09:09 – Meaning

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Mysterious vibrations of numbers have always been intriguing to us people. We named numbers, but they resonate with energies of the whole Universe.

The mystery of time as it is goes hand in hand with the magic of numbers.

Since ancient days, people have been trying to systematize and organize time. No matter what we do, it goes on. The hours, minutes, years, months, whole centuries and ages are simply our labels for portions of time expressed in numerical forms.

Numbers have been attributed specific meanings and symbolical values, based upon the belief in specific vibrations of universal energies.

Numbers concentrate such vibrations, as specific units of this cosmic energy, if we may say so. We express all sorts of things by using numbers. Their vibrations are everywhere and they are constitutive energies.

Mirror hours, the phenomenon we are going to analyze, are tightly related to mysterious energies of numbers.

Mirror Hours

Do you know what are mirror hours and where could they be seen? They are a modern phenomenon, to say so, or, at least, the medium through which numerical vibrations work is modern.

Mirror hours appear on digital screens and they look like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 and soon.

There are variations, such as triple mirror hours that look like this: 11:12, 22:23, for instance. There are similar in nature to other repetitive motif or sequences one might keep seeing.

Mirror hours resonate with cosmic energies and thus carry specific messages. You cannot force them. You could perhaps sit and watch your screen, waiting to see mirror hours, but then, they will simply be the hours of the day.

It is because they are kind of waking call, a blessing or else that comes from a higher level, not from ourselves directly, but it is addressed exclusively to us, as individuals.

Mirror Hours and Numerology

What is numerology and how can we associate it with mirror hours? Numerology is usually mentioned alongside astrology; the two are strongly related. Skeptical ones take both as superstitious and not reliable.

These disciplines have all the bases of scientific approach, but they are alternative and thus usually labeled as pseudo sciences. Numerology is the (pseudo) science of numbers. It understands numbers as vibrations of cosmic energy.

Each number, according to numerology, has its specific vibration. Each sound, each color, each thought and everything else also have their vibrations. Each thing resonates with certain number’s vibration.

Numbers also vibrate through our lives. Numerology, as personal numerology, is associated with birth numbers. Birth numbers are calculated from digits that constitute birth date of an individual.

Now, while some would say numerology, astrology and other alternative disciplines are a fraud or are just for fun, one serious numerologist is neither a magician nor a seer.

He or she will not tell about what is definitely going to happen in your life, which is what people commonly expect to hear. Birth number could get you better insight into who you are and what potentials you have.

We come to mirror hours. Mirror hours are, in fact, numerical sequences and each one has their vibration. Mirror hours are phenomenon, not your life path number, as in your birth number. They come as messages.

If you keep seeing the same numbers, same mirror hours over again, it would be good to consult numerology and see what is the meaning of the number, what is its or theirs vibration.

This way you will better understand things that are happening in your life. Mirror hours are kind of numerical signs, symbols and messages of guidance. It is the same as if you dream about same numbers, for example.

You see certain numbers for a reason, or they come to your life for a reason so to vibrate their energy into your life. Their vibration is needed.

Mirror Hours and Angel Numbers

Taken as messages of guidance, mirror hours are often associated with angelic numerology.

The meaning of numbers is the same, only in angelic numerology, it is believed that guardian angels are those benevolent, beautiful and loving celestial forces that send you such numbers.

They do so, because it is their purpose and their divine task. Each person has guardian angels that will send them symbolic messages of support, guidance and love.

These immaterial spirits do not directly affect your life; that is the reason why would they choose symbolic channels, such as numbers and hours, to send you their message. They do not protect you from bad things directly nor will they stop you from making bad decisions.

Their messages are meant to encourage the opposite, but not to act in your place.

Mirror hours are but a perfect channel. In our time, we are surrounded by our digital displays and we always track time.

However, these matching digits occur curiously rare or it may be their synchronized nature that makes us perceive them in a special way. In any case, they draw our attention. At first, they appear to be a coincidence.

However, once they start repeating, you may start wondering about their purpose, supposing there must be some.

What is important to note is that such mirror hours’ messages are not a reason to be concerned; your guardian angels mean only good to you. They send you these numbers in order to remind you of your own value or to warn you of things you might be getting wrong.

They want you to use your given talents, skills, capacities and all potentials to the fullest. Such angelic messages are always meant as a positive guidance.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Seeing mirror hours could be explained in other way than by angelic numerology. If you are more prone to take a more scientific approach, the theory of synchronicity might be interesting, as related to mirror hours, in our case.

The theory of synchronicity explains the world through associations based on archetypical meanings stored in collective unconscious. In other words, each event that takes place, each motif, thing or else, are meaningful once brought into a connection with another.

There are no coincidences; this theory challenges the idea of causality. Things that seem not related are perfectly meaningful once associated. Mirror hours could be seen in such light.

If you start seeing, say, mirror hour 09:09, of which we are going to talk about further on, suppose you are going to look out for the meaning of the numbers. Once you learn about the meaning, you will very likely associate it with something happening in your life.

It is not a coincidence. Regardless of how loose this might sound, it is, in fact, revealing. This association is exactly what opens your eyes and helps you see the situation from another angle and better understand it.

You could also associate it with guardian angels and celestial messages.

In any case, seeing mirror hours has a purpose. It does not happen forcefully and the meaning would always be specific to your situation.

09:09 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

The message behind mirror hour 09:09 is the one of altruism, humanitarianism, sociability and unconditional love for humankind. This is a message that, perhaps, everyone should get from time to time and angels certainly see that it happens.

The thing is that some of us need more and others less time to understand such a message. There are people who refuse these heavenly gifts and it is a dynamic of this life as a whole.

Anyway, if you have received this message and you want to know what it is about, you are on a good way. This is a message that should awaken your sense of tolerance, altruism and compassion.

This is a karmic message, as well and the one that awakens the idea of unconditional love in human hearts. This is a message that should encourage you to help others in need and not to be selfish.

It is, by no means, a message that should make you servile and easy to be manipulated or exploited. People are often instinctively afraid of that, so they tend to keep to themselves, not realizing that by giving, they may gain even more.

Selflessness is also the message behind this mirror hours. Of course, not all of us are the same. We all express our love for humanity and people close to us in different way.

This message wants to inspire your own way. It wants you t realize that it is important to share with others and exchange opinions, love, ideas, whatever is to be shared. It does not mean only sharing as in sharing material goods.

It is about the invisible connection between all people of the world. It is a message of understanding, harmony and tolerance that manifests by loving yourself and loving humankind.

What Does 09*09 Mean Spiritually?

Numerical sequence 09*09, seen as a mirror hour or in another form, consists of digits 0 and 9.

These digits fit well together and confirm the message behind the mirror hour. Zero is cycling cosmic force, infinite, with no beginning and no ending or it encircles all the beginnings and all the endings. It is about all and none, empty and full, void and wholeness.

This number is freedom on an abstract level, freedom from material aspect of the physical world we are bound to.

Zero always plays the role of an amplifier of vibrations of numbers it stands along. In this case, it amplifies the vibration of powerful number nine. Number 9 is karmic, enlightening, number of ultimate spiritual law.

This number resonates with energies of philanthropy, humanitarian spirit, self-sacrifice, selflessness, but also self-love. It inspires freedom of emotion and of thought. It is also about mysticism, artistic genius, expanding viewpoints, high ideals.

Number nine symbolizes sensitivity and strength of character, visionary spirit, optimism and, above all, wisdom of the Divine.

This is but an extremely powerful number, so it is clear how meaningful and powerful the message of this sequence might be. It is very strong and it channels through your destiny the ultimate love for all humankind.

This sequence is for those visionaries and philanthropists to encourage their endeavors.

On the other hand, it may occur in people who act oppositely, to help them recognize all these ideals in their own hearts and work on them.

0909 in Astrology and Numerology

This is a curious number with multiplied energy. If we sum up the digits, we get 18. Once we sum up new digits that are 1 and 8, we get 9 again. This makes the whole message even stronger. It is not the same as if seeing number 9 alone.

In this case, it signifies the importance of the message. This numerical sequence is definitely meant to have a striking effect upon your life.

It should encourage you to nurture your love for humanity, even though sometimes it may appear that all your attempts to do something good are vain. Your guardian angels or the cosmos alone recognizes the goodness in your causes, so this message comes as a sign of encouragement, love and support.

On the other hand, it may be a warning to you to change your ways and start thinking more about others, to start caring about humanity and all its virtues.

What to Do If You See 09:09?

If you see this mirror hour, think first about your current situation in life and your own attitudes towards people and humanity. Start from your relations with people around.

If you feel loved and you share your love with others, you are on a good way. If you are a person who would not hesitate to help a stranger, the heavens reward you with such a message, telling you you are doing great.

Of course, many factors would affect the nature of such event.

If you find yourself feeling uneasy, isolated, unloved or else of the sort, think about how you treat others. It is much easier to accuse others of neglecting you or mistreating you. The first step is to look inwards. Think through it.

You may realize that some of your actions have made people stay away from you, which is something you did not exactly wish for. Nothing is ever lost! It could all be improved.

That is the moral of this message, besides others.

Quick Summary

Mirror hour 09:09 and this numerical sequence in other forms is a message of ultimate love.

It is a message that gives strength to those who care about humankind and not always put themselves in front all, as well as a message that helps those who are acting the opposite to recognize their wrong ways and improve their attitude.

This is an optimistic message that should always bring hope and restore faith in humanity as a whole.