10:10 – Meaning

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You have just taken a quick glance at your phone and your time displayed mirror hours; it happens to you from time to time and now once again. Could it be more than a coincidence? Is it a secret message or it is only in your head?

If you believe there is just a little bit more behind it, you probably think that someone at this very moment thinks about you. It is the most common belief associated with seeing matching clock hands or mirror hours.

Mirror hours are a modern equivalent to matching clock hands; they could only be seen on digital displays that show time.

It leads us to assumption that our modern, fast world, distanced from nature and (seemingly) far away from ethereal forces that get this universe in motion is not that deprived of magic and mystery as we might think in the first place.

Most of modern people in urbanized areas think neither that much about spirits of heaven or those of some other realms, nor do they believe in magical forces and mysterious entities.

However, this is not entirely true; we focus on materiality through very immaterial ideas. Our technological achievements that lead our world to more and more digitalized realm actually make it all more abstract.

Our technological advancements are truly fascinating, although there would always be those to say how once it was all much better. It is in human nature to do both; we have took the bite of that apple long time ago and it awakened our desire to know even more than we knew, which lead to amazing discoveries and yet disastrous ones, as well.

Perhaps it was just as it was meant to be; the apple tasted really good. With all our knowledge and on our journey of progress, we came up with our digitalized modern world.

Changes that mark technological progress are quick, sometimes shocking and not always easily adaptable nor equally distributed.  And in all this digitalized mess, unknown forces still talk to us.

Today we talk about this amazing and inspiring subject of mirror hours. Before we talk more on that and interpret hidden meanings behind mirror number 10:10, which is our main subject here, let us talk more about the very idea of time, measuring and recording time.

It would help us better understand why we receive mysterious messages exactly through our time of the day numbers.

History of Recording Time

Before we move to analyzing this specific moment in time, which is the short, but so intriguing moment of a mirror hour, let us talk about time.

What is time, really? Why is so important to us to record time and have sense of time?

Time is a wide metaphysical category and most of the people simply take it as learned. We have long ago established division of time into millennia, centuries, years, months, weeks, days, then hours, minutes and so on. Why we did it?

The sense of time, in colloquial speaking, makes our daily lives organized, in both macro and micro space.

We all think, act and talk in categories of time and it got so normal and natural that we simply do not pay attention to it. We refer to anything and everything in terms that describe time.


You know, the time to get up, the time to go to work, the time to take a rest, spending half an hour a day walking, having about eight hours of sleep etc. See?

Everything in our lives is about time. People have started recording time long ago. There are archaeological evidences suggesting our far ancestors have recorded time, even in prehistoric era.

We still have no clear idea about the beginning of time and yet, we use the term beginning to talk about it.

Time is as simple as it is complicated, it seems. Incenting calendars and clocks and all has helped people to adapt to the environment, get their lives organized, their societies functioning and so on.

At first, people noticed how sky patterns, motion of Sun and the Moon and the stars and planets affect the life on earth. The night and the day, seasonal changes, natural phenomena associated with changes of the skies and seasons and all of that made people invent systems of recording thee events, so that they could live better.

From recording seasonal changes, people came to measuring and counting the time in days, hours and minutes.

Time, calendars, clocks and astronomy are tightly bound. Some of the greatest astronomers of the ancient past were Mesopotamian people. You have probably heard about Babylonian calendar, astronomical inventions and discoveries of ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and other ancient civilizations. Ancient Chinese calendar is also an interesting topic. All of these had a strong base in the day’s astronomy.

As for the time of the day, some clock prototypes were found in China; these were Chinese oil lamps. Those could not tell about the exact hour and time of the day, but they were used to mark the flow of time, which was very important. The volume of oil lamp reservoir was a unit of certain amount of time.

Chinese were also using candle clocks, which were functioning in the similar manner, although were not particularly reliable, due to environmental factors.

Water clock or clepsydra, water astronomical clocks, hourglasses or sunglasses were all used in old times to measure the flow of time, to mark certain amount of time that has passed.  But how did we end up with our days divided into 24 hours and all the minutes and seconds?

The roots of this time division were discovered in Egypt. One of the earliest inventions of division days into hours was Egyptian merkhet, considered one of the earliest forms of astronomical clocks.

Speaking about mechanical clocks as we still know them today, even though great part of global society uses digital clocks, we know that they originate from medieval period.

One of the most magnificent examples of mechanical clocks is Astronomical clock you can see at Old Town square in Prague, Czech Republic. Not only that it looks fascinating, but this clock is functional. Some parts of it originate from fifteenth century!

Mirror Hours Meaning

From oil lamps and candles, water clocks, sundials and early mechanical clocks we have travelled a long road to our cool, tiny and practical digital clocks. They are portable and incorporated in all sorts of everyday gadgets.

Much of devices we use every day feature a time display; from your tablet to your fridge, most of these machines show time in digital form, even if it was not their initial purpose to inform us about the hour of the day.

Digital time displays could surprise us by showing us mirror hours; other clocks cannot do that. What are mirror hours?

Mirror hour is when you see the same digits on both hours and minutes part.

If you are lucky enough and have a display that shows seconds, you could even have all three mirrored. They look like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 and so on, depending on the format of time your display presents.

Mirror hours are seen only accidentally; otherwise they have no specific meaning. You could stare at your clock and wait to see hours and minutes mirrored, but it means nothing if so forced. It should come all of a sudden. Why this happens? Why did you take a look at one exact moment and saw these matching?

There are many interesting explanation to it. One of them is idea of synchronicity, offered by one of the greatest psychologists of all times, Carl Gustav Jung.

In simple terms, idea of synchronicity challenges the idea of causality. Two seemingly unrelated events that happen at the same time could make perfect and highly inspiring sense once you make a connection. This is amazing, because it opens new windows for thinking.

Now you do not think of those as two nor very important, random separate or causally connected events, but their simultaneity gives them meaning.

This idea is based upon the idea of the existence of archetypes that lie in our collective unconsciousness. Mirror numbers could be an interesting example of synchronicity. There are more spiritual explanations of which we will talk.

Mirror numbers are often interpreted through the prism of numerology, angelic numerology, astrology and similar alternative approaches. It is also associated with certain superstitions.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

When they see matching clock hands or mirror hours, people use to say that someone was probably thinking about them. This superstition is widespread around the world and it might have to do with synchronicity idea, perhaps?

There are other beliefs and opinions on seeing mirror hours, their purpose and exact meaning of each one. Some people think of them as love hours; each mirror hours suggest an idea related to one’s love life.

Spiritual and religious people often think of mirror hours as angelic messages. There is a belief that says that each person has his or her guardian angels, watchful, protective spirits that take care about us.

They do not interfere with our lives nor do they change our destiny. They just make sure we do our best; in difficult times, they send us messages of encouragement and in happy times, they send us their support.

Angels communicate with us by using many channels and they would always find the appropriate one. Mirror hours are amazing way for angels to establish a connection with you.

If you keep seeing the same mirror number, it could be one of the angels trying to reach you. Besides sending love and support, angels often send us warnings, as well. If you keep seeing the same number, see into angelic numerology.

Alternative explanation says that it could be a spirit of someone who has passed away and wants to reach you. It could be a person you have never settled an argument with or just someone who loved you very much and who wants you to move forward and be safe.

Whoever from or wherever the message comes from, it is very useful to learn what the exact mirror number actually means.

10:10 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror number 10:10 is an auspicious sign. It is about positive thinking, self-confidence and great opportunities.

This mirror hour is likely to occur in moments of self-doubt and insecurity, to remind you how important it is to keep your thoughts positive and that you should have a wide-open view on life.

It comes to think about yourself in a good light, but also to take into consideration other’s opinions.

This number should remind you of the importance of being optimistic and trustful. This number should make you trust your reason and intuition, in the first place, especially in social situation.

From time to time, we all get a bit suspicious and doubt ourselves, as well as others’ opinions. It leads to stress and not very positive view on life; well, if you doubt everything, hardly could you feel content.

This number encourages optimistic thinking, not foolish trust. You know how people say that you attract exactly what you emit. For a great part, it is true; you have certainly experienced it, even if you do not remember.

Number 10:10 is especially related to relations with people, which are a great part of the base of positive thinking about the world and about yourself.

We all have some inner need to compare to other people, to compete and be the best. This might seem as optimistic thing, if you believe you are better, but it is not. Constant comparison makes us lose ourselves in such comparisons.

Number 10:10 has to do with leadership being the first and the best, but not in this way.

It should remind you who you are and what your qualities are. It should be the true base of your positive thinking.

What Does 10*10 Mean Spiritually?

In spiritual terms, mirror number 10:10 and 10*10 in any form could be best understood through the prism of angelic numbers.

Here, we have angel number 10 doubled. In fact, we have number 1 and number 0.

Angel number 10 represents qualities of these two numbers connected. Number 1 in angelic numerology represents leadership, motivation, assertive attitude, self-confidence, progress achievement, success and action.

Number 0 is the infinite, the first and the last, Alpha and Omega, often associated with divine power.

Zero stands for universal energy and represent opportunities, beginnings and endings, the flow of everlasting divine force. Zero amplifies the vibration of any number it stands beside and also gives opportunities for it to turn into whole and into nothing.

Number 0 is always associated with spirituality and spiritual growth.

Therefore, number 10*10, as seen as double 10 is an amazing angelic sign. It stands for progress, individual self-development and trust.

This number encourages one to move forward in life and pursue their goals. This number sparks up one’s ideas, imagination and makes him or her act towards making them true.

This is an amazing number and it is a proof of angelic guidance to many. This number encourages positive thinking and generally optimistic attitude towards life as a whole.

1010 in Astrology and Numerology

In astrology in numerology, number 1010 is also seen as double 10 and as numbers 1 and 0.

From this point of view, it is number 1 that represents something full and whole, while 0 is empty and infinite. The two together make perfect balance. Number 10 is a positive sign in numerology.

It is associated with beginning and opportunities that could lead to different outcomes, depending on how you use them, of course.

Number 10 is commonly associated with ideas and concept of the Divine and perfect. We have ten fingers and toes, a sign of natural perfection. There are 10 commandments in Christianity and 10 in Buddhism, as well.

Pythagoreans thought of 10 as a sacred number since it represents the sum of 1,2,3,4, which are the first numbers. These are identified with four essential creation elements.

What to Do If You See 10:10?

If you see mirror number 10:10 and especially if you keep seeing it over a longer period, see into these meanings and search for even more details. If you already know the meaning, all that remains is that you try to take the best from it.

Think about the situation in which the number 10:10 occurs.

It could be that you have been doubting yourself lately and maybe feeling less optimistic than before. Number 10:10 comes as a blessing, as a sign that should make you start believing again.

Things could always get better and positive thinking is the first step towards new opportunities or simply moving forward. If you think of it as a message from guardian angels, this should bring you great encouragement.

The very fact that you keep seeing the same mirror number over again means it has to be an important message addressed especially to you.

Quick Summary

Mirror numbers are truly amazing thing that prove eternal energies are still on the run, no matter how distanced we might feel from mysterious higher realms. Our digital displays carry messages from some other reality, perhaps.

Number 10:10 is a good sign, just as we have seen.

This number stands for believing in oneself, ambition, goals, success, perfection, balance between whole and empty, positive thinking and optimistic attitude.

The key is to awaken these ideas and realize their potentials in your own life.