if not more.

That is where the magic of mirror hours sets in. It is entirely a spiritual phenomenon of the modern era, to call it so. Let us learn more about it.

Mirror Hours

Mirror hours are an interesting phenomenon that could be seen on digital time showing displays. Mirror hours are in their spiritual nature close to matching clock hands; you know, when the both of them align, one over the other.

Mirror hours look like this: 01:01, 02:02…10:10, 11:11…23:23, 00:00. Each of these has special meaning. However, one thing is important to note.

Mirror hours cannot be forced to happen. They will eventually happen, of course, but they get the mysterious meaning only if you see them accidentally. It could happen, for example while you are at work.

At one point, you look at the time display in order to check out the hour and see how more time before your shift has ended. You look at it and you see these matching, reflecting digits.

You may take it for granted and think of it as a coincidence, of course. However, if they start repeating and occurring too often, you may ask yourself about their meaning. Mirror hours are definitely an interesting ‘case’.

Carl Gustav Jung developed a theory of synchronicity, which could be applied on the phenomenon of mirror hours, perhaps. According to this theory, certain events that seem unrelated get perfect sense once associated.

The secret is collective unconscious and archetypical meanings that give sense to things seemingly unrelated. Mirror hours already posses a degree of synchronicity in the very appearance.

Once you connect them with your current situation in life, there you go. In order to do so, you would perhaps have to learn more about the spiritual and symbolical meaning of the numbers occurring.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Before we analyze the meaning of the mirror hour 17:17, let us see more into the nature of the phenomenon itself; its spiritual background.

According to some, mirror hours represent spiritual messages. They are guidelines, warning signs or simply messages of encouragement and love sent to us by guardian angels.

Guardian angels are believed to be ethereal spirits that watch over our lives, without directly interfering with our doings.

Their only task is to help us recognize our potentials and use it. Guardian angels might send us signs in our times of need or to warn us about something. They might as well simply want to show us they care, so that we never stop believing. They would choose appropriate channels to draw our attention.

Numbers would be the perfect choice, especially if associated with time.

As we have mentioned, we are obsessed by both. We could easily notice any repetitive pattern of numerical sequences that stands out of it all.

The meaning of particular mirror hours is best understood through the symbolism of angel numbers, astrology and numerology. Today we talk about a very specific mirror hour, 17:17.

This mirror hour /as well as the sequence of 1717 or the same digits in any other form) carries complex and powerful message. If this one frequently occurs in your life, this might be of great interest and use to you. Lets us analyze it together.

17:17 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hour 17:17 carries a really strong message, that of trust, respect and loyalty. Loyalty is probably one of the highest, but also the trickiest values found in human hearts. Loyalty could be great, but there is a thin line between zealotry and loyalty.

A thin line there is between committing yourself to another person or to a cause to the point of losing yourself and reasonable support and responsibility that comes after rationally deciding to stand for the cause.

Trustworthiness is definitely something everyone should nurture. Do not make false promises and be thoughtful, not paranoid about other people’s intentions towards yourself.

You should trust both your heart and reason. Trustworthiness is something we should nurture and feed in our hearts. Trustworthiness comes with self-confidence., as well. Loyalty, trustworthiness and love are commonly tightly bound.

Why does this number occurs in your life, why you see this mirror hour? If it often comes to you, it means you should think about these values. Find them within your soul. Think about how you treat other people and how others treat you.

Think about whether you stand for the right cause, whether you ‘fight’ for another cause or for your own.

Are there shared causes? Are you perhaps loyal to someone who does not respect your loyalty enough?

These are all difficult questions to be answered, but incredibly important. Mirror hour 17:17 often occurs in people who are at some type of crossroads in life. In times in which you start re-questioning your own loyalties, decisions and causes, it is likely that these numbers would occur.

It also means that you are exactly on the right path finally to get a clear view on all of that. In order to understand the message even better, let us analyze the meaning of its numbers.

What Does 17*17 Mean Spiritually?

The best way to understand the meaning of mirror hour 17:17 and variations of the sequence is through angel numbers. This hour 17:17 consist from digits 1 and 7. Number 1 is always a powerful one.

It stands for success, achievement, independence, self-reliance, ego, authority, fame and optimism. It also resonates with the energy of what comes prior to all of these.

It stands for beginnings, start, freshness, new and for motivation and ambition needed to come from one, as the beginning, to One, as the first and the best.

We, humans, tend to focus on the result and often forget about the long road to success.

Loyalties and trustworthiness are questioned all along that way. Number 7 is a mysterious curious number that gives the energy of 1 spiritual undertone.

Number 7 resonates with the energy of enlightenment, especially in spiritual sense. It stands for learning, teaching, experience, insights, self-consciousness. It accentuates the importance of experiencing, both in very material and in abstract realm.

This is extremely important, if we talk about the concepts of loyalty and related ones. You have to experience it; you have to dare to put your trust into someone, as well as to be loyal and vice versa.

Number 7 is about research, science, reliance, isolation, wits, inner-self and deep introspection. It is a tricky one, because negatively it could manifest as lack of trust, too much skepticism, too much of (self) criticism.

This message is meant to make you wonder about all these ideas in depth. You might not like it in the first place, but it would eventually open u new horizons to you.

Once you realize who you are and what you want and feel the life on your skin and in your heart, you will know where to put your loyalties and trust into. Above all of it, you should believe and trust yourself, but not to the point that you distrust everybody else.

The energy this mirror number carries is powerful and it is to remind you to balance these ideas.

1717 in Astrology and Numerology

Number 1717 is also number 17 doubled, which in numerology represents the number 8, because the sum of the digits gives eight. Therefore, number 8 gives the undertone to the whole combination.

Now, number 8 is a one that resonates with the energy of stability, safety, security, calmness, self-confidence, skills, self-discipline, rational thinking professionalism, practical mind and many more.

Its energy is more ‘realistic’ than that of 1 and especially that of 7.

Number eight calm down the situation and gives it ground. It encourages you to be trustful, content and reasonable. It slows down your mind to the point of clear thinking, without being overly enthusiastic about certain ideas.

It is good, because extremes could lead to disaster. It is just an undertone here, so do not be afraid that its energy would be limiting to your brilliant ideas in any way.

The other undertone of this combination is number 7 again, which only supports the energy you already have (1+7+1+7 equals 16 and 1+6 equals 7).

This means that you should work on the calming energies within yourself, in order not to let the energy of wild, sometimes too critical and skeptical 7 takes over.

Nurture its good side; that of thoughtfulness, spirituality, wisdom, experience, learning and perseverance that could also be found in it.

What to Do If You See 17:17?

If you see this mirror number, think about the ideas we have mentioned, since it is the message behind the number. As you have seen, this mirror hour carries complex meanings and it takes learning, time and understanding in order to process it.

If it occurs often, it means it would be very useful for you to think about your own causes and the very idea of loyalty and trust. If it occurred only once or a couple of times over a long time, it comes as a reminder of something you are well aware of.

Quick Summary

Mirror hour 17:17 is one of the complicated energy, but it should not scare you. Mirror hours are meant to be guidelines, not rules.

It is up to you to use the energy of these messages the way you like to.

The meaning of 17:17 could not be summarized that easily, but it should make you wonder about the goals you have set and the trust you put into someone or something.

Equally, think about loyalties other put in you; you have to be aware of those and up to the task of proving they were right to trust you. That is a great responsibility.