05:05 – Meaning

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Mirrored numbers on our phones or any other digital device are much more than simply a coincidence.

At least, some alternative paths believe so and many people often think how strange it is to look at your digital display just in time to see exactly the same hour and minute numbers.

It seems that old times were more inclined towards mysticism and alternative explanations of everyday phenomena, but digital era opened up new channels.

Mirror hours could not be seen in other places than on digital displays. However, they are indeed just another smart invention that helps us track time and organize our lives.

Without the concept of time, we would be lost and our world would be pretty chaotic. Maybe it would not, but we do not know that. Since prehistoric times, people have been inventing ways of recording and measuring time.

We function by giving our time meaning. If you stop and think just for a brief moment, you will easily realize how we use all sorts of terms to describe time and all that in order for our days make some sense.

From the earliest days of civilization and perhaps before, people have been inventing schemes, patterns, gadgets and whole systems of measuring time.

You see? We said the earliest days and before, to make it all meaningful. Moreover, while we speaking, this all goes into past and so we live between the past and the future, all the time. Presence is what we live in and yet the most difficult to explain. It is all very complicated, but we usually refer to periods, not each particle of a moment in time.

Moments in time, however, have some mystery incorporated. For example, the moment of seeing mirrored numbers seems coincidental, while it could also be a part of some big, celestial and ineffable plan. It has always been about time.

Time, as a category, gives our existence meaning. Perhaps we count it, because we know our earthly time is definite.

Numbers and time are greatly inspiring complex of meanings to be found. We use numbers to count, record, measure and calculate time. On the other hand, numbers themselves all have specific meanings.

Astrology, numerology, angelic numerology and other alternative practices have much to tell about them. More importantly, they connect the idea of time and numbers, which we will later see.

Counting Time

Before we get to mirror numbers and today’s example of 05:05, let us see into the history of measuring time, since it eventually lead up to invention of digital clocks which show us our mirrored numbers.

We could safely say it is an equivalent of seeing matching clock hands, if you look at a ‘classic’ clock. We will get more into the meaning of mirrored digits, of course. But first, join us on a journey through time.

What was our first ‘clock’? It was the stars, the motion of planets, the Sun and the Moon, of course.

People have been looking at skies from the very beginning. They noticed patterns in planetary movement and in seasonal changes, started recording it and so, slowly and gradually we have ended up with various complex systems of measuring time.

What is important to note is that time determining started before the civilized world.

Earthly changes and celestial patterns were clue to some of the first systems of measuring time. Constellations were an important element to observe and, according to archaeological findings, Orion was one of the first.

One of the important historical calendars was that of Babylonians, invented in 700 BC. This one was mathematically based calendar.

Chinese calendar was consisted of twelve months, just as Babylonian was. However, they sometimes put the thirteenth month, as well. The oldest version of Chinese calendar originates from 2000 BC.

What about everyday time? What did people in ancient times use to mark parts of the day and organize their lives? There were all sorts of interesting gadgets.

Sundials were some of the first clocks known. There was also clepsydra or the water clock. Hourglass or sand glass was also one of the oldest clocks there. Centuries later people came up with mechanical clocks.

One of the most representative examples is the famous Astronomical clock you could see in Prague. This marvelous fifteenth century device is still fully functional!

Mirror Hours

Finally, our technological development and digitalization lead us to simple, small, pocket size devices that not only measure time, but also offer us much more information. All of them have some sort of digital display and most of those show time.

Mirror hours could be seen everywhere from your tablet to your microwave or any other machine with a time display.

The thing about mirror hours is that you have to see them accidentally; at least, seemingly accidentally. We mean, you cannot sit there staring into your display, waiting for numbers to match.

Well, you can, true, but then it has no spiritual or specific meaning. Miraculous things can never be forced, that is for sure. Moreover, mirrored numbers are considered from the area of miraculous occasions.

Basically, mirror hours mean seeing digits on hours scale reflecting those on minutes scale.

It could even happen you look at it just in the moment when even seconds display matches, if your display show all three! Although seeing mirror hours (without seconds) is not a rare phenomenon, if it was accidental and sudden, it could be a message.

Mirror hours are any matching digits in this form: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 and so on. Today we will analyze what 05:05 mean.

It could also happen that you keep seeing such a combination of digits in places other than clock display, which might appear unusual, especially if it happens very often. If you take a glance at any digital time showing display and see mirror hours, it could be a sign.

At least, spiritualists, numerologists, astrologists and many others believe so. There is an interesting explanation called synchronicity and the idea was offered by one of the most famous psychologists in history, Carl Gustav Jung. According to the idea of synchronicity, it is important because it gives meanings.

The idea is that seemingly unrelated simultaneous events make incredible sense once you associate them.

The idea of synchronicity is closely related to the idea of collective unconsciousness, based on archetypical meanings. Synchronicity, in its essence, greatly challenges the idea of causality.

There are more mystical explanations on seeing mirror hours and their meanings. They are some form of synchronicity, but there could be even more to it.

Let us find out what seeing mirror hours could mean and what messages could be hidden behind these matching digits.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

What does it mean to see a specific mirror hour? Besides the idea of synchronicity, there are alternative interpretations of mirror hours exactly.

Numerology, angelic numerology, astrology, tarot and similar paths could help you understand the exact meaning of a particular mirror number you keep seeing.

Many people like to believe that mirror hours are messages from protective spirits or guardian angels.

Let us first think about angelic messages. According to those studying angelic influence, each person has their own heavenly guardian, one of them at least.

Sometimes different guardian angels guide us through different phases of life. How they do that? How angels communicate with our earthly world?

Since they rarely use physical form and walk amongst us, they have to find other channels.

Angels would watch over you and send you signs of support, guidance and warning when needed. They do not interfere with human lives directly. There are different opinions on angels and their free will, but all agree guardian angels are there to protect us.

They let you live your life as you wish and offer you positive guidance. Mirror hours could be a perfect channel.

If you keep seeing them, it could be your guardian angel trying to draw your attention because either you are in danger or because they just want to prove you that you are on a good path.

If you combine this mirror hours seen as an angelic message with numerological explanation, you could get a meaningful guidance and understand what your heavenly protector wants to say.

Sometimes mirror hours could be messages from spirits; most likely, someone whom you loved and who is gone now. They want you to be safe and move on with your life, so they try to reach you through mirror hours. The purpose is similar to that of angelic numbers.

The most common belief is less mystical; most of people say that if you see matching clock hands or digit mirror numbers, someone was thinking about you.

05:05 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror number 05:05 has the meaning of learning and experience. This mirror number reflects the idea of learning through experience, but also through patience and serenity.

It comes to remind you that you need to be collected, calm and content so that you could use the best of what life has to offer. It is also about your own potential; you have it much, but do not waste it away.

The greatest problem is that many of us rush, act impulsively, seduced by ideas of success and guided by ambition. These are not bad, per se, but the key is, as always, finding the balance.

You should not overstress yourself only to accomplish something. You should not go over other people, neither. Number 05:05 is auspicious, since 5 is the number associated with creativity and success.

Think about the occasion in which the number occurred. Consider your current circumstances and doings. If you are working on a creative project, this is a positive sign, but also a reminder.

Do not ruin everything by being impatient and impulsive. That is the key for a fruitful work and sweet, deserved success.

Mirror number 05:05 calls for appreciation of one’s own potential and patience and calmness to make it shine.

What Does 05*05 Mean Spiritually?

Spiritually, number 05*05 suggests exactly what we have described above. Number 5 is a strong number in numerology, of which we would share few words later.

Spiritually, 5 is not a calm number, but 0 is all and nothing. Zero amplifies the other number, but it could also calm its energy and make balance.

From this point of view, seeing number 05*05 in any form mean you should find balance between your energy and peace within yourself.

0505 in Astrology and Numerology

Number 0505 is about numerological 5 and 0. Number 5 represent adventurous spirit, creativity, ambition, freedom and restlessness.

It is a number of inspiration and excitement, needed for creation. This number is commonly associated with success and vitality.

People with numerological 5 are usually energetic, restless, lively, extroverted and always on the run.

Number zero is infinity and it could be both all and nothing. In this case, it seems tricky, while it actually opens up opportunities. There are two sides of the coin, but the key is to find the balance.

You have amazing potential, talents, skills and a lot of life energy, if you keep seeing 5.

Zero is to remind you of infinite tranquility you should find inside, in order to use all of your potential and not burn out in its flame.

What to Do If You See 05:05?

If you keep seeing this mirror number, seek for possible explanations in one or all of the fields mentioned.

It could help you better understand your current state of mind and your circumstances.

Number 05:05 inspires, drives and gives life to ideas, but at the same time calls for much needed patient and inner serenity.

Quick Summary

Mirror number 05:05 is definitely an amazing sign, whether it be a sign from spirits or guardian angels or synchronicity. Either way, its message is the same.

Creation and adventure through patience and calmness.

Of course, you should never silence desires of your heart; just do not rush into fulfilling them all at a time.

You should find your own way of channeling the energy and inspiration you have.