07:07 – Meaning

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Parts of the endless mystery of Universe are often being revealed to us through mysterious messages we are not always aware of. Each one of us play their role in this wonderful game we call life.

Our lives are all intertwined with energies of cosmos, it could be found in us, just as in all other beings and things of the world.

Energies of cosmos often operate in strange ways, difficult for us to fathom. Mirror hours are one amazing and interesting manifestation of ethereal energies.

The ideas of Time and space and Numbers and Angels and all that is considered beyond our humanly comprehension have always been interesting to us, magnetic and irresistible.

We still have no clue why we are here and why different things happen to us.

Sometimes we feel lost in this world, other times we find ourselves perfectly fitting, belonging. One thing is sure, Universe works in strange ways.

Mirror Hours

Have you ever heard about mirror hours? Even if you have not, you must have seen them.

Those are mirrored digits you accidentally saw on your phone time widget or elsewhere.

Mirror hours are easy to identify. They look like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 and so on, depending on the format used. They could appear differently, in forms of triple mirror hours, as well. Sequences such as 01:11, 11:12 would be good example of the latter.

Mirror hours are phenomenon of the modern age, tightly bound with our digitalized gadgets.

They appear on digital clocks. Time displays are to be found everywhere, it seems to us. In addition, such numerical sequences could be seen in other formats.

For example, you could stumble upon them in newspapers or anywhere else.  Their mysterious occurrences are interpreted in several ways.

Mirror hours are kind of modern version of love hours or matching clock hands. According to widespread belief or superstition, when a person sees clock hands one atop the other, matching, it means that someone was thinking about them.

Love hours interpretations analyze each of the matching hours in terms of mostly romantic love related events.

Today, you could still see these love hours, of course. Mirror hours have more meanings, since they are numerical sequences that could be seen in other places separate from time display.

They are usually interpreted through numerology and even to more detail, through the prism of angelic numerology – angel numbers.

Numerology and Mirror Hours

Numerology and mirror hours are in close connection. Astrology and numerology are related disciplines and both have to do with cosmic vibrations, with time and with numbers.

Numerology is a specific field that deals with vibrations of numbers. According to this interesting discipline, each number possesses specific energy that reflects the energy of Universe.

Amongst other methods, numerology has been used for divination since old times. Astronomical and astrological calculations have been practiced in order to predict future, both on a minor and a major plan.

Moreover, it is said that each individual has their birth number that could be calculated through formulas according to a person’s date of birth.

These birth numbers tell about someone’s life path, their sensibilities, their personality and character, advantages and disadvantages, talents, skills, potentials, interests and more.

Each birth number resonates with special energies that constitute a person’s overall being, in a way. By knowing your birth number, you may know yourself even better.

Regarding mirror hours, it is vibration of numbers alone that is the most interesting. By knowing what kind of vibration each number resonates with, you could understand the message that comes to you through specific mirror hour you keep seeing.

A side branch of spiritual numerology is even more interesting, when we talk about mirror hours and it is angelic numerology, as mentioned above. What do angels have to do with mirror hours?

Angel Numbers and Mirror Hours

Angels are believed to be immaterial entities that are free from Ego creations and entirely pure. Their mission is to guide us and protect us, but not to directly affect our decisions and deeds.

Each person, according to angelic numerology, has at least two guardian angels. They watch over you, but they would not save you from harm in a way you might expect.

Guardian angels do not prevent evil from happening, but they send us guidance so that we could use our potentials the best way and, perhaps, avoid evil ourselves.

They inspire our natural potential and help us realize what our best qualities are and what those we should work on are. In any case, angels are benevolent and they love us. They would never harm us; exactly the opposite.

Angels may choose different channels to send us messages of guidance and support. They would opt for those they find the most fitting. Angels understand the world through vibrations of universal energy and this energy is to be found everywhere.

Numbers are extremely powerful sources and mediums of energy. Moreover, we use them all the time. It is very likely that we could recognize a numerical message.

Mirror hours are something that would attract your attention, especially if they keep occurring in other places or keep repeating over a longer period. You may first think it was just a coincidence.

However, it is likely that a repetitive mirror hour and the same sequence in other forms would make you wonder about it. It is already strange that you keep seeing such distinctive pattern.

If you are interested to know what the message means, we suggest to search for numbers’ interpretations in numerology and angelic numerology. Once you discover the meaning of these numbers, you could probably associate it with things happening in your life and thus learn something more about yourself.

According to another interesting approach to mirror hours, the theory of synchronicity, all such events are connected.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

In other words, there is a point in seeing mirror hours. It cannot be a coincidence, according to synchronicity theory. All events and phenomena that might appear unrelated could make perfect sense once you associate them with one another.

If you keep seeing the same mirror hour and you are interested into knowing more about it, you would probably search for the meaning of the digits presented.

Once you have discovered the meaning, things might start to make sense, since you could most certainly associate the meaning of the numbers with your current life phase. The theory of synchronicity is based upon the belief in collective unconscious and archetypical meanings.

Therefore, your mirror hour is perfectly meaningful once you fit it into your own life. From that point one, you can learn something from it and take it as guidance.

It could be understood as an angelic message, as well. The point is the same. The specific mirror hour you keep seeing is meant to mean something and it is sent especially to you, for a reason. Each of mirror hours resonates with energies of numbers it consists of.

Let us find out what is then the message behind 07:07 mirror hour. Number 7 has always been considered magical and powerful.

07:07 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hour 07:07 is a message of spiritual awakening, acceptance and enlightenment.

This mirror hour often occurs in people who are on the quest of their own purpose, those who dare question their own beliefs and test their faith. It does not matter which religion you find yourself in, if any.

Your spirituality is what matters here. At the same time, this is not a message only about the spiritual being, but also of the intellectual one.

The message of mirror hours 07:07 is meant to direct you towards finding the balance between the spiritual and rational, between the mind and the soul.

It could be enlightening to realize you capacities in this regard. It is not about the opposition between the two, which is how many would see it, but about the unity and the importance of both.

You should feed and nurture both your ratio and your imagination. Spiritual and logical, imaginative and realistic, emotional and rational are all parts of your personality and they make you whole.

This mirror hour message reconciles the two and tries to sooth the conflict within. It is normal to wander between and amongst both sides; it is desirable.

However, it might be difficult and very confusing at times. Therefore, angels, Universe alone or whatever force you believe in, send you this message to assure you it is right to wonder. It is exactly what would move you forward, inspire and support personal growth.

To see the world through the eyes of a visionary, but also to keep feet on the ground requires true mastership.

What Does 07*07 Mean Spiritually?

This mirror hour and these digits tell you are capable of achieving such a balance. In spiritual terms, let us focus on the digits alone. Numbers 0 and 7 are both of strong vibrations regarding the spiritual realm itself.

Number 7 resonates with energies of spirituality, as it is, faith, enlightenment, awakening, spiritual journey, inner wisdom, psychic abilities even. It is associated with deep contemplation, secrets and mystery, myth and legendary beliefs, introspection and thoughtfulness.

Number 7 symbolizes the eccentric, imaginative, purposeful, isolated, solitary, philosophical, logical, inventive and creative. It is greatly focused inwards, but it sees the whole world through specific kind of spiritual perception.

Number 7 is about understanding the world. It is associated with wisdom, with knowledge and being ahead of times. Those who are born under the number 7 are often thought genius or lunatics.

Number 0 amplifies the spiritual dimension of 7, being very spiritual alone. Number 0 is infinity, endlessness, wholeness and emptiness. It is both the beginning and the end.

Number 0 is in core of the existence. It consists of all and it consists all. This mirror hour is, indeed, confusing and it does not occur in many cases.

Those who receive it are usually people of very broad mind, very curious and open to all portals of perception.

0707 in Astrology and Numerology

The undertone of this curious mirror hour and the sequence is number 5. It is perfectly fitting, since number 5 is about change, experience, creativity, courage, curiosity, making choices and decisions.

Number 5 is more extroverted than number 7, so the two make for perfect balance.

As we have said, this mirror hour as a whole is about find your true self and your place in the world.

What to Do If You See 07:07?

If you keep seeing this special mirror hour, you should consider yourself blessed. Although you might find yourself confused with so many ideas and thoughts about life and about yourself as a whole, you should not be discouraged.

It is but highly desire to wonder about such things, although you should bear in mind the reality around you.

This numerical sequence is meant to support your imaginative, spiritual, philosophical side, while at the same time, it encourages you to explore and experience life in its material sense.

Quick Summary

Mirror hour 07:07 is an amazing message for those deep thinkers and wanderers through all the dimensions of life they could step into. This message comes in times when we wonder about our own purpose in life, about great philosophical questions such as ultimate existence and ultimate purpose.

The message of mirror hour 07:07 is meant to help you find the balance between spiritual and material, philosophical and experienced, to connect dots and realize how wonderful life is and could be.

You are most likely a visionary, a person with great intellect, wisdom and eagerness to learn about life and about your own self. This mirror hour should inspire you never to lose courage on such a quest, for it is not an easy one.

Many people would simply let the life go on, but you deeply wonder about its essence. It is an amazing gift! However, see that you do not get lost in the world of visions, at the cost of tangible life experience. Both are of great value.